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Mass Effect Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Citadel: Expose Saren

Objective: Go to the Tower
When you gain control of Shepard, decrypt the Computer Console on the right side of Udina's office to add the 'Unusual Readings' assignment to your Journal. There are plenty of assignments to be completed at the Citadel, but it would be best not to worry about those for now. Concentrate on completing this mission first. Walkthroughs for all assignments can be found in the 'Optional Assignments' section of this guide.

Upon exiting the office, turn left and head down the stairs. Follow the ‘X' on your radar to reach an Avina Terminal. You can learn more about the Citadel and its areas by interacting with this terminal. When ready, open up your map and place a Destination flag near the Transition below the 'Citadel Tower' text. Follow the arrow on your radar until you reach the elevator. Step into the elevator and ride it up to the Citadel Tower. After a short conversation with a turian named Garrus Vakarian, proceed up the stairs and speak with Captain Anderson to enter the Council Chamber.

Garrus Vakarian

Citadel Council

Citadel: Garrus

Objective: Speak to Harkin
Your next task is to seek the turian C-Sec officer Garrus, as he had been working on an investigation on Saren and might be able to help. Harkin, a former C-Sec agent, may be able to tell you where Garrus can be found. You can find Harkin in Chora's Den, a small club in the Lower Wards. Approach the Citadel Rapid Transit terminal near the keeper and investigate. This console can be used to quickly reach a location in the Citadel that you have previously visited. Activate the console and select 'Wards Locations' from the wheel, then 'Chora's Den' to quickly travel there.

Rapid Transit Terminal

After stepping through the doorway you'll encounter two turian assassins. Crouch down behind the railing and attack them with a Sniper Rifle, use abilities, or get close enough to them out with another weapon. With the assassins out of the way, move towards the Chora's Den entrance and enter the club. Head to the back of the club to find Harkin sitting alone at a table. Harkin points you towards the Med Clinic in the Upper Wards.



Objective: Go to the Med Clinic
Leave Chora's Den and head back to the other end of the walkway. Use the Rapid Transit terminal to reach the Med Clinic; it's under 'Wards Locations' on the wheel. Open the Med Clinic door to trigger a cutscene. You witness Dr. Michel being held by some thugs. Once Garrus offs the thug holding her, finish off those remaining and then speak to the turian. During the conversation, be sure to select the 'We could use him' option from the conversation wheel when talking about Wrex, as the krogan would definitely be an asset to the team.

Dr. Michel

Citadel: Wrex

Objective: Speak to Wrex
Wrex can be found at C-Sec Academy. Use a Rapid Transit terminal and travel to 'Wards Access' under 'Presidium Locations' on the wheel. From here, head south until you reach the arrows pointing towards the Embassies and C-Sec. Cross the bridge up ahead and go down the ramp on the right to reach the first floor of the Presidium. Move forward until you come to an elevator marked 'To C-Sec Academy.' Summon the elevator and ride it down to C-Sec.

Wrex is standing by the doorway to the right of the Docking Bay elevator. Wrex joins the crew after a short cutscene. As with Garrus, Wrex is a hybrid character, though his strengths are Biotics and Combat. Hybrid characters are particularly useful because they can be built-up to suit almost any squad.


Citadel: Expose Saren

Objective: Take Down Fist
Fist is the owner of the Chora's Den club in the Lower Wards. Use a Rapid Transit terminal to reach Chora's Den and cross the walkway that leads to the bar. The thugs inside are ready for you. Don't just charge into the bar, as there is a krogan bouncer within who can make short work of your squad if you aren't careful. There are plenty of thugs, too, but they can be killed without too much hassle.

Chora's Den Raid

If you or one of your squad members has the Overload ability, lower the krogan's shields, and damage him with Sabotage, Warp, or a similar ability. If your character is trained with a Sniper Rifle, hang back outside of the bar and weaken the krogan with Assassination from a safe distance. Whatever you do, do not let the krogan get close to you, as his melee attack is absolutely brutal. You could also try to stick the krogan with a grenade, but doing so can be somewhat difficult. Don't be afraid to retreat if things start to get ugly.

Head into the backroom once the initial area is clear. There are more thugs and a couple of warehouse workers through the proceeding hallway, so be careful. The workers can be persuaded to leave by using Charm or Intimidate if Shepard has enough talent points invested in either one of those talents. Scaring the warehouse workers away with Charm yields Paragon points, while scaring them away with Intimidate yields Renegade points. If the conversation wheel does not appear, it is because Shepard does not have a high enough Charm or Intimidate skill.

Warehouse Workers

Stand back when you meet Fist, as he raises two Defensive Turrets in an attempt to protect himself. The turrets can be destroyed with Overload, gunfire, and a couple of well-thrown grenades. With both turrets down, start attacking Fist. Use every abilities available to you to take him down; particularly helpful ones being Overload, Sabotage, Throw, and weapon abilities. When Fist's health bar has been depleted a cutscene is activated. You can kill Fist to receive Renegade points. If you have Wrex in your squad, he will off Fist himself.

Defensive Turret


Objective: Save the Quarian
You have four minutes to rescue the quarian after speaking with Fist. The main room of Chora's Den has restocked with Thugs, so be cautious when charging in. Once the room is clear, sprint out of Chora's Den and to the opposite end of the walkway. Head up the steps near the Rapid Transit terminal and move towards the meeting place. After the cutscene, help the quarian kill the assassins.

Alleyway Fight


For saving her life, Tali'Zorah nar Rayya (or simply 'Tali') agrees to present the damning evidence against Saren to the Council. After some dialogue with Anderson and Udina, Tali joins the team. She is a very strong tech user and would fit nicely into your squad if Shepard is exclusively Biotic (Adept) or Combat (Soldier). Her First Aid, Electronics and Decryption talents are a must if Shepard or a second squad member does not have access to them.

Objective: Return to the Tower
Use a Rapid Transit terminal to quickly reach the Citadel Tower. Speak with Anderson to enter the Council Chamber. After the cutscene, Shepard joins the Spectre ranks as the first human Spectre! As a Spectre, the Spectre Training talent is available, and you'll also receive a bonus to the Charm and Intimidate talents. It would be wise to start investing points in Charm or Intimidate. Focus on only one of the persuasion talents, depending on whether you want your character to follow the Paragon path or the Renegade path.

Council Chamber

Objective: Speak to the Ambassador
Use a Rapid Transit terminal to reach C-Sec Academy, which is located under 'Wards Locations' on the wheel. If you take the eastern hallway down to the Requisition Office you can speak to the turian there and purchase or sell items. You should always check in with stores and purchase any items marked as 'Unique,' such as Grenade/Medi-gel upgrades or manufacturer licenses. When you are ready, take the elevator up to the Docking Bay and meet with Ambassador Udina. Once the cutscene is over… that's it for this mission.

Mission Complete

You can enter the Normandy and continue on with the storyline or you can hang back and complete some of the optional assignments found in the Citadel. Check out the 'Optional Assignments' section for help with those.

It would be best to decide on two squad members and stick with them throughout your adventure. This is especially important if you want to unlock some additional achievements along the way. To earn the Ally achievements you must play through the majority of the game with the squad member that corresponds to each achievement (ex., Garrus to unlock the 'Turian Ally' achievement).

If you decide to remain at the Citadel and complete the assignments there, decide on a squad now. To change your current squad, board the Normandy and then return to the Citadel. Upon leaving the ship you are prompted to select two squad members to accompany you.

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