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Follow the dark path or use the light


Mass Effect Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Geth forces have attacked Feros. Your mission is to find out how Saren is involved and why the geth were sent to the planet.

Feros: Geth Attack

Objective: Go to Feros
Travel to the Theseus system of the Attican Beta cluster and land on Feros. Choose your squad members, exit the Normandy and start towards David al Talaqani at the end of the walkway. David informs you that Fai Dan, leader of the Zhu’s Hope colony, wishes to speak with you immediately. Your interaction with David is cut short when an explosion suddenly occurs and a large number of geth enter the area.

Objective: Speak with Fai Dan
There are geth positioned all along the walkway, but there is plenty of cover too. Move from cover to cover down the walkway while taking out the geth troops and proceed through the doorway at the walkway’s end.

There are two geth stalkers in the stairwell. This variant of geth moves quickly and can climb walls and ceilings, making them hard to hit. Stand still and wait until one of the stalkers is stationary and then quickly attack using weapons or offensive abilities. Once the geth in the stairwell have been dealt with, head up the stairs to reach the colony.  Move past the colonists to the very back of the colony and speak with Fai Dan by the doorway.

Geth Stalker

Fai Dan

Objective: Stop Geth in Tower
Another conversation cut short as more geth appear and attack from the tunnels. The geth have taken hold of the tower at the west end of the colony. You are to fight your way up the stairs to reach the tower and clear the perimeter of geth. Proceed through the doorway that the geth emerged from and make your way to the stairwell. Head up the stairs and cut down any geth troopers encountered along the way. There is a heavy presence of geth in the tower’s perimeter composed of troopers, snipers, drones and a destroyer. Remove each and every geth in the area, then head back down the stairs and speak to Fai Dan once more.


Objective: Inform Fai Dan
Your next objective is to investigate the ExoGeni Headquarters, which can be reached by taking the now functional elevator to the Prothean Skyway and then driving the Mako across the skyway. However there are a number of optional assignments which can be completed first, but you’ll have to put the ExoGeni investigation on hold. Check out the “Feros Assignments” section to find instructions on activating and completing each assignment.

Objective: Get to ExoGeni Headquarters
Proceed to the elevator when you’re ready to leave the colony. Take the elevator up to the Prothean Skyway and help the colonists destroy the drones once the elevator reaches its destination. The Mako is waiting and ready to go on the lower highway. Enter the Mako and start down the skyway.

As soon as the Mako’s out of the gate, a geth ship appears and drops off a couple of armatures and some troops onto the skyway. Luckily you have the Mako’s machine gun and cannon at your disposable, allowing you to make short work of them. Fire the cannon at the armatures as you approach the geth roadblock. Keep an eye out for the armatures’ slow moving projectiles and swerve or move to the lower or upper highway to avoid taking damage from them. There is one more geth roadblock to look out for near the end of the first section of the skyway.


Geth Armatures

Objective: Investigate Mysterious Signal
When you reach the end of the first stretch of skyway you overhear some unidentified radio chatter. Look to the radar and follow the POI symbol to locate a ramp that leads down to a refugee camp. You meet Ethan Jeong and Juliana Bayham upon entering the camp. Ethan and Juliana work for ExoGeni and were forced to flee from the headquarters due to a geth attack. Juliana Bayham eventually asks you to try and find her daughter, Lizbeth, who remained in the building while the other refugees fled.

Camp Entrance


Locate and speak to Gavin Hossle before moving on and agree to help him. He gives you an easy assignment that can be completed while in the ExoGeni building. (See the “Feros Assignments” section for more details.)

Objective: Investigate ExoGeni Headquarters
Return to the Mako and drive up the ramps to reach the Skyway Weigh Station. Be ready for another geth roadblock when the door opens. The ExoGeni Base entrance is at the end of this long stretch of skyway. Drive down the skyway—occasionally alternating between the lower and upper levels to avoid incoming projectiles—until you reach the ExoGeni Base. The Mako is too large to fit through the base’s main doorway, but you can shoot its cannon through the doorway to clear the room of geth.

