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Chapter Twenty-Three

Limbo Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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Chapter Twenty-Three

Run to the right away from the saw blade. Watch the ‘H' sign light up with electricity. You need to time your jump off the end of the platform just before the sign lights up, but also before the saw blade reaches you.

Begin your jump just before the electricity comes back on

When you pass the arrow, activate the forces so that you land on the ‘H'. Quickly run to the safe-zone in the middle of the ‘H' before the electricity comes back on.

Secret Egg #10: Once safe in the middle of the ‘H', wait for the saw blade to begin going in the opposite direction. You then need to jump to the left, to land on the top of the wall that you had been previously walking vertically on. Wait until the saw's noise is nearly non-existent, then jump to the left. On the way down, activate the gravity panel. If you have timed it correctly, you will land on the platform in front of the saw, and be able to run back along and get back on the ‘H' as you did before. The odd gravitational forces will have unearthed a secret egg, which you will be able to find once you jump off the 'H'.

Jump off the ‘H' to the right so that you land on a pipe.

Wait for another circuit of electricity and then jump down onto the previously electrified ‘H'.  As soon as you land on it, jump to the right to grab a rope before the electricity comes back on. Follow the rope down.

Secret Egg #3 (Part Two): Having moved the O round in chapter twelve, you should now be able to see the handle on the side of the letter from chapter twelve. Jump to the platform to the right of the O and pull out the handle to reveal the secret egg. Note that you need to play chapter twelve and complete it to ensure your actions are replicated later on.

Head to the right and jump off towards the arrow. Press the action button to activate anti-grav and lock yourself to the ceiling. This anti-grav is only temporary, so quickly move the crate that comes to the ceiling to the right, climb over it and wait for the gravity to fail. Ensure you are positioned above the arrow switch so that you can activate the forces again on your way down (to avoid smashing into the floor!). Back on the ceiling, run to the left. Jump off the edge to the left and you should fall upwards into a secret room in the ceiling of the next area. Pull the handle of the container in this room to expose an achievement egg. Drop down and collect the egg.

Achievement Unlocked: Going Up (10G)

Get this tricky achievement

You should then head back into the anti-grav room and push the switch on your way in to land on the ceiling again. Now push the crate as far right as possible, before immediately heading back to a position above the anti-grav switch. Activate it when the gravity fails to return to your location on the ceiling. The idea of this was to buy enough time for the upcoming manoeuvre. You should then climb over the crate and rush to a position past the saw blade so that when the gravity returns, you miss the blade.

Rush past the blade so that you are not sliced up

You will then begin sliding. Jump to the right at the end so that you pass the next arrow. Activate it on your way to return to the ceiling. When the gravity returns, you will drop down onto a platform above the gun.

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