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Follow the dark path or use the light

Galaxy Assignments

Mass Effect Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Galaxy Assignments

- UNC: Cerberus
- UNC: Hades' Dogs
- UNC: Lost Module
- UNC: Rogue VI
- UNC: Lost Freighter
- UNC: Geth Incursions/Geth Activities
- UNC: Derelict Freighter
- UNC: Listening Post Alpha
- UNC: Listening Post Theta
- UNC: Depot Sigma-23
- UNC: Besieged Base
- UNC: The Negotiation

UNC: Cerberus

This assignment is available once the 'UNC: Missing Marines' assignment has been completed. You should receive a transmission from Rear Admiral Kahoku the next time you access the Galaxy Map. You learn of a dangerous group called Cerberus, the very group that lured Kahoku's men to the thresher maw. Kahoku now fears for his own life and plans to go into hiding. He leaves you with the coordinates to a research facility run by the Cerberus group. You need to find out what this group is up to and put a stop to it.

Objective: Investigate Yangtze System (Northern Research Facility)
Travel to the Yangtze system in the Voyager Cluster and land on Binthu. The Mako's drop point is surrounded by three research facilities, and you have to investigate all of them. The facilities can be cleared out in an order of your choosing, but start with the northern one for the sake of following this walkthrough

The northern Research Facility is guarded by two heavy turrets; circle around the facility in an attempt to dodge their fire and use the Mako's cannon to disable them. With the two turrets down, exit the Mako and enter the research facility.

Research Facility

Make your way to the end of the hall to reach the station's main chamber. The Cerberus soldiers in this room guard what looks like a giant cage. Proceed with caution, as you're facing biotics here, and their Stasis power in particular can make a mess of things. Once the enemies have been dealt with, approach one of the diagnostic stations outside of the giant cage. Use the station to lower the cage and then kill the rachni workers within. When all of the Cerberus soldiers and rachni have been killed, a message appears onscreen, instructing you to move on to another facility.

Cerberus Commando

Diagnostic Station

Objective: Continue Hunting Cerberus (Eastern/Southern Research Facilities)
One facility lies south and the other east. Travel to the eastern facility first. This one is also guarded by heavy turrets, so take them out before exiting the Mako. It would be a good idea to save your game at this point, as you definitely don't want to revert to the Mako's Binthu drop point if something goes wrong inside. The soldiers guarding the cage in the main room are positioned behind the cage. Take out the soldiers and technician, and then use one of the diagnostic stations to open the cage. The cage contains three thorian creepers that will vomit on you if they get too close, so either back away or bat them down with a melee attack to avoid this.

Cerberus Soldiers

When the creepers and Cerberus soldiers are dead, exit the station and return to the Mako. Drive to the final research facility (the southern one, if you've been following along) and destroy the heavy turrets guarding its entrance. As with the other two, this station's interior is heavily guarded. The Cerberus soldiers are initially positioned behind the giant cage. Since they are biotics you don't want to face them all at once, so instead damage one and sprint back to the room's entrance. Hopefully the soldier you hit, and the others, will follow you there.

When all of the Cerberus soldiers have been killed, use one of the diagnostic stations around the cage to open it. A rachni soldier was being contained within; you'll want to be careful as this enemy is quite fast. When the rachni has been killed, approach Admiral Kahoku and attempt to speak with him. He's dead. There's nothing more you can do here. A new assignment, 'UNC: Hades' Dogs,' has been added to your Journal.

Diagnostic Station


UNC: Hades' Dogs

This assignment is added to your Journal upon the completion of 'UNC: Cerberus.' You discovered the location of a major Cerberus facility during the Bithnu raid. You're tasked with infiltrating the facility on Nepheron to prevent the Cerberus group's evil plans from becoming a reality.

