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God of War III Collectibles

God of War III Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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God of War III Collectibles

Collectibles, Acts I-III

Act I

Heart Of Gaia
First climb the right side to find "Zeus' Eagle".

Act II

Realm of Hades

Then Grapple over to the far side, but fall down to the lower level. There is a Red Orb chest and then the first Gorgon Eye to the right.

Afterward use the Bow with a long pull to do a fire shot to the bramble on the far upper left side. Then use the Vent to ride up there to get a Red Orb and a Phoenix Feather.

Use a Fire arrow to destroy the small bramble to reveal a chest with a Minotaur Horn in it.

When you get to the top area where you are against the earth head left first to find a chest containing a Gorgon Eye.

Judges of the Underworld

Once its all over go save again and then head down to the bottom left. You can jump over to a left platform that contains Red Orbs and a Gorgon Eye. This is #3 so that's a health increase.

As you come out of the tunnel there is a hidden portal to the right that contains a Minotaur Horn.

Continue on, double jumping and gliding your way to a cutscene. Then take the rope over to the next area. Take the vine down the right side and continue on. Shimmy past the tight rock and you'll come to an open path with some enemies. These guys can not be grappled until you get a Context Attack and their blue weapons and do some major damage to you.

Hades Puzzle
6) Jump in and ride the new vent all the way up. Climb up the cage and open the door.
7) This is the secret Mr Hand room. There are Red Orbs and also PHOENIX FEATHER #2.
8) Jump up again to finish this area.

The Forge

Go left after talking to Hephaestus and there is a Gorgon Eye to the left of the giant door you can't open.

Palace of Hades Puzzle
1) Grab the stack of stone from the back right room and drag it to the wheel in the back left. You'll have a Harpy attack as you are doing this.
2) Flip the wheel and then move the stone stack to block the wheel from closing.
3) Climb the center tree and jump to the right side.
4) Minotaurs and Dogs in the right side room. Once they are dealt with head upstairs.
5) Rotate the center lever upstairs to reveal the casket.
6) Head to the back right ladder on the left side. This area has a Red and Green chest and also PHOENIX FEATHER #3 is the back right.
7) Now head up the standard left side ladder and pull the back right level.
8) Open the gate and grab the stack of stones and take it back up the elevator and place it next to the new wheel.
9) Head back down and turn the center lever again. Now rush up the left ladder and use the wheel. Then place the stones to keep it locked up.
10) Turn the center lever yet again and then rush up the right side and flip that wheel. Now both arms should be locked.
11) Head back down and grab the casket and this time it will break through.

BOSS: Hades

Go across and save the game then jump into the river. Swim straight down to the bottom and back to find Hades' Helm.


The City of Olympia

After using the two chests and saving head back to the last Harpy. Draw her close to the right side edge with the bow and then grab the Harpy and ride it up to the far right. Red Orbs, a Gorgon Eye and a Minotaur Horn are on this ledge.

After getting the head, shine it on the shimmering light to the bottom right to reveal a chest containing a Minotaur Horn.

Helios' Shield is in the upper right corner.

Collectibles, Acts IV-V

Act IV

The Path of Eos

Kind of hidden back from the Save Point is an item chest with a Gorgon Eye in it.

When you get to the hand over hand rope. First climb down to get a Phoenix Feather.

At the top with the Health and Magic chests use Helios' Head behind the scaffolding to reveal a hidden area with a chest containing a Gorgon Eye.

The Chain of Balance

As you get off the ground will appear shaky but it will hold. Use Helios' Head to make an item chest appear to get the next Phoenix Feather.

The Caverns
As you land on the giant box there is an item chest in the corner.

Act V

The Flame of Olympus

Use Helios Head to reveal a hidden chamber on the left side of the northern chain area to find 3 Red Orb chests and a Gorgon Eye.

The Olympian Citadel

Hermes' Coin is located behind the statue head as you regain control of Kratos.

As soon as you get off the mural use Helios' Head on the bottom left to uncover an item chest with a Phoenix Feather in it.

After you take them out, BUT BEFORE going in the door, head down the leftmost path to find Red Orbs and a Minotaur Horn. Upgrade time!

