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Chapter Thirteen

Limbo Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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Chapter Thirteen

Head to the left and knock over the scaffolding-type structure by jumping into it and quickly running off so as not to get crushed. Turn around and head right past where you first landed in this area. You will be taken over by a mind-control bug. It will steer you left, past the broken scaffolding into a pool of light – this will turn you to the right once again.

Allow it to take you over all the obstacles until you come to a gap that you are forced to jump over. Use the two platforms to jump to a longer third one. You can then reach solid land again, and will soon naturally step onto a large switch. This will drop a crate in front of you. As soon as you reach the button you should push left on the stick to slow your character down. Once you reach the crate, climb onto it and use the height to jump over the oncoming saw blade.

Avoid the saw.

You then want to climb up to the ledge with some bug-eating birds on, and jump to get nearer their mouths so that they can peck the bug off your scalp. With that done, wait for the saw to get right up to your ledge, before jumping over it to the left. Run back to the left, jumping back onto the long platform. You need to move from the right side to the left, then from the left side to the right and repeat this to create a see-saw effect allowing you to run from the low right to the high left and jump onto the next platform.

Once the momentum gets going, instead of running from side to side, wait in the middle until the left side gets high enough, then quickly jump across.

It can be tricky to get the hang of this

On the right hand platform, use the hook on the left one to pull it and create some all-important momentum. You can then use the momentum to cross back to solid ground on the left.

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Thanks for this amazing faq,
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