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Chapter Eighteen

Limbo Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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Chapter Eighteen

Jump over the pit, heading to the right. Push the lever to the right. This will start the world rotating again. Soon, the boulder in the pit will tip out and roll towards you. To avoid this, wait until the crate to the right falls down, before immediately pushing it to the right, all the way along the ledge (but not into the next pit) so that you can climb on it and jump to the next area. The door to this area will slam shut as the world moves, so be sure to move far enough past quickly to avoid it.

Avoid the dangers of a rotating world

Continue to the right and jump onto the cog. Further to the right you will be possessed by another bug. This will move you to the left. Climb over the protrusions of the cog and jump back over the gap to the left. Once in the light you will turn to the right. Repeat your navigation of the cog and you will find that the previous area has changed completely.

Drop down onto the conveyor belt. Move through the first smashing machine, having waited until it shuts before jumping to pass through as quickly as possible. Jump to the next conveyor belt. At the next smasher you should jump to hang onto the left edge of it once it is all the way down. Once it returns to the top and begins to move down again, immediately pull yourself up and cross through. This is necessary to pass through quickly enough.

Jump down onto the next conveyor belt. Climb onto one of the crates to get close enough to the birds so that they peck off your mind-control bug. Having done this, you need to get back through the last smasher. To do this, you must push against a crate on the conveyor belt to change its timings with the smasher – once the machine crashes down and your crate is close enough, climb on and then jump to hang onto the side of the smasher.

Change the timings of the crates by pushing against one to get back onto the machine

Once it opens again, pull yourself up and run through. Jump down to the conveyor belt once through. Once the same machine comes down again, grab onto the left hand edge as before. This time, instead of pulling yourself up, jump to the ladder once at the top.

Climb the ladder and head right. Underneath the cog you will find an achievement egg.

Achievement Unlocked: Backtracking (10G)

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Comments for Chapter Eighteen

5 comments, latest first.
Jun 26th 2015 Guest
Same as me game pissing me off
ID #576080
Jun 26th 2015 Guest
Sorry I apologise I got pass the smasher!!
ID #576087
Jun 19th 2015 Guest
lol. same here :D
ID #572725
Aug 21st 2013 Guest
I can't get my guy to hang onto the second smasher. He just leaps up and then is smashed. He won't just hang, because of the stupid bug on his head.
ID #306008
Mar 19th 2016 Guest
This happens to me too. He's too stupid to know that he'd get smashed if he climb up
ID #641353