Objective: Destroy Main Cerberus Facility
Travel to the Columbia system of the Voyager cluster and land on Nepheron. The Cerberus group's Underground Facility is southwest of the Mako's drop point. There are Cerberus snipers and anti-tank troops surrounding the facility's entrance, but luckily the Mako's cannon can make short work of them. Exit the Mako once the area is clear and enter the Cerberus base. The facility's interior is packed with Cerberus troops, so be ready when entering the main room.

Underground Facility Entrance

As with the Cerberus soldiers you encountered in the research facilities on Bithnu, these ones have biotic powers as well. Sweep the room of enemies and proceed through the door at the other end. Turn left when you reach the split and enter the room at the end of the hall. Use the terminal at the back of the room to steal some files from the group. Before leaving the facility, be sure to open the storage lockers and other containers in the room at the end of the hall opposite the terminal room. Return to the Normandy when you're ready to leave Nepheron.


Objective: Complete
Access the Galaxy Map once back on the Normandy. The Normandy receives a transmission from one of the Shadow Broker's agents. The Shadow Broker is interested in the files you retrieved from the Cerberus systems and wishes to take them off your hands.  Choose 'That's treason!' and then 'I don't trust you' to earn Paragon points or 'What's in it for me?' and then 'Sounds good' to earn Renegade points and a number of credits. Choosing 'Forget it' yields nothing, so select either the top-right or bottom-right options on the conversation wheel.

UNC: Lost Module

Travel to the Hercules system in the Attican Beta cluster to receive a transmission from Admiral Hackett. He asks you to recover a lost data module that was being used to gather intel on geth movements in the Attican Beta cluster.

Objective: Go to Hercules System
Land on Eletania, a mildly toxic planet located in the Hercules system. Eletania's environment is a Level 1 Hazard, so refrain from exiting the Mako unless absolutely necessary. Be sure to remain close to the Mako at all times and you'll be fine. The Downed Recon Probe is located northeast of the Mako's drop point, so head in that direction until you reach the probe. Exit the Mako and examine the Downed Probe. The data module that you are looking for is missing; it seems that an alien creature has run off with it.

Downed Probe

Objective: Track the data module
There are four monkey colonies on Eletania. You can either exit the Mako and search each of the monkeys for the module individually, or you can simply kill them to see if one drops the module. None of the monkeys present in any of the colonies are in possession of the module, however, but you can earn some extra Renegade points by visiting a colony and killing the monkeys there. To save yourself the trouble, immediately travel to the monkey colony located northeast from the Debris that appears on Eletania's map. Travel to the aforementioned colony and enter the nearby mine.

Monkey Colony

Mine Entrance

Open the map and place a Destination flag in the mine's eastern room, then move through the mine and enter the room. Search or kill the monkeys in this room, as one of them holds the data module. You receive Paragon or Renegade points depending on whether you searched or killed the monkey that held the data module. Return to the mine's main area and you'll discover that it's now flooded with geth. There are shock troopers, snipers and one destroyer. Fight your way through the geth and return to the mine's entrance. It's mission complete once you've made it out of the mine.

UNC: Rogue VI

This assignment becomes available when Shepard reaches level 20. When that condition has been met, access the Galaxy Map and travel to another system to receive a transmission from Admiral Hackett. Alliance Command needs you to shut down a rogue VI that has taken over an Alliance training ground on Earth's moon.

Objective: Engage VI
Travel to the Sol system in the Local cluster and land on Luna. Open the map and place a Destination flag next to the Alliance Training Ground. The training ground is composed of three stations. Two heavy turrets guard each station and will fire as soon as you come into view. Keep your distance from the turrets and use the Mako's cannon to damage them. A few cannon blasts and some machine gun fire thrown in for good measure is enough to destroy one of these turrets. It is imperative that you keep your distance when facing these turrets, as it is quite difficult to dodge six missiles at once if there isn't a good bit of distance between your vehicle and the incoming projectiles.

