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Act VI

God of War III Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Act VI

As you crash down with Hercule's body go around it to the top side and swim down into the water. At the bottom is Hercules' Shoulder Guard.

Now that we have the Cestus we can break Onyx and also the shields of the Legionnaires. After the battle where you get to test our your new Magic you need to break the Onyx with the Cestus and then pull the lever. Now head back to Hercules' corpse bashing your way through a wall of Legionnaires first. Then swim through the open grate in the water.

As you get out of the water head back towards the camera for a Red Orb chest and a Minotaur Horn.

Poseidon's Chamber

More Legionnaires and some Dog first. Then turn the wheel to raise the gate and run under it before it falls back down. Not enough time to get through both doors. So save and head right.

Poseidon Princess

Check out what the chick is whining about at the far grate. Then head down the left path.

Poseidon's Puzzle

1) Jump through the gate on the right.
2) Jump over to the left ledge and throw the lever.
3) Drop back down to the center area and grapple punt 4 Dogs into the right gate to add weight to the top. DO NOT KILL THE DOGS.
4) Go to the left bridge for the 2 Red Orb chests.
5) Go through the right gate and then to bottom gate as the platform falls. Again don't kill any dogs, you need their weight.

Don't leave the area just yet.

In the Item Chest on the right side of the room.

Poseidon's Conch Shell is in the far right corner of the room.

Head back through the portal and quickly eliminate the dogs to save the princess. When the princess goes over the edge get to her quickly to pull her back up. Then eliminate the rest of the dogs. Head back to the princess and throw her through the portal and then jump down yourself. Two Talos will come to life that you will need to deal with. After that you need to deal with some Legionnaires so use the Cestus, then back to the princess to make her move. Then move again. Then push her a third time. Lift the gate and another easy battle. Then go and use the wheel. Now that that far gate will stay open you can move on.

Use Helios' Head to the right side after talking to Pandora.

Then head out the left side.

The Upper Gardens

Rotate the first platform and jump over. Rotate the second and jump over. Rotate the third platform twice and then jump over.

Aphrodite's Chamber

First, head to the right to the item chest tucked away in the small alcove.

Then head to the left, using the 2x Red Orb Chests and then double jump and glide behind Aphrodite's bed to find Aphrodite's Carter.

Play the sex mini-game to get some red orbs. You can play as often as you like but there is no more bonus after the first time. Afterward you can head through the portal and talk to Heppy again. Drop down and save and then head through the new opening on the left.

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Jul 6th 2010 dixonjm50
i like the guide
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Jul 6th 2010 dixonjm50
good guide
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