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God of War III Cheats and Tips

We have 11 cheats and tips on PS3. If you have any cheats or tips for God of War III please send them in here. You can also ask your question on our God of War III Questions & Answers page.

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Platinum Trophy Secret

When you unlock the 'King of the Hill' trophy you will get the URL

Fear Kratos Costume

When you complete the game you will unlock this costume which when you wear will allow you and your enemies to do quadruple damage.

Godly Possessions

Collect the following Godly Possessions to gain the corresponding effect during bonus play (once you have beaten the game once). The Godly Possessions must be equipped in the 'Items' menu for their effect to become active and enabling them will disable cheats.

Daedalus' Schematics:

Unlimited Item meter.

Hercules' Shoulder Guard:

Decrease damage taken by 33%.

Aphrodite's Garter:

Continue to use Athena's Blades.

Hermes' Coin:

Collect 10 times the amount of Red Orbs.

Hephaestus' Ring:

Automatically win ALL context sensitive attacks.

Helios' Shield:

Triple the Hits counter (located to the right of where you kill Helios).

Poseidon's Conch Shell:

Unlimited Magic (located in th..

Begin with ALL Weapons Maxed

The following glitch will allow you to have ALL the weapons and items fully upgraded when you begin a game on any difficulty setting. To enable the glitch beat the game on any difficulty to unlock the 'Challenges of Olympus' feature and then complete ALL 7 Challenges of Olympus to unlock the Combat Arena. Start a round in the Combat Arena on Titan difficulty and if you now die in quick succession the game will ask if you want to switch to Easy mode. Select 'No' and start a game. This glitch is best used immediately before attempting Chaos mode.

Unlock Bonus Modes

Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding bonus mode.

Unlock Combat Arena Mode:

Beat ALL challenges.

Unlock Chaos Difficulty:

Beat the game.

Unlock Challenges of Olympus Mode:

Beat the game.

Challenges Video

Check out the following videos if you want to see how each of the Challenges are completed.

'Bare Hands' Challenge

Watch the video

Grab the grunts and use them as a battering ram. Try to knock the Cyclops of the ledge as it saves alot of time.

'Population Control' Challenge

Watch the video

Dont allow more than 50 enemies at the same time and keep pressing L1 + Square on enemies and grabbing them to use as a battering ram.

'El Matador - Ole' Challenge

Watch the ..

Powerfull blades

Press X,O,X,L1,L2,R1,R2,L3, and R3

Maxed Out Weapons and Infinite Magic Glitch

To perform this glitch you must first unlock the Combat Arena. Set the magic to infinite and get yourself killed in the Combat Arena 5 times so that the game asks if you want to switch to 'Easy' mode. Choose no and you will be returned to the 'Main' menu and when you now start a new game on whatever difficulty you were on during the Combat Arena you will begin the game with ALL weapons maxed out and infinite magic.

All Weapons + Maxed And Infinity Health glicht For Story Mode

finish all the challenges and go to the arena options put everthing infinity.put chaos mode.for enemys put only medusas(1).start the game.grab them when they come out.that with make them attack you with her stone vesion.jump and get turned into stone in the air.that will kill this 5 times or more.then something will pop out saying do u want to do this on easy.put no and it will send you to main menu.from there u can choose any difficualty.

How to kill zeus

Complete all the previous level and then reach the kratos vs zeus now first you have to max the weapons in power up menu after power up all the weapons in the power up menu the message will appear you have unlocked the trophy maxed out now fight with zeus choose the hercules weapon which you have gained after killing hercules. Beat him with this weapon when he beat you at this movement press R1 and press square/triangle button. Now giai comes and say few words then you will gone into the giai's heart now break it with hercules weapon and then use the bow of appolo now hold R1+square then realease the buttons now again beat the giai's heart then zeus will come and fight again begins don't let zeus take more green orbs from gaia's heart after the zeus is fully weakened the 0 button displa..

Glitch that misworks

It's actually a corection on the maxxed out weapons after the combat arena glitch

I)it works only on difficulty levels you already have completed

Ii)if you use something before it is to be used in the original game event series for example (break the judges and you go for the chain before you beat hades the ps3 lags and can't be turned off except from the button on the console and you may end up loading the same spot again and again)

Iii)the chains of exile don't maxx out you get em from athena at zero exp

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