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Act IX

God of War III Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Act IX

The little Scorpions pose no real threat and are a instant kill with a grapple. Just use the Head of Helios to light the way. Use the giant wheel to lower Kratos to the bottom. Just keep working your way through Scorpions in the dark. When you get back to the light use the Heath and read the note on the ground. Then double jump glide over the the box.

The Caverns

Cyclops time! Dodge, dodge, and dodge some more. Get your hits and magic in when you can. Once the berserker shows up focus on him since you can ride him to take out the others. Grab the two item chests. One will be Red Orbs now, but the other is your final MINOTAUR HORN #12.

Then jump across and save. Read the note if you want.

Use the Head of Helios to reveal the opening on the rock face. Head down to the next chamber. Get the 2 Red Orb chests from both sides of the top area and read the note. Then jump down and head to the left and use the lever. Check the red lock on the left side to see its too hot to use at this time. Swim to the left side and climb the netting to get to the top and take the elevator up. Deal with more sad little Scorpions and continue down the path lighting it up with Helios' Head. There is a note and an alternating chest as the first little stop. Gorgon time. Focus on one, since they are not immune to the stone glaze of the other. Follow the path to the right before you Hermes run up the right side wall to find an item chest and 2 Orb chests. Then run up the wall and open the massive door. More Scorpions. Double jump glide to yet another door. Grab the two chests in front and the Red Orb to the left then go ahead and look out over the Labyrinth.

Boss battle time! Power up the Cestus to full strength because there is a lot of Oynx you need to destroy in this battle. The battle starts out with a lot of the annoying little Scorpions before the big guy shows up. Do the Context Attack to free yourself then you want to focus on the Onyx legs. You need to destroy two of them for the first round. Watch to dodge the tail or to throw some magic out to protect yourself. Once two legs are down you need to jump over and attack the face. Then he'll retreat for a bit giving you time to destroy some minor Scorpions for health. Then round 2. This time focus on the opposite side's legs. He'll take to retreating leaving Kratos with the little guys. Whenever he comes back just focus on those legs. Once three legs are down go in and beat the face until you get the final Context Attack. Then beat on the Onyx corpse and finally the tail to get your reward.

Use the Icarus Vent to get back up to the top. Hit the lock to raise the side box. Jump over to the top and use the Head on the shimmering light to find a Red Orb Item Chest. Jump to the left side and we have a long series of grapples to go. Once you land go activate the next lock. Battle Time! Lots of different enemies. Minotaurs and Gorgons but you should have enough levels in your weapons to make quick work of them. Attack near the edges and you might be able to juggle some over the side without any real effort. After that its grapple, grapple, climb to get back to the same old starting place. Save the game and go around to get back to the first lock room. Use the lock but then go to the right side to the elevator to get some Red Orbs. Then back to the left side and the lock and open ladder. There is a note on the way through the tunnel. Health and Magic on the right.


Once you are done talking head to the right to get some more Red Orbs. Then jump up to the rope and head through Daedalus' Cube to the small platform. Tricky grapple. You head out and then BACK towards the platform. Then it's another series or straight forward grapples to get you to the next lock. Slide down and jump over to the small opening.

The Labyrinth

Save your game. Kratos is now on the inside. Use the lock in the upper left corner. Once again it's battle time. Talos to start. Easy as ever. Then a Cerebus comes in. Then Dogs and more Talos as you ride the Cerebus around the small area unleashing destruction. Once everyone is down head up and use the Health and Magic.

1) First off head to the left side and use Helios' Head to reveal a now Red Orb Item Chest.
2) Head to the right and activate the lock.
3) The instant the fire is off the left side you have to RUN in, climb up, climb out, and climb up the box. Use X to rush the whole thing.
4) Jump across to the right from grid to grid.
5) Climb up the back grid and jump onto the moving platform.
6) Hit the lever.
7) Grab the chests that had been covered in flames in the right and then head outside.

New puzzle

1) Use the lock to flip the room.
2) Move the stone to the camera side and then jump on top of it and then to the ledge. Jump across to the slightly higher ledge. Double jump glide to the opposite side of the room for two chests.
3) Drop down and grab the stone to the stop side of the room and hit the lock.
4) Grab the stone to the pressure plate.
5) Grab the two chests and Hermes run up the wall and out.

Time for a big spike floor extravaganza. Spikes will be popping up from the floor and they will kill you and anyone else in the way instantly. Plus you have to deal with this 3 times before its done. My advice is to IGNORE everyone. After 3 waves of spikes in 1 quadrant, then entire floor will spike. At this time you have to Grapple a Harpy to live as the cube turns. Then repeat. Second phase will have the Sirens. They do NOT die to the spikes but are easy to take care off. During the second round 2 sections will spike. Again just survive and get the to the end and grab the Harpy and you'll be fine. One bad grapple though and it's spike time and instant death. WATCH OUT for Context Kills. You will die if you are in the wrong area when the spikes come up.

Then jump out and save the game and continue on the see Pandora. Then open the gate and get the chest. Then continue on after Pandora. You need to lift her up and then follow yourself. Then another typical battle with some Gorgons. Don't worry about Pandora she is very very good at dodging. After the battle grab the lever on the wall and Pandora will slip in. Activate the lock flipping the room. Climb VERY FAST to the left and then up to the blades and over to the left and down and use the wall lever ASAP to save Pandora. Then reveal the hidden chest to the left and lift Pandora into the cage. After Pandora does her thing climb the ladder up.

Opps. Looks like Pandora got herself into a little mess.

1) Head to the right to Helios a hidden item chest.
2) Pull out the pillar in the back left as far as it will go.
3) Then Hermes run up the side of the pillar.
4) Double jump to the top of Pandora's Box and climb over to the right side. It will fall.
5) Climb up, out, and up as fast as you can and then activate the lock.
6) Now out and up SUPER FAST as the blades will kill you if you are not quick enough.
7) Then climb left and wait for the right side box to drop then climb, yes, FAST. to get back on top of the Pandora's Cell.
8) Rotate the lever there.
9) Activate the lock and then drop down and break open the glass. DONE.

Head through the door, save, and grab the chests. Then its time for a cutscene. Then it's Siren time. A lot of them. Solar Flares to bring them out and then a big old Bear Hug. Pretty soon the entire gauntlet of higher end enemies will show up. Grab the chests on both sides after the battle.

Use the lever on the left so Pandora can enter the gate and then climb up to the top and use activate the lock. This will cause the whole section to rise. Be sure to check out the 3 shimmering hidden item chests for red orbs, not that you need any anymore before saving and continuing on. Then it's time to go back to Hades with another chain flying sequence. A little tougher this time.

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