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Act II

God of War III Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Act II

River Styx

The souls in the river strip you of all your exp and powers. Time to start fresh.

Realm of Hades

After a conversation with Athena you'll get the Blades of Exile.

Then Grapple over to the far side, but fall down to the lower level. There is a Red Orb chest and then the first Gorgon Eye to the right.

Climb up the rock to get back up and get attacked. You can't enter the gate on the right yet so head left and save your game. Grapple to the left to get to 4 Red Orb chests, then grapple back to the save spot. Double jump glide your way to the next section. Hades will taunt you and you'll get the spell Army of Sparta. You have unlimited magic for right now so just got magic crazy on these guys. Jump over the rope and use X to move quickly as there are people ahead and behind. Just push forward with heavy attacks and grapples and get to the end. Magic and Heath await you there and then finish off the guys who were behind you.

Drop down and open the large door. There is a Gorgon inside. If she gets you in your tail you need to L1/R1 repeatedly to get out. Keep up the pressure on her until you get the Context Attack and then take her down. After the first one is down, a second Gorgon will appear. After the battle you can open the left side door and continue on. Drop down in the pit instead of jumping over it to find 2 Red Orb chests.

Peirithous Puzzle

1) Jump up to the immediate right of Peirithous to get on the ledge above him.
2) Jump onto the middle lantern platform which will begin to fall. Immediately jump to the left side opening. First time it will show a scene so you'll have to go back to the ledge.
3) Grab the bramble and drop it to the ground.
4) Push it to the Cerebus to get it lit on fire. Then place it just to the left.
5) Go back and stand on the high lantern platform until it's all the way down. Then run off and jump over the Icarus Vent you created and double jump glide to ride the vent up to the switch.
6) Throw the switch.
7) Beat the Cerebus down and do the Context Attack to take control.
8) Ride the Cerebus through the enemies until you get down to Peorothous and use the fire attack to burn the tinder and get the Bow.

Then take out the archers with the bow and the ground troops.

Afterward use the Bow with a long pull to do a fire shot to the bramble on the far upper left side. Then use the Vent to ride up there to get a Red Orb and a Phoenix Feather.

Now that you have the bow backtrack to just outside the area and use a Fire arrow to destroy the bramble. Save the game and then move on.

Use a Fire arrow to destroy the small bramble to reveal a chest with a Minotaur Horn in it.

Jump up the ledge and move on. Harpy time. Use the bow to take them down or simply combat grapple them to you. If they swoop down at you use a Grapple to insta-kill them. Glide over to the little platform and then start shimmying your way to the next area.

When you get to the top area where you are against the earth head left first to find a chest containing a Gorgon Eye.

When you reach the far right jump to the ceiling and then drop down. Double jump over to the next vines and climb that to reach the...

Judges of the Underworld

Grapple over and go up and save first. Then activate the center dial. Head down to the tablet to start the first trial.

Trail 1 is a simple task of destroying all the hands that spawn.

Trail 2 requires you to eliminate people before they hit the wall. If they do they come back as more powerful enemies. The first one will changes automatically and will be a Minotaur. Stay out of his ramming path and then Context Attack him to take him down. If you let enough people hit the wall another Minotaur will be added to the party.

Trial 3 is simply to kill Everything! A Gorgon and some Harpies get this trail going. Then throw in a Minotaur and you've got a good time. After the Gorgon goes down a second Minotaur comes out to play.

Once its all over go save again and then head down to the bottom left. You can jump over to a left platform that contains Red Orbs and a Gorgon Eye. This is #3 so that's a health increase.

Then head back and activate the center circle a second time. The Judges can't reach a verdict so head through the portal. Double jump over the right side.

As you continue on you'll come to an open area with a big door. Two Minos will come from the right. When they are close to the bramble pots fire a Fire arrow in there to cause some major damage. Then work your way down the path the Minos came from.

As you come out of the tunnel there is a hidden portal to the right that contains a Minotaur Horn.

Continue on, double jumping and gliding your way to a cutscene. Then take the rope over to the next area. Take the vine down the right side and continue on. Shimmy past the tight rock and you'll come to an open path with some enemies. These guys can not be grappled until you get a Context Attack and their blue weapons and do some major damage to you.

