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Follow the dark path or use the light

The Final Battle

Mass Effect Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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The Final Battle

This is it, the final battle! There's no turning back now!

Race Against Time: Final Battle

Objective: Save the Citadel
Make your way to the elevator at the other end of the walkway. Kill the husks nearby and then ride the elevator to trigger a cutscene. Move down into the Maintenance Shaft once you regain control of Shepard. The tunnel quickly fills with geth as a tram car rams into its side. Fight your way to the opposite end of the corridor and head up the ramp to reach the upper area. Proceed with caution as this section is occupied by a powerful krogan warlord. Keep your distance from the krogan because he is prone to charge. Use your squad's strongest abilities and pound the warlord with gunfire to bring him down quickly.


Krogan Warlord

Move up to the Exhaust Plain, which is fronted by a mass of kinetic barriers. Take out the geth troopers and snipers in the first section and then make your way to the next. A geth dropship enters the area and drops a number of geth troops. Sprint towards the first Citadel Defense Turret up ahead and open it using the control at its base. The turret across from the first requires an average Electronics skill to open, or it can be bypassed at the cost of 20 Omni-gel. There is a third turret a bit further from the second. Sprint to the next turret, open it, then take cover and let the turrets do their job.


Geth Dropship

Once the geth dropship has been destroyed, move to the end of the area to reach the Exterior Defense Grid. A pair of krogan warriors occupy the initial corridor, so stand back and take them out before they get too close. The two krogan are then followed by a geth destroyer and a juggernaut (i.e, more chargers). Destroy the two geth and move to the opposite end of the corridor. The proceeding area is guarded by four heavy turrets.

If Shepard is trained with a Sniper Rifle, stand by the entrance to the area and destroy the turrets with rifle fire and Assassination. If Shepard lacks the necessary training, slowly move towards the turrets and take cover in the trenches. Seek cover close enough to a turret and damage it from there. Be sure to get back behind cover before the turret's projectile reaches you, as it can deal critical damage.

Geth Heavy Turret

Fight your way to the other end of the area, head down the ramp there and open the latch at the end of the corridor to reach the ruined Citadel Tower. Destroy the geth as you move up to the Council Chamber to confront Saren.

Saren is completely indoctrinated now, and claims to have been upgraded significantly by Sovereign. While this can be a two part battle, the first part can actually be skipped completely if Shepard has enough points invested in the Charm or Intimidate talents. If you were able to use all of the blue or red options that were available during your encounter with Saren on Virmire, you can convince Saren to off himself by choosing all of the blue Charm options or the red Intimidate options here. Doing so earns you a large amount of Paragon or Renegade points and will also net you the 'Charismatic' achievement if you missed it back on Virmire.


Saren's Suicide

If you are unable to convince Saren that what he is doing is wrong, however, you will have to face airborne Saren in a fashion similar to that of the Virmire encounter. Having Saren kill himself would definitely be preferable though, as his abilities have greatly improved. Make sure that Shepard and allies have weapon upgrades that up damage dealt to organics and to shields. Keep a close eye on Saren at all times because he can easily line up a shot while on his glider, even while you're behind cover; for this reason, moving from cover to cover is better than remaining stationary.

Even a high level Overload ability won't put much of a dent in Saren's shield, and the turian's constant use of the Shield Boost ability doesn't help matters. Move from cover to cover to avoid taking damage, pound Saren with gunfire until his shields are down and then don't let up. Continue this routine to completely deplete Saren's health bar and send him crashing down to the courtyard below.

Organic Saren

Access the control panel that Saren was using to trigger an event. Joker radios in to inform Shepard that the Council is in danger. You can order the fleets to save the Ascension, or you can order them to hold back, thus sacrificing the Council to focus fire on Sovereign. The Paragon choice is saving the council, while the Renegade choice is sacrificing them. The decision you make here yields a large amount of Paragon or Renegade points and affects the ending.

BOSS BATTLE: Synthetic Saren
It's not over yet; Saren's corpse sheds its flesh to reveal a horrifying synthetic version of the turian. Synthetic Saren's movement is akin to that of the geth stalkers, sappers and ghosts you've encountered thus far, but is leagues ahead in terms of firepower, shields and vitality. Take the time to outfit Shepard and allies with weapon upgrades that increase damage dealt to synthetics and to shields before facing Saren

Synthetic Saren

You'll have to use every ability available to you if you want to bring Saren down once and for all. As far as tech abilities go, Overload can be used to lower the synthetic's shields a bit but won't be particularly useful unless you have more than one squad member using it due to the frequency at which your enemy's shields recharge. A high level biotic Lift ability is invaluable during this fight, as you can incapacitate Saren and keep him suspended in mid-air, making him extremely vulnerable. Lift is best used as soon as you've managed to bring Saren's shields down, as you will then have ample time to chip away at his exposed health bar. Having more than one squad member with the Lift ability is even better.

