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Chapter Nineteen

Limbo Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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Chapter Nineteen

Drop down to the next area and pull the lever to the left. This will change the rotation direction of the cogs. Once one of the cog's protrusions approaches the bottom of the ladder, push the lever in the other direction. This will temporarily stop the cog from moving, allowing you to jump up onto one of the protrusions and reach the ladder.

Use the lever to slow down the cog and jump up to the ladder

At the top of the ladder, jump to the left to land on one of the next cog's protrusions. This cog should now be travelling anti-clockwise, carrying you up. Once in range of the ledge above, climb onto one of the protrusions and jump to grab the ledge.

Continue to the right, ignoring the switch and jump past the movable ladder. Once you get to the mine cart, pull it to the left so that it is directly below the lever above (it's above the electrifying sign). Head back to the movable ladder and push it as far right as possible. Immediately climb up the ladder and jump off once it rolls close enough to reach the left hand ledge. Get to the lever but wait for the movable ladder to reach the middle of the track (rolling right to left towards you) before pushing it to the left. This will raise the platform with the ladder on it.

Head back to the edge and it should now be right up against the ledge. Jump on the ladder and then off again to the right, holding onto the platform up high. If done correctly, the platform with the ladder on will have reached its highest point as you are about to jump off. On the next platform, move to the right and jump to the next lever. Press the action button to grab on, opening a door below, before dropping down into the mine cart. The cart will begin to move.

Timing is all important on this one

Soon, the cart will roll past a ladder. Jump up to the platform it leads to, and run to the right, keeping pace with the mine cart. A saw blade will come towards you. Jump over it so that you land back in the mine cart.

Once you reach another electrified platform, allow yourself to be knocked off the cart. Pull the cart to the left up the slope so that you can climb over it and get round the other side. Allow it to roll back towards the button underneath the electrifying sign. You can now push it to the left. Once the right edge of the cart is past the end of the platform above, climb up onto it as it continues to roll uphill. Immediately jump to the right up to the previously electrified platform. You need to be quick to avoid getting hit by the electricity when it reactivates, so run to the right.
You should be able to see when the cart gets near to the button again, so jump to the right as this happens to get off the electric rail.

Avoid the saw in the mine cart

Push the lever to the right once on the safe side of the rail. This will set the world rotating again. The lighting situation also isn't ideal. Walk into the boulder pit as the world rotates. Soon the hanging lamp should shed light on your situation. As soon as you can, climb out of the pit and head to the right. When you come to an incline in the landscape, tread carefully. On the other side of the peak is a slope leading to a pit. Wait at the top of the peak for the world to rotate sufficiently that the light shows the ladder to the right facing straight up.

Wait here for the ladder to come into range

You can then jump for it. Climb up, then wait at the peak shortly after the top of the ladder. You will be able to see sparks from the electrified floor below. Wait until the next platform is safe to land in (i.e. not vertical!) before jumping across. You should then move to the right, pushing the crate as far as it will go (up against an electrified wall). Climb onto the crate. The world will have stopped rotating now, so take your time.
From the top of this crate, jump to the left. You should be able to climb up onto a platform obscured by the darkness. Once up here, jump to the right. You should avoid the electrified wall and land on a new platform to the right. Walk onwards and you should come to an achievement egg.

Achievement: Guided by Sparks (10G)

Jump back down to the crate, avoiding the wall and its electricity. Pull and push the crate to send it off the ledge to the area below (to the left). You can then drop down onto it, avoiding the electric floor, and continue on to the right.

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Jun 11th 2012 Guest
You have the directions backwards. All the lefts should be right and vice versa. Also the cogs should be moving clockwise, not counter clockwise.
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