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Chapter Sixteen

Limbo Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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Chapter Sixteen

Continue to the right. Follow the path until you get to two ladders. One is further to the left and up high, while the other is to the right and down low. Climb up the lower ladder and position the crate at the top beneath the higher ladder. Climb up. At the top, head left. You will come to a pair of movable platforms. Pull the right hand platform to the right, until it is in the open allowing you to climb over it. You should then pull it to the left so that it is back near its original position.

Climb over the left hand platform. Activate the switch at the far left. This will set a tyre rolling out of a hatch beneath the switch. You should immediately climb over the nearest pillar and push it as far left as possible, so that it provides a continuous surface for the tyre, which will now have emerged, to roll onto.

Line up the platform to give the tyre somewhere to roll

Once the tyre is on the platform, pull it towards the right hand platform. The tyre should be transferred, at which point you need to push the right hand platform as far to the right as possible, so that the tyre reaches the next ledge and rolls away. You should then climb back down the ladder. At the bottom, head left until you come to the tyre which is now on this lower level. Push the tyre to the left, as far as you can.

You should then immediately run to the right, so that the tyre follows your path of its own momentum. When the wheel hits the right hand side of the ramp, the gate to the right will open. Wait for it to do so, then jump through. Get on the right hand side of the crate and push it against the gate, which will now be shut. Luckily, the tyre should have enough momentum to open the gate again. As it does this, push the crate through.

Head back down and pull the crate to the right. Use it to climb up to the platform suspended in mid-air with a lever on it. Ignore the lever, and jump from the platform onto one of the protruding edges of the cog to the right. Climb over it and continue round the cog. There is an achievement egg on the bottom protrusion of the cog on its right hand side.

Make your way to this achievement egg

Achievement Unlocked: Climbing the Cog (10G)

To get back to the lever platform you need to climb the ladder to the right. Underneath the top of the ladder is a crate you need to pull out of its nook. Get on the right hand side of it and push it off the edge and onto the cog. With that, you can make your way back to the lever platform. Now you can pull the lever!

Push the crate you were using to get onto the lever platform into the cog. The idea is to make sure that the crate is carried up by one of the cog's protrusions. Travel on the cog too. Once you get to the other side, you should now find two crates next to each other.

Pull and push the right hand crate over the switch, which activates a lift, as far right as possible. Wait for the lift to go back down again so that the crate is right against the wall. Pull the left hand crate onto the switch so that the lift is raised with the right hand crate on board. Climb onto it as it goes up, and use it to access the ledge above.

Head past the switch box and climb up the chain next to an electrified section of the level. You need to swing from right to left to create momentum on the chain. Once you reach far to the left, jump off and activate the switch box. This will send the chain moving over the electrified floor from left to right. You should be able to quickly jump back onto the now-swinging chain to cross the floor.

The swinging chain will allow you to grasp onto it as it moves away

Swing on the chain again to ensure that when you jump off, you clear the floor comfortably.

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Comments for Chapter Sixteen

5 comments, latest first.
Nov 5th 2012 Guest
the chain part is damn tough.. sux.. still trying
ID #205475
Jul 17th 2012 Guest
first jump on the chain..without switching on the swing it..then jump towards the switch...and then switch it on..doing so will make the chain move forward on the rail...but the chain will be swinging more...and now you can jump it when the chain swing towards you.. Smile

ID #165198
Feb 8th 2012 Guest
The electricfied part at the end needs more description as it does not say how to solve it. The chain is either not over the electric rail, in which case you can grab onto it and swing. Or it IS over it, and there is no way to reach it. There isnt enough time from hitting the switch to send it over the rail to get on it, and from its other position there is no way to bridge the gap.

Please explain this unsolvable puzzle.
ID #113102
Oct 9th 2011 Guest
Well... i only read this guide when I'm really really stuck and bout that part with electrified floor and hanging from chain, strangely i did it in one go... didn't even know that i have to jump over the saw and grab another chain... i was just scared and jumped and jumped again and i was on the chain before i know what happened, soooo it wasn't THAT hard for me =)
ID #79318
Aug 22nd 2011 Guest
The last part of this sequence -- swinging from the chain to clear the electrified floor -- is as frustrating or more so than anything I have encountered in any other game. You must land on the safe pad just beyond the electrified floor. Over jump, and you die in the fall. Under jump (you may even seem to clear the electrified floor) and you will also die. And of course, you have to time the jump onto the chain in the first place. Dozens of attempts and I still haven't made it. One of the greatest failings of any game, IMHO, is knowing what you have to do but being unable to complete the task because the game tolerances are too tight.
ID #69397