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God of War III Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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The City of Olympia

Move forward and you'll meet up with Gaia again. She made her choice earlier so repay her for her choice and attack your way through her damaged arm. Once Kratos has taken care of that push her severed hand out of your way. Make your way to the Door to Olympia. These enemies are can not be grappled but their attacks are blockable. Just keep up the pressure and eventually you'll make your way through the whole group and can enter the door. Time for some Harpy riding. Shot the Harpy with the Bow and then combat grapple to ride the Harpy. When you get to the double Harpy ride drop down first to get a Red Orb chest and then ride the first Harpy until you get to the second and a simple X jump will transfer you over.

After using the two chests and saving head back to the last Harpy. Draw her close to the right side edge with the bow and then grab the Harpy and ride it up to the far right. Red Orbs, a Gorgon Eye and a Minotaur Horn are on this ledge.

Double jump to glide back down and continue on. If you want you can eliminate the first wave from the safety of your ledge with the Bow. Then jump over for the second wave. After the second wave a Centaur will be added to the mix. Once everyone is done you can move up to the crossbow.

As you make your move to crossbow a Chimera will appear. This is a three stage battle . The first stage is against the snake portion and it will spit out poison. If it hits you then you need to wiggle to left stick to get out of. Otherwise everything is blockable. Once the snake is gone then it's lion time. Be ready to dodge left or right when he rears his head to throw some fire. Finally its fire breathing elk time? Watch the fire wave. It has a max distance so you just need to stay back. Then watch for the charge. Once it is complete down activate the crossbow and wait for Helio to pass in front and then take him OUT. Head back down and now we need to do some Harpy to Harpy taxing. Just shoot the first one and then ride it to the next. Continue this for a couple Harpies until you make it to the next section. The open the left gate for the bramble pot and take it to the right side. Then push it in front of you to take out the enemies as you go. Clean up any that are left and move on. Grab the chests and climb the ladder at the end of the outdoor hallway. Shimmy around pulling the poor civilian to his death, then drop down and shimmy some more.

Hello Helios. He'll get immediately surrounded and you can't break their shield but luckily a giant cyclops can and one just happens to show up. Beat him into submission and then use him to beat the soldiers. Helios will blast you with some hardcore light, you need to position your hand over the light so that Kratos can move forward.

After getting the head, shine it on the shimmering light to the bottom right to reveal a chest containing a Minotaur Horn.

Helios' Shield is in the upper right corner.

Then shine the light on the upper left stone wall to reveal a door.

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