Alliance Training Ground

Alliance Heavy Turret

Objective: Destroy VI Conduits
When all six turrets have been disabled, exit the Mako and enter one of the three stations. It doesn't matter which station you enter, as they are almost identical. Each station's core contains eight conduits, all of which must be destroyed. To make matters worse, each station is packed with assault and rocket drones.

Tech abilities such as Sabotage, Overload and AI Hacking work best against synthetic enemies, while biotic abilities deal little to no damage. AI Hacking, particularly, works wonders when used on a rocket drone. The drones have powerful shields and are also quite resistant to weapon damage, but you can use weapon-specific abilities (i.e., Carnage, Marksman, Overkill and Assassination) to combat this. Remain near the room's entrance for an easy retreat, as it's easy to become overwhelmed due to the amount of drones in the room.  When all of the drones in the station have been destroyed, proceed through the door at the back of the station and enter one of the two core rooms.

Conduit Core

VI Conduit

There are four conduits in each room, and you must destroy all of them. Be careful, though, because as soon as one is destroyed, toxic gas is released in the station, causing Shepard and allies to take constant toxic damage. Don't stand too close to the conduit while destroying it either, as its explosion can damage Shepard. Once you've destroyed all eight conduits in the first station, head back outside and enter one of the remaining two. Save your game before entering the next station, as the last auto-save occurred at the Mako's Luna drop point.


All of the stations have similar layouts, though the consequences for destroying a station's conduit changes with each subsequent station. When you first destroy a conduit in the second station, kinetic barrier fields deploy throughout the entire bunker complex. These barriers protect each individual conduit, as well as every doorway. It means a bit more work, but the barriers can be destroyed without too much hassle. When all of the conduits in the second station have been destroyed, move onto the last. Destroying a conduit in the final station sets up drones in the conduit room at the opposite end of the hall, so be ready for that. Destroying the last conduit completes the mission.

Specialization Class: You are given the choice between two 'specializations' based on your original class. The specialization that you select will replace your base class talent on the squad screen, and all talent points put into the base class talent will transfer over to the specialization. Read the descriptions of the two specialization classes that your class is entitled to and select the one that is closest to your play style up until this point.

UNC: Lost Freighter

Once you have completed a storyline mission on Therum, Feros, or Noveria, travel to the Ming system of the Gemini Sigma cluster and board the MSV Worthington. Move down the hallway and enter the ship's hold. Be careful as you make your way to the back of the area, as the explosive containment cells littered throughout are set to detonate when someone is in close proximity. As you move forward, scan the path you will take and shoot all visible explosives.

Proceed through the door at the back of the ship's hold and enter the first door on your left. Examine the Life Support Machine in this room. The body being kept alive shows no signs of brain activity, meaning that this is essentially just an empty shell. You can turn off the machine, or you can wait and do some investigating instead. Access the Medical Computer at the back of the room to hear a recording. After listening to the recording, leave the room and enter the one across from it. Use the Crew Computer to hear another recording, then decrypt the storage locker and leave the room. Enter the cockpit at the end of the hall and access the computer to hear a particularly disturbing recording.

Life Support Machine

Cockpit Computer

When you hear the final recording, a woman named Julia, the one mentioned in the recordings, appears and attacks. She is a powerful biotic, so be ready. The mission is both added to your Journal and completed once Julia is dead.

Geth Activities/UNC: Geth Incursions

There are two ways to activate this assignment: On Feros, decrypt the Geth Terminal in the Upper Level of the ExoGeni Base (in the same area where the geth ship's claw is severed) to add this assignment to your Journal. Once encrypted, the geth terminal revealed that the geth may be amassing a large force in the Armstrong Nebula cluster.
Alternatively you can simply travel to the Armstrong Nebula to receive a transmission from Admiral Hackett. He tells you that geth outposts have been identified on four different planets, and he wants you to take care of them.