Flame of Olympus Puzzle
1) Head left and use the Icarus Vent to get to the upper ledge. Grab the Red Orbs and then the PHOENIX FEATHER #7 from the left side.
2) Jump to the middle metal ledge with the wheels. Move wheel 1 x1, wheel 3 x3, & wheel 4 x3.
3) Jump over the right side ledges to gets some Red Orbs.
4) Drop down and play the center instrument. The pace gets fast but there is no penalty for a mess up besides having to do the whole thing again.
5) Pull the lever and ride the elevator down. You don't have the means to break the Legionnaire's shields yet so you have to kill the Gorgon and use her head to turn them to stone. Then hit them with a few heavy attacks for the instant kill. Repeat with the second group.

Use Helios' Head at the bottom of the stairs to find a Gorgon Eye. Upgrade!

Collectibles, Acts VI-IX

Act VI

As you crash down with Hercule's body go around it to the top side and swim down into the water. At the bottom is Hercules' Shoulder Guard.

As you get out of the water head back towards the camera for a Red Orb chest and a Minotaur Horn.

In the Item Chest on the right side of the room.

Poseidon's Conch Shell is in the far right corner of the room.

Use Helios' Head to the right side after talking to Pandora.

Aphrodite's Chamber

First, head to the right to the item chest tucked away in the small alcove.

Then head to the left, using the 2x Red Orb Chests and then double jump and glide behind Aphrodite's bed to find Aphrodite's Carter.



It's just on the right as you go down the path. In the wide open.

Grab the Feather from the left side item chest on the way to the save.

Grab Hephaestus' Ring to the left by the now empty pool


Daedalus Workshop
1) Rotate the Ballista to the left and fire.
2) Use the rope to get to the top right and open the chests.
3) Double jump out and glide around to the rope to take it to the far left. MINOTAUR HORN #9.
4) Drop down and pull the lever on the far right.
5) Fire the Ballista again and follow the rope to the top right. GORGON EYE #11.
6) Release the Ballista and fire it straight to the north.
7) Hermes run up the right and pull the lever in the area.
8) Run back down and fire it again.
9) Fire it again to drop the platform and go down and get your loot. PHOENIX FEATHER #11 & GOLDY POSSESSION #9 - DAEDALUS' SCHEMATICS
10) Fire it yet again.
11) Jump into the back right portal and then double jump glide yet again to the rope.
12) Follow the rope to the back of the screen towards the camera for 4x Red Orbs.
13) Drop back down and go down the pole.

Head towards the camera after you drop down the pole for a Horn and a Red Orb Chest.

Hera's Garden
1) To the right head straight ahead for a Red Orb chest.
2) Head down the right fork for some enemies and 2 Red Orb chests.
3) Now go down the left fork and use the Head of Helios to reveal PHOENIX FEATHER #12. Got them all.
4) Head back to the save and then continue on the left path. GODLY POSSESSION #10 - HERA'S CHALICE.
5) Hug the left wall all the way down for a Red Orb chest.
6) Backtrack and use the alternating Chest and then head in to the right for some enemies.
7) You can't open the gate and the stairs are lowered so head to the back left.
8) SATYRS. These guys SUCK. Fully level up your favorite weapon. If you see them leaping dodge because when you come down it's unblockable and it does major damage. These 2 can kill you QUICK so stay on your toes and juggle them high as much as you can.
9) In front is a Heath Chest. You need to kill the civilian to get to it. Then if you head back and to the right there is are 2 Red Orb Chests and a hidden item with GORGON EYE #12.

Act IX

The Caverns
Cyclops time! Dodge, dodge, and dodge some more. Get your hits and magic in when you can. Once the berserker shows up focus on him since you can ride him to take out the others. Grab the two item chests. One will be Red Orbs now, but the other is your final MINOTAUR HORN #12.

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Comments for God of War III Collectibles

3 comments, latest first.
Jul 2nd 2014 Jltaylor92
I have collected all of the godly possessions as well as every other collectible such as gorgon eyes, Phoenix feathers etc. but I still have a missing collectible on my items page. I've looked through multiple sites and forums for what it could be and have found nothing, is it possibly a glitch or something I just haven't noticed?
ID #410864
Jul 2nd 2014 Guest
I have collected all of the godly possessions and every other collectible yet my items screen still has a missing slot, what is this item?
ID #410861
Sep 17th 2011 Guest
You missed minotaur horn #11 in hera's gardens. After you use the green eye statue you'll go down a ladder, instead of gliding forward go to the left.
ID #74875