ExoGeni Base

Exit the Mako once the room is clear and proceed the doorway. Once inside, head up the ramp to reach the lobby. The door at the south end of the room is blocked by an energy field which must be shut down. Its energy source is located somewhere within the ExoGeni building. There’s a drop point across from the blocked doorway, but you may want to explore the room at the north end of this area to gain some additional XP and items. The door to this room is locked, but it can be opened if Shepard or a squad member has invested an adequate number of talents into the Decryption talent. Save your game before entering the room, as you’ll face a geth armature inside. Open the Malfunctioning Object and take the items within to activate the armature. Throw Grenades and use abilities to damage the armature and try your best to avoid taking a direct hit from its cannon.

Locked Door

Geth Armature

Drop down from the drop point across from the blocked doorway when you’re ready to go. Entering the ExoGeni Midden triggers a short cutscene. Lizbeth, daughter of Juliana Bayham, tells you that ExoGeni had been conducting research on a plant-being known as the Thorian. You discover that the geth attack on Feros was due to the research being conducted on the Thorian in the ExoGeni building. Following your conversation with Lizbeth, a large pack of varren appears. Do not let them get too close to you, as they can dish out a great deal of melee damage because of their number. Sprint away from the pack if you must, then turn around and shoot at them or use abilities as they approach.


Once the varren have been dealt with, move to the southwest corner of the area.  Proceed through the door and start up the stairs to reach a different part of the headquarters’ main level. A krogan can be heard arguing with a VI as you near the top of the stairs. Get ready for a fight, as the krogan is alerted to your presence once you reach the top. Kill the krogan and access the VI. With Lizbeth’s access card, the terminal recognizes you as her, permitting you access to the information it holds. Work your way through the VI’s dialogue tree to learn more about the Thorian. You learn that the Thorian is actually located under the Zhu’s Hope colony, which would explain why that area was hit particularly hard by the geth.

Krogan Battlemaster


Objective: Remove Force Field
The force field running in the ExoGeni building is preventing communication between squad and the Normandy. You’ll have to find some way to disable it so Zhu’s Hope can be warned of the Thorian threat. Move past the VI terminal and head up the steps at the end of the corridor. Move to the end of the walkway and look below to observe two geth shock troopers near an altar. Destroy the geth below to trigger a cutscene.

Geth Altar

Objective: Destroy Geth Ship Claws
The geth ship acts as the field’s energy source, so severing the claw used to anchor the ship to the building would effectively lower the field. The claws being used to anchor the geth ship cannot be destroyed with any of the weaponry currently at your disposal, so you’ll have to find some other way to sever it. Head through the doorway at the bottom of the stone steps and follow this corridor to its end. Clear the next room of geth and then proceed to the upper level of the ExoGeni base.

Immediately take cover upon reaching the upper level, as there are three enemy krogan at the end of its initial corridor. Wipe out the krogan before moving to the opposite end of the corridor. A storage locker and server node can be found at the corridor’s end, but of particular interest is the Computer Console. Access the console to retrieve the data needed to complete the “Feros: Data Recovery” assignment if you spoke to Gavin about it back at the ExoGeni refugee base.


Gavin’s Computer

Take the stairs back down to the base’s Main Level and head through red-lit doorway on the right. Climb up the stairs to reach another area of the Upper Level. Take cover behind one of the stone blocks and clear the room of the geth troops that inhabit it. Afterwards decrypt the ExoGeni terminal underneath the walkway’s ramp to trigger the “Investigate Facility” assignment.

Head up the ramp to reach the walkway and trigger a short cutscene. Take cover at the end of the walkway and start attacking the geth that occupy the area below. The biggest threat here is the geth destroyer, so use every available ability  (ex., Overkill, Assassination, Marksman, Carnage) to bring the destroyer down as quickly as possible. Head down the ramp once the perimeter is clear of geth. Decrypt one of the geth terminals in this area to add the “Geth Activities” assignment to your Journal, and the server node to add the “Investigate Samples” assignment.

Geth Ship Appendage

Approach the shuttle bay door controls at the west end of the area and activate them. A number of valves appear on the left side of the control system. Each valve is marked with a number value. The repair ticket attached to the control explains that a PSI of 31 to 34 is enough power to shear even the toughest of metals. A PSI beyond 34 triggers the system’s automatic safety shutdown. You must use the numbered valves on the left side of the controls to attain a pressure somewhere from 31 to 34. There are several ways to do this; an example is the 17, 5 and 11 PSI valves for a total of 33 PSI. When the pressure meter in the bottom-right corner of the screen is in the high pressure zone, use the controls to shut the bay door; doing so effectively severs the geth ship’s anchoring claw.