Geth Terminal

Objective: Investigate Geth
All four geth outposts are located within the four systems of the Armstrong Nebula. You can tackle these outposts in any order you like

Objective: Eliminate Geth Outposts (Gagarin System, Rayingri Outpost)
The geth outpost on this planet can be reached by heading south from the Mako's drop point. The entrance of the Overrun Research Facility sits atop a relatively steep mountain. It takes some effort to get the Mako up to the facility entrance regardless of how you go about it. Once you've made it up top, exit the Mako and enter the facility.
Enter the facility's main room and clear out the husks that occupy it.

Rayingri Geth Outpost


When the perimeter is clear, head to the back of the room and destroy the husks that occupy the hallway there. It initially appears that there are no geth in this station, but removing all of the husks triggers a geth onslaught. Step into the hallway at the south end of the facility and use the open doorway as cover while picking off the geth that rush you. The geth destroyers are the biggest threat here, so use abilities to take them out before they get too close. When the facility is clear, head back outside to find more geth waiting for you there. Gun them down or enter the Mako and use its weaponry to finish off the geth of the Rayingri outpost.


Objective: Eliminate Geth Outposts (Tereshkova System, Antibaar Outpost)
The geth outpost on Antibaar is located northeast of the Mako's drop point. The geth in the area cause your radar to jam as you near the outpost, so use your map to avoid moving off course. Approach the outpost with caution as it is heavily guarded by rocket troopers, snipers and a geth colossus.

Antibaar Outpost

Snipers and rocket troopers are perched in the towers surrounding the outpost, but can be easily taken out with the Mako's weaponry. Circle around the outpost and concentrate on removing the snipers and rocket troopers from their towers first. The Mako can only sustain a few hits from the colossus before its shields are down, so keep an eye out for the colossus' slow-moving projectiles and avoid them while circling around the outpost. If the Mako takes too much damage, retreat from the area and repair the Mako using Omni-gel. Unused equipment and upgrades can be converted to Omni-gel via the Equipment menu if your Omni-gel supply is low.

When the geth surrounding the outpost have been destroyed, a geth dropship appears and drops off some reinforcements. Among the reinforcements is a hulking geth prime, a boss type enemy that is your primary concern here. Even with the Mako's weaponry, the geth prime is quite hard to bring down. Its shields are strong and recharge quickly, and its weaponry are quite damaging to the Mako. If you're brave enough to leave the Mako, an ability such as biotic Lift can be used to incapacitate the geth prime, allowing you to take him out easily. Only exit the Mako if the other geth reinforcements have been dealt with, though.

Geth Dropship

Geth Reinforcements

Return to the Normandy once all of the geth in the Antibaar outpost have been destroyed.

Objective: Eliminate Geth Outposts (Hong System, Casbin Outpost)
Travel northeast from the Mako's drop point on Casbin to reach the geth outpost. The geth surrounding the Casbin outpost cause the radar to jam as you scale the mountain, but just continue your acension until you reach the top. Once atop the mountain, scan the area below and locate the Casbin outpost. If Shepard is well-trained with a Sniper Rifle, sniping the geth from above is a viable option. Be careful though, as the geth below have sniper rifles of their own. Abilities can be used from atop the mountain as well.

Casbin Outpost


Alternate methods aside, the easiest and surefire way to take out this outpost is to simply drive down the mountain and use the Mako's weaponry to wipe out the geth snipers and rocket troopers stationed in the towers. However you dispose of them, when all of the geth in the Casbin outpost have been destroyed, a geth dropship enters the area and drops off reinforcements. This dropship has a health bar that appears in the bottom-right corner of the screen, which means it can be destroyed. Take out the reinforcements and then pound the dropship with cannon and machine gun fire to deplete its health bar.

Geth Dropship

Objective: Eliminate Geth Outposts (Vamshi System, Maji Outpost)
The Geth Outpost on Maji is almost due north of the Mako's drop point. As you approach the large mountain in the distance, look for large red dots on the radar. Each red dot represents a geth heavy turret; these turrets line the trail that leads up to the mountain outpost. Use the Mako's cannon to destroy the heavy turrets as you follow the mountain trail. When you reach the outpost, use the Mako's weaponry to take out the geth snipers and rocket troopers in the towers and swerve to avoid their fire.