Synthetic Saren

Synthetic Saren is extremely agile and very quick, allowing him to leap over your cover, so you won't be able to remain behind one piece of cover for the fight's duration. Track Saren's movements at all times so you'll know when you need to sprint to a different piece of cover. Save weapon abilities (i.e., Marksman, Overkill, Carnage, Assassination) for moments when Saren is perched on the wall or incapacitated by an ability such as Lift. Keep an eye on Shepard's health and don't hesitate to use a Medi-gel or Unity to heal your allies.

This can be a lengthy battle, but if you work to avoid his fire, use Medi-gel when needed, and use the squad's abilities wisely, the synthetic turian will eventually fall to your might.

The End

That's it, you've completed Mass Effect! Sit back and enjoy the ending, you've earned it!

Note -- A New Game feature is now available. To begin a new game with your previous character, first select 'Start New Career' from the game start menu and then 'Select Existing ID.' Your character's level, talent point distribution, credits, upgrades and equipment are all retained with this feature, and the level cap is upped from level 50 to level 60.

The End

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Mass Effect Xbox 360

Comments for The Final Battle

17 comments, latest first.
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Dec 13th 2014 Guest
Whoever suggested hiding behind the pillar - thank you! It took about 45 minutes of blasting away at synthetic Saren 1-3 shotgun blasts at a time, but it worked!
ID #484106
Oct 26th 2014 Guest
I did this first try as an Infiltrator with Liara and Ashley, tho I was level 46 when I finally got to him.

I skiped the organic Saren part, but judging on my last playthrough as a soldier he's not much harder than on Virmire, and I whooped his ass there.

Synthetic Saren took maybe 1min. Liara threw him up, I did Max Overload -> Max Assassination (with maxed commando bonus aswell) took his shields and a decent (maybe 1/5th) of his health just with that, swapped to pistol -> Max Sabotage -> Marksman, he was dead by the time marksman ended.
Didn't have to hide behind anything, just be smart, move away from his projectiles as they will likely one-shot you (his strong one took Liara to 5% hp through a fresh maxed Barrier).

It does help abit my pistol and sniper both had +40% synthetic dmg ammo, and both had 2x +29% rail extension mods. Sniper would overheat after 1 shot, and pistol (even with marksman) would overheat after about 12-15 but I love it, I 1-shot the Geth Juggernaut :D
ID #463224
Jul 22nd 2014 Guest
Keep pausing the game with LB. This gives you time to aim. Then blast him in short bursts with shot gun or assault or sniper. The sniper rifle packs the most punch
ID #423140
Jun 21st 2014 Guest
This is so easy if u can use lift and throw and have spectre training all at max out plus whatever gun u use the most in the game. I beat him being only a level 29 and I didn't do the side missions at all
ID #404101
May 28th 2014 Guest
I was lucky enough to ruin Saren with the assault rifle on soldier maxed out with inferno rounds. Level 49.
ID #389890
Jan 25th 2014 Guest
This is super hard lol!
ID #348060
Aug 15th 2013 Guest
Never really liked anything other then assault rifle. Took me three tries but managed to get him. Damping and lift helped a lot.
ID #304920
Jul 26th 2013 Guest
I found myself with Garrus and Wrex, with myself as an engineer. Wrex has lift, but I couldn't seem to convince my squad mates to TAKE COVER. They were dead most of the time. And being an engineer with only a pistol, it was an extremely tough fight and took foreverto finish the second half of the synthetic saren fight
ID #300441
Jun 14th 2013 Guest
This doesn't help at all
ID #290248
Feb 7th 2013 Guest
I struggled with it for a while and thought it impossible. But once you learn his movements and when to attack and with what it's ok. The shotgun is the best weapon to use to get sarens armour down. From there I just blast his health down with the assault rifle. The only ability I really used was immunity so I didn't get killed if I got hit by a fireball. What I did find helpful is holding down L1 and aiming at him while game is paused. He moves really quick and So it came in handy.
ID #251617
Dec 28th 2012 Guest
i did this fight very easily xD and didn't even stand behind everything xD lol then again i was lvl 40 with tali and liara by my side having barrier at max and using the ability for the pistol it was just way to easy lol
ID #230196
Jul 20th 2012 Guest
I beat him with rifle and adrenaline boosts. I't was good Smile
ID #166424
Apr 20th 2012 Guest
It is tough but doable. Hide behind the pillar at the end of the room, you can easy dodge the fireballs from there. And use armor piercing ammo (also for your team mates). I killed him mostly with my sniper rifle and at the end with my pistol. Also throw in all your granites, you won't be needing them after this fight.
ID #135205
Feb 25th 2012 Guest
Im not joking, but i have a serious question. Can this be done?
ID #118269
Aug 25th 2011 Guest
If my ammos get overthreat then what to do for getting the ammos back ?
ID #69917