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God of War III Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Daedalus Workshop

1) Rotate the Ballista to the left and fire.
2) Use the rope to get to the top right and open the chests.
3) Double jump out and glide around to the rope to take it to the far left. MINOTAUR HORN #9.
4) Drop down and pull the lever on the far right.
5) Fire the Ballista again and follow the rope to the top right. GORGON EYE #11.
6) Release the Ballista and fire it straight to the north.
7) Hermes run up the right and pull the lever in the area.
8) Run back down and fire it again.
9) Fire it again to drop the platform and go down and get your loot. PHOENIX FEATHER #11 & GOLDY POSSESSION #9 - DAEDALUS' SCHEMATICS
10) Fire it yet again.
11) Jump into the back right portal and then double jump glide yet again to the rope.
12) Follow the rope to the back of the screen towards the camera for 4x Red Orbs.
13) Drop back down and go down the pole.

Head towards the camera after you drop down the pole for a Horn and a Red Orb Chest.

Head forward into the garden area and watch the cutscene with Hera.

Hera's Garden

1) To the right head straight ahead for a Red Orb chest.
2) Head down the right fork for some enemies and 2 Red Orb chests.
3) Now go down the left fork and use the Head of Helios to reveal PHOENIX FEATHER #12. Got them all.
4) Head back to the save and then continue on the left path. GODLY POSSESSION #10 - HERA'S CHALICE.
5) Hug the left wall all the way down for a Red Orb chest.
6) Backtrack and use the alternating Chest and then head in to the right for some enemies.
7) You can't open the gate and the stairs are lowered so head to the back left.
8) SATYRS. These guys SUCK. Fully level up your favorite weapon. If you see them leaping dodge because when you come down it's unblockable and it does major damage. These 2 can kill you QUICK so stay on your toes and juggle them high as much as you can.
9) In front is a Heath Chest. You need to kill the civilian to get to it. Then if you head back and to the right there is are 2 Red Orb Chests and a hidden item with GORGON EYE #12.

Hera's Garden - Part 2

1) Move forward and step on the center pressure plate.
2) Quickly move down and jump over the fence and use the newly formed stairs to the left.
3) Head right and open the gate. Go down the ladder and open the Red chest.
4) From the bottom floor double jump and glide to the small gate opening on the left of the open sky. Grab MINOTAUR HORN #11.
5) Now jump across the area from the Red chest.
6) Grab the pillar and drag it into the left area. Rotate it so the lowest part of the top stairs is pointing to the left and then move it to the upper right under the waterfall.
7) Head down through the newly opened gate to confront Hera.
8) Now that the garden is a mess you can use a Fire Arrow on the Bramble just up the stairs.
9) Go back and grab Hera and dump her on the pressure plate just to the left.
10) Go back and grab the pillar and drag it to the left waterfall. Don't turn it at all.
11) No drag it to the bottom right to complete the stairs. You need to flip it 180 degrees.
12) Go back and grab Hera and take her up the stairs and dump her in the giant chalice.
13) No drag the pillar for the last time to the main center pressure plate to keep the whole thing going.
14) Now just climb the stairs all the way to the top.

Time for some Harpy riding to get across the giant expanse. Grab the chests and rotate the dial to open the doors. There is a hidden chest on the left side which should be Red Orbs now if you've been following along.

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Aug 21st 2012 Guest
Im stuck on a level were i have to save pandora who"s stuck in a clear glass thats filling up with water how do i get her out of there
ID #178601
Oct 13th 2011 Guest
thanks great guide
ID #79934