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Chapter Fourteen

Limbo Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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Chapter Fourteen

Continue to the left until you reach the elevator. Head past it until you reach a crate underneath an overhang. Pull it so that it is in the middle of the elevator. You can then interact with the lift controls, marked by two arrows, to begin it moving upwards. Immediately move so that you are back on the elevator as it begins moving up.

Once the elevator gets to the top, push the crate off to the right so that it lands on the ledge above. Send the lift back down using the upper controls. Position the crate near the edge. Call the lift to come back and immediately climb onto the crate and then onto the top of the lift.

Climb on top of the lift

The lift will rise up, moving you close enough to a rope dangling on the left to be able to jump to it. This will drag the gutter above down, sending an achievement egg down to the level below. The height back down will kill you, so you should first swing back to grab onto the top of the lift, before dropping down to the bottom of the lift, and finally back to the ground. Pick up the egg.

Achievement Unlocked: Urban Exploration (10G)

Head back to the lift controls and call it back down. Once on the ground level, send it back up and climb on before it passes you. Once at the top, send it back down, but push the crate into the lift as it goes down. You then want to call it back up, as long as the crate is secure on the lift. Once at the top with crate onboard, send it back down, but pull the lift using the hook on the side so that as you get more chain to work with, you can pull the lift further to the right.

You will now be able to climb on and push the crate off the lift, onto solid ground. Keep pushing to the right until you get to the lever. Pull it to bring a rope down. Position the crate underneath it so that you can climb on board and reach it. Before doing so, however, you need to push the lever back again so that when you climb onto the rope, it will begin moving back up again.

Ascend the rope

Swing to the right and jump off at the top. As you move right, step on the first button. Wait for around three seconds, then step on the right hand, second button. Immediately run back to the left hand crate, and pull it beneath the second one. You need to line it up with the second crate so that when it lands on top, you can climb up to the top and jump off to the ledge above. Of course, while doing this, you need to be quick and avoid the saw blade coming in your direction!

The timing of this puzzle is crucial, and is tough to get right first time

Once up on the ledge, head right, past the ladder and into the darkness. You will go down a slope. There is a small pit at the bottom, but because it is pitch black, it is impossible to spot. Watch for the moment that the ground begins to level out, and jump at that instance. For the exact timing, check the video below. Once over the gap you will come to an achievement egg. Pick it up.

Achievement Unlocked: Alone in the Dark (10G)


Avoid the gap in the pitch black

Secret Egg #4: From the achievement, go to the right. You will come to a wall. Hold the action button to pull out a square. Use this to climb up and head even further right. Here you will find the egg.

Secret Egg #5: Continue to go right until you hit another obstacle. Climb up it and continue right until you stop. From here, run for a few seconds and jump to the left and you should break through the floor into an area below. You may have to take a few tries at this to locate the weak area in the floor (listen for a different noise when you land to know you're in the right place). Once in the next area, head to the right to find the egg.

Secret Egg #6: Follow the path further to the right. Once you come to a wall, push down on the control stick to get your character to climb down the ledge. Drop down to another platform. Head right until you reach a blockage. Jump to climb over it. Further right you will see the egg underneath your position. Follow the path until you drop down. Turn around and pull the platform out. You can now climb over it and get to the egg.

With the achievement and eggs in hand, head back to the left (you don't need to worry about avoiding the pit this time) and climb the ladder at the top of the hill.

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Comments for Chapter Fourteen

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Jul 7th 2013 Guest
Hello , thanks for the lovely walkthrough , I'm playing this Gand on ipad , when I got to the wall after achieving " secret egg 4 " I walk up to the wall , there is ' holding ' action but nothing budges , whether by pulling or pushing , no action or difference achieved , also I tried climbing or finishing a ' switch ' but nothing as mentions above " hold action button and pull back a square " ? Thanks
ID #295537
Jun 27th 2016 Guest
Same problem but I'm on PC version... :(
ID #662567