Geth Heavy Turret

Maji Outpost

Once the geth troopers have been dealt with, a geth colossus appears in the middle of the outpost. Remain outside of the outpost and move back and forth to avoid the colossus' slow-moving projectiles while damaging the geth with the Mako's cannon and machine gun. The outpost is clear once the colossus falls.

Geth Colossus

Objective: Eliminate Geth Bunker
When the Rayingri, Antibaar, Casbin and Maji geth outposts have been cleared, Shepard and allies discover a locater signal for a major geth installation. The main geth base is located in the Grissom system of the Armstrong Nebula cluster and must be destroyed to stop the geth incursion. Travel to the Grissom system and land on Solcrum, the largest of Notanban's moons. Solcrum's environment is a Level 1 Heat Hazard, so don't stray too far from the Mako if you must leave the vehicle.

Head east from the Mako's drop point until the geth bunker comes into view. The bunker is surrounded by sniper towers and a couple of geth colossi. The colossi are the greatest threat here, so keep your distance from the bunker to avoid taking damage from their cannon fire. The geth snipers and rocket troopers that occupy the towers can be difficult to hit with the Mako's weaponry; a Sniper Rifle can do the job, but  return to the Mako before the bar in the bottom-right corner of the screen fills up or Shepard  start taking damage and eventually die from exposure. Drive back and forth to avoid fire from the colossi while blasting them with the Mako's cannon. Hit the geth with the cannon even if you are too far to see their health bars. Once the perimeter outside of the base is clear of geth, park the Mako by the entrance, exit the vehicle and enter the bunker.

Geth Bunker

Bunker Entrance

The interior is guarded by geth destroyers, stalkers, sappers, and a juggernaut. Take cover behind the open doorway and wait for the destroyers to rush you. Use disabling abilities such as biotic Lift or Singularity before the destroyer can get too close. Wait for the stalkers and sappers to land somewhere near the room's entrance and use an ability or weapon to take them out.

The geth juggernaut is up on the bunker's second floor walkway. Hide behind one of the pillars in the main area and use a Sniper Rifle—if Shepard is trained with one—to destroy the juggernaut. If Shepard is untrained with a Sniper Rifle, head up the stairs in the northeastern corner of the room to face him on the upper walkway. On the walkway,  immediately take cover behind one of the containers to protect yourself from the juggernaut's fire. Use abilities and weapons to damage the juggernaut until it falls.

Geth Juggernaut

It's mission complete when the final geth in the bunker falls. Enter the southeastern room on the first floor, decrypt the geth terminal there and download the data on it to add the 'Tali and the Geth' assignment to your Journal.


UNC: Derelict Freighter

After completing Feros, travel to the Caspian system of the Maroon Sea cluster and board the MSV Cornucopia. Enter the ship's hold with extreme caution, as husks will reveal themselves when you turn the corner. You'll have to be especially careful here because the husks' electricity bursts are prone to set off the explosive containment cells scattered throughout the area. Cautiously navigate through the shipping containers to reach the hall at the east end of the ship. Be sure to check your corners and detonate any explosives you can spot from a safe distance. Enter the cockpit at the end of the eastern hallway and access the Navigation Computer.


Navigation Computer

The computer's log files details the Cornucopia's exploration where its crew discovered a strange alien artifact in a space region outside of the Perseus Veil. The artifact was found to be connected with the geth, and the crew were subsequently brainwashed, transformed into husks and sent back to human space. This assignment is both added to your journal and completed at this point.

UNC: Listening Post Alpha

This assignment is available once the Noveria storyline mission has been completed. Travel to the Erebus system in the Styx Theta cluster and land on Nepmos to get started.

