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Act V

God of War III Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Act V

The Flame of Olympus

Jump backwards off the chain and then head to the flame to get a cutscene. After its done you can save your game.

Use Helios Head to reveal a hidden chamber on the left side of the northern chain area to find 3 Red Orb chests and a Gorgon Eye.

Then you need to use Helios' Head on the blank reliefs on the left side of the chamber. Halfway through Hermes shows up to taunt you so more. You read the whole story if you want or you can pursue Hermes. Jump over to the ledge Hermes is on and the attach to the stone wall.

The Olympian Citadel

As the road collapses and you need to move fast as the fire will kill you if its catches up to you. Attack the poor civilians hanging on for dear life so they don't take you down too. Then continue your pursuit of Hermes. When you get to the soldiers take them down and then jump over to where Hermes is. Make sure to grab the grapple before the floor drops out from under you.

Wait for the grapple symbol to come up before trying it or you'll just fall to your death. A couple of grapple doubles will get you back on solid ground. Then its a Harpy and Dog fight. So LOTS of grapples. Then climb the ladder. Rotate the catapult all the way it will go. Then do a Context Attack to get yourself over to Hermes.

Hermes' Coin is located behind the statue head as you regain control of Kratos.

Then follow the blood around in a circle until you get back to the starting spot only with Hermes there now. The Bow and various Quick attacks are your best bet. It's not that tough a battle. If he grabs Kratos you'll need to do a left stick Context Attack to stop the damage. You'll have a little battle afterward to test out the boots. Then run up the left wall with Hermes' Boots. The across the two murals and up again. Another small battle to test out your new booties and then off to the next area.

As you exit to the outside there are Heath and Exp chests to both sides. Use the boots to run up and then across the giant mural.

As soon as you get off the mural use Helios' Head on the bottom left to uncover an item chest with a Phoenix Feather in it.

Then Hermes run up two walls and the jump glide to the right ledge with the Health chest on it. Right after that you'll come to some soldiers beating on some civilians. After clearing out the riff-raff a Cyclops will come to play. Of course one Cyclops is not as much fun as 2 Cyclops so a second will show up pretty quickly.

After you take them out, BUT BEFORE going in the door, head down the leftmost path to find Red Orbs and a Minotaur Horn. Upgrade time!

Now head back through the door.

The Flame of Olympus

Head to the right and save. Then you'll get a video overlay of the area. Head around the top side taking out the archers as you go. Head down the hall and you'll be introduced to the

So these sirens are invisible until you drop a Solar Flare on them from Helios' Head. Then it is ON! Work your way to the end of the hall and grab the Red Orbs before heading upstairs.

Flame of Olympus Puzzle

1) Head left and use the Icarus Vent to get to the upper ledge. Grab the Red Orbs and then the PHOENIX FEATHER #7 from the left side.
2) Jump to the middle metal ledge with the wheels. Move wheel 1 x1, wheel 3 x3, & wheel 4 x3.
3) Jump over the right side ledges to gets some Red Orbs.
4) Drop down and play the center instrument. The pace gets fast but there is no penalty for a mess up besides having to do the whole thing again.
5) Pull the lever and ride the elevator down. You don't have the means to break the Legionnaire's shields yet so you have to kill the Gorgon and use her head to turn them to stone. Then hit them with a few heavy attacks for the instant kill. Repeat with the second group.

Hit the switch for the elevator at the bottom and jump off quick. Then head under the elevator for 4 Red Orb chests. SCORE! Then move back out into the main flame room yet again and take the stairs to the top. Save at the top and then use the center lever to expose the flame. Ohh, too bad. The judges still don't think you have the right stuff. So head through the door that opens killing the archer's who are in there. A couple of Wraiths in the hallway to take care off. Remember, combat grapple for the win. Then down the stairs you go.

Use Helios' Head at the bottom of the stairs to find a Gorgon Eye. Upgrade!

Save your game and use the health and magic chests because it's battle time. But first a quick talk with Hera.

BOSS: Hercules

First it's just grunts. Grapple and battering ram will make quick work of everyone that is in this first stage.

Once Hercules joins in continue using battering ram to do some fast damage to Hercules. Eventually he will try to ram you and you need to Context Attack to gain control and then run him into the thorns to eliminate a piece of armor.

Battering Ram and Bramble again to get another piece of armor. That is when he gets mad.

No more grunts. Just Kratos and Hercules. Bow does ZERO damage so it's all quick strikes and then dodging out of the way. Hercules will do either a 3 strike series with a ground pound or just straight to the ground pound. Either way be somewhere else when it happens. Hercules will get over confident and go and brag to mommy and that's when you'll strike.

Once you have the gauntlets then it's just a bash fest until it's time to deal the final blow. Watch for Hercules grabbing up large chunks of the area that you need to dodge and also for his bear hugs you need to button smash out of. m

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Jul 16th 2011 Guest
When Hercules does his two hit combo which are first in the set if 3, your arrows will damage him.
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