Shuttle Bay Door Controls

High Pressure

Objective: Exit ExoGeni
With the anchoring claw severed, the geth ship falls from its perch on the side of the ExoGeni building. The force field that is blocking doorways and preventing communication with the Normandy fails without its energy source. Joker radios in and explains that the Zhu’s Hope colonists have gone mad. It’s time to leave the ExoGeni building and return to the colony.

Take the stairs back down to the main level and move through the large doorway that was previously blocked by a force field. Lizbeth is waiting for you beyond the doorway. Follow the Paragon (top-right) or Renegade (bottom-right) options on the conversation wheel to earn Paragon or Renegade morality points after the chat with Lizbeth.

Objective: Speak with Refugees
Return to the Mako, drive down the ramps and start down the Prothean Skyway. Additional geth have taken position along the skyway, so be cautious as you make your way back to the ExoGeni refugee camp. Lizbeth quickly leaves the Mako when you reach the camp. Get out of the vehicle yourself and follow Lizbeth down the ramp. You witness a disagreement as Ethan Jeong decides that the infected Zhu’s Hope colonists must be wiped out to ensure the ExoGeni refugees’ safety.

Ethan Jeong

If you have a large amount of talent points invested in Charm or Intimidate, you can keep Jeong alive by using one of the persuasion options that appear on the left side of the conversation wheel. However it is unlikely that your character has enough Paragon or Renegade points to reach a high enough Charm or Intimidate level, unless you’ve complete a large number of optional assignments and possibly Noveria first. Keeping Jeong alive using Charm or Intimidate yields a large amount of morality points after the conversation. If the persuasion options are grayed out, the conversation ends with Shepard being forced to off Jeong when he suddenly draws his weapon.

Objective: Return to Zhu’s Hope
In the ExoGeni Base you discovered that the plant-being known as the Thorian resides in a facility underneath the Zhu’s Hope colony. The Thorian has had an effect on the colonists of Zhu’s Hope, turning them into thralls that will attack on sight. Return to the Mako and start across the last stretch of skyway. More geth have taken position on the skyway in an attempt to halt your progression. Use the Mako’s weaponry to destroy the armatures and juggernauts and then continue driving down the skyway to reach the colony. The squad encounters a Thorian creeper at the end of the skyway. This creature is not one of the Zhu’s Hope colonists, as the infected colonists only differ in mindset and not appearance.

Thorian Creeper

You have been provided with an anti-Thorian gas grenade upgrade that can be used to incapacitate the infected colonists. To install the upgrade: enter the Equipment screen from the Mission Computer, press the X button while Grenades is selected, scroll to the Anti-Thorian Gas I upgrade and press the X button again to install it. Now each grenade you throw will release a cloud of non-lethal gas upon detonation. The gas incapacitates any infected subjects caught in its effect radius.

Dealing with the colonists in a non-lethal manner yields large amount of Paragon points afterwards. Of course, an easier yet less-humane way to deal with the infected colonists is to kill them off. You are given two Paragon points for each colonist spared and two Renegade points for each colonist killed. Decide how you’ll deal with the colonists and give orders to your squad accordingly. The order selected from the wheel affects how your squad members react when an infected colonist is encountered, so choose wisely.

Squad Orders

Objective: Minimize Causalities or Kill Infected Colonists
Enter the garage when you’re ready to proceed. The counter in the bottom-right corner of the screen displays the number of colonists currently alive. There is a large mass of creepers in the bottom level of the garage; use the Mako’s weaponry to wipe them all out quickly. The first batch of colonists are positioned behind the barrier on the upper level of the garage. If you’re following the Paragon path, exit the Mako, press the Back button to throw an anti-Thorian grenade near the infected colonists and press the Back button again to detonate it. If done correctly, the grenade should incapacitate all of them. Afterwards, take the elevator down to the Zhu’s Hope colony.

Infected Colonists

Anti-Thorian Grenade

There are more creepers down below. Do not let them get too close to you, as the creepers will vomit on Shepard and allies when close enough, causing prolonged toxic damage. Use a melee attack to bat down any creeper that manages to get too close. Use an anti-Thorian grenade or kill the infected colonists that are positioned behind the barrier and then head down the first set of stairs to encounter more creepers. Eliminate the creepers and continue down the stairs to reach the main area of the colony.