Hades Puzzle

1) Put a fire arrow in the the large bramble pit to light it up.
2) Ride it up to the right side ledge and then flip the lever on this ledge. Jump on the elevator and take it to the next floor.
3) Grab the bramble pot. Then let go as you're going to be attacked.
4) Once they are all eliminated jump back down and flip the switch again. This time put the bramble on the elevator and ride it down.
5) Eliminate the enemies down here and then push the bramble onto the main fire pit to really get it going!
6) Jump in and ride the new vent all the way up. Climb up the cage and open the door.
7) This is the secret Mr Hand room. There are Red Orbs and also PHOENIX FEATHER #2.
8) Jump up again to finish this area.

Two Talos will come to life. You can easily block there attacks and keep on the pressure until you get the Context Attack indicator. Not a real challenge.

The Forge

Watch the lengthy cutscene with Hephaestus.

Go left after talking to Hephaestus and there is a Gorgon Eye to the left of the giant door you can't open.

Then head right and save the game. Pull the level to open the game and then head down the path.  When you get to the big gazebo rotate it first to the north east path. Kill the dogs with grapple after grapple and then get your reward of Red Orbs. Then head back and rotate the gazebo to the next opening to the north. Shoot a Fire arrow in there to open yourself a path. You'll eventually get to another cutscene and you'll get the Rage of Sparta ability. After you open a can onto the enemies the gate will fall and you can continue on. You find yourself way back at the beginning. This time though you have the bow to fire up the brambles and continue on.

A Couple of Cerebus dogs will attack when you light the door on fire. These are a little tougher then the last Cerebus and need 3 Context Attacks each to take down. Keep up the pressure and watch out for their fire breath. When they are both dead Hades has some more words for you and then you can enter the door. Another fight and another door and you are in the next area.

Palace of Hades Puzzle

1) Grab the stack of stone from the back right room and drag it to the wheel in the back left. You'll have a Harpy attack as you are doing this.
2) Flip the wheel and then move the stone stack to block the wheel from closing.
3) Climb the center tree and jump to the right side.
4) Minotaurs and Dogs in the right side room. Once they are dealt with head upstairs.
5) Rotate the center lever upstairs to reveal the casket.
6) Head to the back right ladder on the left side. This area has a Red and Green chest and also PHOENIX FEATHER #3 is the back right.
7) Now head up the standard left side ladder and pull the back right level.
8) Open the gate and grab the stack of stones and take it back up the elevator and place it next to the new wheel.
9) Head back down and turn the center lever again. Now rush up the left ladder and use the wheel. Then place the stones to keep it locked up.
10) Turn the center lever yet again and then rush up the right side and flip that wheel. Now both arms should be locked.
11) Head back down and grab the casket and this time it will break through.

BOSS: Hades

Right off the bat you need to hit L1 R1 to keep your soul. That's a must.

Get a few quick hits in and then BLOCK to keep from getting hit with the Claws. When he jumps to the ceiling do a double jump glide yourself to keep from getting hit. Then Hades will start sweeping the Claws. Watch closely for whether you need to jump over or duck under. After that you'll get your first Context Attack. Make sure to destroy the piece of Hades before it gets back to him.

Then he'll do a WIDE area attack. Just look for the one section of the ground that is not affected and get yourself over there.

He'll start to go crazy with the jumps and swings the claws like they are going out of style. Keep up with dodges and keep the attacks on him to do damage. He'll start sending spirit heads at you which you need to dodge. You'll eventually get another Context Attack to pull another section of Hades out.

Then another wide area chain attack with an even smaller area of safety.

Next is a chain from the ground attack that is pretty easy to dodge and the spirits get upgraded to large dogs. Finally another Context Attack and the two of you will lock weapons.

Now you just need to keep hitting Hades with attacking while dodging side to side. He'll pull you into the pit a few times, but it's just a button smasher to get back out. The yet another Context Attack and you'll get the Claws of Hades from him. These are my preferred weapons.

Take out some low level enemies to get a feel for them and then Hades is back yet again. This time you grapple from one side to another to get to his backside for some uninterrupted hitting. Keep up the pressure and you'll finally be rid of Hades, pulling out his soul in the process.

Go across and save the game then jump into the river. Swim straight down to the bottom and back to find Hades' Helm.

Swim down further and you'll be given Soul Summon and then a small battle to try it out. Then jump in the water and move on and you'll eventually come back up at at a lever. Hit it to open the gate and continue on.

You'll eventually come back up at Hephaestus. Watch the scene and then save your game. Then it's back out of The Forge to get back to the main starting area again. We need to rotate the Gazebo. This time the Talos come alive. Once that is done we head back to the starting area and then time with the soul of Hades we can enter the gate on the right side.

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