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Chapter Twenty-Four

Limbo Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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Chapter Twenty-Four

The gravity now inexplicably turns on and off to a pattern. On the ceiling of the room, position yourself to land on the left edge of the platform above the gun. Once you hit the ground, run to the right and jump. The idea is to reach the magnetic switch, deactivate it, and have the anti-grav kick in to take you to the ceiling out of the way of the gun before it begins firing.

The lack of magnetism will drop the block to your right, allowing you to escape the room. Get past the block and wait for the gravity to come into play to take you back to the ceiling. You are now safe for the time being. Position yourself to land near the right hand side of the platform below. Once you do drop down, head to the right off the platform and quickly jump to the left once you hit the lower ground. If timed correctly, you will be taken out of the reaches of the firing angle of the gun guarding the floor.

The gravity should turn off just before the gun begins firing

From here you have to think quickly. Dash beneath the block to the left so that the resumption of gravity sends you through the gap in the floor. You will slide down a slope to relative safety. Make sure you stand far enough away from the saw blade to ensure you are not spliced on your way to the ceiling.

Drop down to the middle of the straight part of the floor. Immediately run to the right and jump. If done correctly, the anti-gravity will activate just before you hit the lower saw blade, but will take you far enough to the right to avoid the upper one too.

Get to the right hand edge of the ceiling just before the next area. You need to wait until about a second before the gravity comes back on before jumping. The idea is to jump to the right and have the gravity come back before you hit the far ceiling. On the way down, hit the sideways gravity switch to pull you past the saw blade and out of the final section of the game! If you are struggling, try matching the ticking noise in the background to the noise in the video below for exact timings – generally though, it's just as it begins to increase in pace, marking the end of the anti-grav.

The last two gravity puzzles are very difficult to avoid deaths on

Secret Egg #11: Note that this only works if you have completed the entire game without dying and all in one sitting. If you've done that, you are a gaming legend, but also, can gain a secret egg. Once you regain control of your character after this scene, head far to the left. You can then go back to the right where you should find the egg.

Walk to the right when you regain control of your character. With that, Limbo is completed. We'll leave it to you to work out the significance of the final scene.

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Comments for Chapter Twenty-Four

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May 14th 2013 Guest
thnx a lot.......
d game z finishd.
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Jan 2nd 2013 Guest
Thanks, I needed this guid from Chapter 21. Then it was to difficult for me. Great work!
ID #234816
Sep 22nd 2012 Guest
This is a great guide took me a few times to grsp what it was saying but that might be mainly because I read this at 10 to 6 in the morning and havn't slept the rest of the night.
ID #188281
Mar 11th 2012 Guest
The guide was really good....Smile
You Rock man..!!!
ID #122075
May 6th 2011 Guest
Great Guide :D Thank you
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