A large number of colonists are positioned behind a barrier near the main area’s entrance, so use anti-Thorian grenades to deal with them non-lethally or kill them before moving on. If you’re running low on grenades, more can be found in the Upgrade Kit next to the walkway steps. There are more creepers along the walkway, as well as a couple of infected colonists at its end. Move down the walkway, kill the creepers and stun or kill the colonists.

Upgrade Kit

There are plenty of creepers and colonists in the area beyond the walkway. If you’re trying to minimize causalities, first enter the area to awaken the creepers and then backtrack to the small area at the bottom of the walkway stairs. The creepers will follow; you can avoid taking damage from the colonists this way. When the area is clear, locate the Freighter Crane Controls in the middle of the colony and activate them. The controls reveal the Thorian’s lair entrance.


Crane Controls

Head down the stairs to trigger a cutscene. The evil plant-being spawns an asari clone. As a spawn of the Thorian, she cannot be reasoned with, so you’ll have to fight her. Use every ability available to you to quickly disable her and extinguish the threat. The last auto-save occurred at the lair entrance, so be sure to save your game periodically as you ascend to avoid losing too much progress if Shepard were to die.


Asari Clone

Objective: Destroy the Thorian
The Thorian can be killed by destroying all of the neural nodes in its lair. The first neural node is located just before the stairs that lead up to the second level of the lair. When you find the first node, attack it until the bar in the bottom-right corner of the screen is depleted. The node can take a great deal of punishment, but the use of weapon abilities can speed up the process. With the first node destroyed, head up the stairs to reach Thorian Lair Level 2.

Thorian neural Nodes

The Thorian spawns another asari clone with each neural node that is destroyed. The clones are powerful biotic warriors, so remain vigilant. Their biotic abilities are especially dangerous when they are accompanied by a large number creepers, as the creepers can crowd around while you’re incapacitated and deal toxic damage. Use weapon abilities to quickly remove the clone, and then remove the creepers. Move forward until you reach the room containing the second neural node. Destroy the node to awaken some creepers and unavoidably spawn another asari clone.

Second Neural Node

Move up the rubble to reach Thorian Lair Level 3. The asari clone will come through the doorway at the top of the rubble, so be ready for her. Move forward until you reach the third node in a creeper-filled room. Kill the active creepers first and then start damaging the node. The inactive creepers in this room will awaken while you damage the neural node, so do not stand in the middle of the room. Move on once the third node has been destroyed. Kill the creepers and asari clone and then continue moving forward to reach another creeper filled room with another neural node. The inactive creepers here will awaken as the node is damaged too, so keep your distance

Third Neural Node

Fourth Neural Node

Destroy the neural node and then head up the ramp to reach Thorian Lair Level 4. Kill the asari clone and creepers first, then turn left at the top of the ramp to find another neural node. Attack the node until it’s destroyed. Proceed down the ramp below the node to reach some stairs that lead up to the lair’s fifth level. Do not ascend the stairs too quickly, as the inactive creepers awaken when you are about partway to the top. Run back down the stairs once the creepers awaken to avoid getting caught between them. There are two more asari clones on the lair’s fifth level, so be prepared. Move to the end of the walkway to find the Thorian’s sixth and final neural node. Destroy the final node to kill the Thorian.

Fifth Neural Node

Final Neural Node

A lengthy conversation with an asari named Shiala follows. You can earn Paragon points for letting Shiala live or Renegade points for killing her. That’s the end of the mission. Return to the Normandy once you are ready to leave Feros.

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what the freak it seems like I am going in circles
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Aug 27th 2012 Guest
what if you have already beet the geth mission, how the hell do you do the data recovery one? because the elivator doesn't work anymore.
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Aug 1st 2012 Guest
If you run out of grenades, get close enough to the colonists to punch them Incapacitating them this way doesn't kill them, and you get all your paragon pts this way
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LOL you go to the lady that needs the water turned on and keep walking that way.. you'll end up at the Normandy
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where the hell did I park the normandy?? Is it in the lower tunnels?
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My favorite game ever
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you have 2 equip a character who has high decription skill levels.
You'll have 2 re-do it if you are desperate for the concellied items
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What do I do when it says "you do not have enough skill" to open the storage locker?
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