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Chapter Eight

Limbo Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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Chapter Eight

Head down the ladder and pull the cart at the bottom on the left out into the open. Position it as far right as possible, before climbing back up the first ladder. Jump from the ladder to the platform on the right and jump onto the rope hanging down above a pair of cogs. Climb the rope as it falls so you don't get sucked into the cogs.

Secret Egg #1: When the rope stops, quickly head back left, up the ladder, and to the spike pit at the end of Chapter Seven – the spikes will have been removed allowing you to collect the secret egg – but only temporarily – so be quick!

If you collected the secret egg, go back to the rope and climb on. Once it stops, you have a race on your hands. Jump off the rope, head left and jump down to the lower level, ignoring the ladder as it slows you down.

Quickly climb onto the cart and jump onto the bottom of the rope that should still be hanging beneath the cogs. Your weight will pull it down further and stop it lowering one of the blocks in the section to the right. You can stay hanging here as long as you want, but then will need to swing and jump onto the rope on the right, which raises the right hand block (note that once you jump, the left hand block will begin to come down). From this second rope you will be able to see the two blocks moving. Once there is a big enough gap under both of them you can swing off and head through.

Get through the blocks

Continue on, down the slope and over the glowing bugs. Further ahead you will find a bug hanging from a rope. Walk beneath it. These bugs take possession of their host and force them to walk in a particular direction. You can control the speed of your character and jump, but cannot do anything about direction. To begin, they send you to the left. The bugs hate light, and will move away from it, so the idea is to move into the light if you need to change direction.

There is light not far to your left, so before long you will find yourself stumbling to the right. When your character begins slipping down the slope, be aware that you need to jump at the bottom to avoid falling into a pit. Continuing to the right, jump over the crate and you will find more sunlight. It will turn you around, allowing you to push the crate to the left. Once it gets beneath the creatures marked by their yellow beaks, climb onto the crate so that they peck off the bug.

These birds can be used to peck off the mind-control bugs.

You are now able to move to the right freely.

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