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Chapter Seven

Limbo Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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Chapter Seven

To the right you will find a pair of crates hanging from ropes. Continue down the slope to the right and climb the ladder. Head left and jump on the first crate. The crow will fly off. You can then jump to the second crate and it will fall to the ground. Push it to the right, past the ladder we climbed earlier. Use the crate to clamber up to the next ledge.

Continue right, wading through the first pit of water you come to. The next, with a body floating in it, is too deep. Jump onto the body and stay there until a possessed character walks into the pool and drowns, making another platform for you to use.

Cross this pool using the forlorn bodies of other characters.

There is a third body at the right edge of the pool. Pull it out and drag it up the slope. Get on the other side of it so you are pushing it, before sending it into the gap beneath the large box with a tripwire underneath. This will send the box crashing down.

Slide down the slope to the right and you will come upon a crushing machine. You will notice two indentations in the floor, and one higher square. You can use the higher square to cross, but if you touch the indentations, the machine will crush you. Cross using the square in the middle as a platform.

The next crushing machine shortly after appears to have a similar layout, but this time you can't touch the platform in the middle, so use the indentations to cross. When you get to the spike pit, cross it to see a group of three characters with blowpipes. They will begin to chase you, so jump back to the left across the spike pit. One enemy will fall in. Jump over the trigger of the first machine – the chasing pack do not know how to do it safely, so another enemy will be crushed. Do the same with the second machine to stop the last enemy.

Kill your pursuers

With the machines fixed down, you can now jump safely over them and make your way to the right. Be sure to jump the spike pit again and continue right.

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