Objective: Go to the Erebus System
Drive to Listening Post Alpha in the southeastern quarter of Nepmos' map. Use the Mako's weaponry to clear out the rachni soldiers and exit the Mako once the perimeter is clear. When the first batch of rachni have been defeated, a timer appears in the bottom-right corner of the screen, counting down to another rachni swarm. You have one minute to prepare for the next wave. Speak to Lieutenant Durand who is standing behind a barrier. Evidently the base was hit quite hard by the rachni, and Durand tells you that their scanners picked up many more rachni on their way.

Listening Post


There is a generator at the northern end of the post. Examine the generator and connect the Mako to it. With the Mako connected to the generator, the listening post's two large defensive turrets are fully operational. While you can't use the Mako's weaponry to deal with the rachni soldiers while its powering the generator, the turrets are powerful enough to take out most of them for you. Stand on the frontlines and wait for the second wave of rachni to emerge from their tunnels. While on the front lines, be sure to dodge to the side to avoid the rachni soldier's toxic projectiles.



Once the second batch has been dealt with, another one minute timer appears onscreen. The final wave of rachni is much larger than the last two, so if you haven't hooked up the Mako to the generator to provide power to the defensive turrets, it would definitely be best to do that in preparation for this wave. There are two shelters on either side of the listening post that you can duck into if things get hectic. Speak to Durand once the last rachni has fallen; she tells you that they recently lost communication with another listening post. Agree to help destroy the rachni's underground lair on Nepmos to put an end to the rachni attacks once and for all.

Objective: Destroy Rachni Base
The rachni base is due west of Listening Post Alpha. Travel to the Rachni Infested Mines, exit the Mako, climb up the ramp and enter. There are plenty of rachni inside the mines, as its title suggests, so it's a good idea to save before proceeding. While no enemies initially appear on your radar, rachni emerge from the ground as you move through the lair's main area. Keep an eye out for nearby explosive cells and detonate them from a safe distance to avoid taking damage from it later, or use it to damage emerging rachni. 

Rachni Infested Mines


Clear out all of the rachni in the large room and enter one of the spawning point rooms in the northeastern corner. Kill all of the rachni that appear in each room to face the rachni brood warrior. He is quite tough, so fallback if necessary. The assignment is complete when the brood warrior falls.

UNC: Listening Post Theta

This assignment is available once the Noveria storyline mission has been completed. Travel to the Acheron system of the Styx Theta cluster and land on Altahe. Make your way to the Listening Post at the southern end of the map. Rachni soldiers emerge from the mounds of dirt surrounding the post as you approach. Use the Mako's weaponry to kill the rachni until their spawning ceases. When the perimeter is clear, exit the Mako and enter the building.


Listening Post

It is readily apparent that all is not well within Listening Post Theta, as the building's entrance room is littered with soldier corpses. Enter the main room and clear out the rachni there. Keep your distance from the rachni workers because they will explode when close. The workers' explosions are even more deadly with the explosives in the area, so be careful. With the rachni dead, make your way to the hall at the other end of the area and proceed through the door on the right.

Access the terminal here to learn how the rachni attack occurred. The logs on the terminal mention a depot on Sigma-23 in the Gorgon System. Download the logs to simultaneously complete and add this assignment to your journal. Be sure to open the containers and lockers in the station's southeastern room before moving on.


UNC: Depot Sigma-23

This assignment is available once the Noveria storyline mission has been completed.
Travel to the Gorgon system of the Argos Rho cluster and board the Unidentified Space Facility there. Rachni soldiers and workers occupy this ship's hold. Be especially careful of the workers, as they explode when close which inflicts prolonged toxic damage on any character caught in the blast. Cautiously navigate through the shipping containers to reach the hall at the east end of the ship. Proceed through the first door on the left.


Objective: Set Off Demo Charge
Access the terminal in this room and listen to all three entries. By listening to the entries, you discover that the notorious Cerberus group is responsible for the rachni infestations of listening posts Alpha and Theta (from the 'UNC: Listening Post Alpha' and 'UNC: Listening Post Theta' assignments). Afterwards, arm the demolition charges next to the terminal. A timer appears on the screen and another batch of rachni soldiers and workers spawn in the ship's hold. You must return to the Normandy before the timer reaches zero to complete this assignment, so don't bother fighting the rachni but avoid them entirely if you can.


Demolition Charges

UNC: Besieged Base

This assignment can only be triggered when Shepard's Paragon meter is at least 80% full (4 bars).Access the Galaxy Map and travel to any system once the above requirement has been met to receive a transmission from Admiral Hackett. He tells you of group of biotic terrorists that have taken over a medical station, drugged the researchers within and are now essentially using the innocents as meat shields. Hackett asks you to resolve the situation by wiping out the fanatics while minimizing innocent causalities.

Objective: Get to Medical Base
Head to the Cacus system of the Hades Gamma cluster and land on Chohe. Open up the map and place a Destination flag next to the Science Base. Drive to the base, exit the Mako and enter facility. Save your game once you're inside so you can reload at the base's entrance if things take a turn for the worst. In their drug induced state, the researchers are wandering around the facility in a daze. You must not harm or let any innocents die. If a civilian does die, a 'Researchers Killed' meter will appear in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

Science Base


The researchers are largely vulnerable in their current state. Not only can the innocents be clipped by crossfire, they can also be killed by the numerous explosive containment cells littered throughout the base's main room. Of particular danger are the terrorists' biotic abilities, as they cover a large area and can detonate the containment cells. For this reason, you'll need to first provoke the terrorists and then lure them to the previous room where they cannot harm the researchers. Stand your ground and gun down the terrorists as they approach.

It's quite possible that not all of the terrorists will follow you back to the base's initial room with one provocation, so you may have to reenter the main room and fish for more. The leader of the group will likely hang back at the far end of the main room; sneak up on him and use a weapon ability (Carnage, Marksman, Assassination or Overkill) to take him out quickly.

Biotic Terrorists

Objective: Report to Hackett
When all of the biotic fanatics have been wiped out, return to the Normandy and access the Galaxy Map to report to Hackett and complete the assignment. The amount of Paragon points gained afterwards is dependent on the number of civilian causalities. Zero researcher causalities yields the largest amount of points.

UNC: The Negotiation

This assignment can only be triggered when Shepard's Renegade meter is at least 80% full (4 bars). Access the Galaxy Map and travel to any system once the above requirement has been met to receive a transmission from Admiral Hackett. He asks you to negotiate a treaty with a man named Darius. The Alliance is looking to obtain the mining rights to an asteroid rich in Element Zero, but Darius must first agree to it.

Objective: Meet Darius
Travel to the Plutus system of the Hades Gamma cluster and land on Nonuel. Make your way to the Warlord's Outpost in the northeastern quarter of the map. Be cautious, as Nonuel's environment is a Level 1 Hazard, so don't stray too far from the Mako. Once you've reached the outpost, park the Mako in front of the building, exit the vehicle and step inside. Make your way to the POI mark on the radar to find Darius.

Warlord's Outpost


Darius is committed to making this negotiation a difficult one. There are two ways to go about this; diplomatically or with violence. Exclusively select the top-right options on the conversation wheel to verbally form an agreement with Darius, effectively earning the Alliance the right to mine for Element Zero, albeit with heavy fees. Select the middle-right or bottom-right options and eventually Darius and his retainers will attack. The fight begins with you surrounded, so immediately sprint away and get behind some cover. Once Darius and all of his retainers have been dealt with, head up the stairs in the northeastern corner of the main room and proceed through the door at the end of the walkway. Access the terminal here to unlock the base's front door.

Lord Darius


Objective: Report to Hackett
Return to the Normandy when you're ready to leave Nonuel and access the Galaxy Map to report to Hackett and complete the assignment. A small amount of Paragon points are given if the issue was solved without violence, while a large amount of Renegade points are given if Darius and his followers were killed. 

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