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God of War III Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Grab the Heath and look out over the area. Then head right.

It's just on the right as you go down the path. In the wide open.

Centaur time! Just keep away from his charge and usend Magic the minions as battering rams and this will be an easy battle. After the battle its just a quick double jump up to the Red Orb and Alternating Chests.

Gates of Tisiphone

Double trouble Chimera time. Just focus on good dodging and eliminating the body parts as the opportunity arises.

Gates of Tisiphone Puzzle

1) Pull both the left and right chains.
2) Push in both the left and right cubes.
3) Climb up the left side cubes to the top.
3) Grapple the Harpy and fly out and around the center pillar to reach the right side as the top two cubes recede.
4) Climb the right cubes to the top, then double jump glide to the far left side.
5) Pull the left side lever.
6) Grapple another Harpy and fly to the right side.
7) Pull the right side lever.
8) Jump to the center and activate the switch.

Head inside and save your progress.

Grab the Feather from the left side item chest on the way to the save.

The Pit of Tartarus

Head down the left side where you're going to have to deal with a lot of minion types. Double jump glide at the bottom and activate the Titan's hand.


Whenever Cronos is looking at you use a Solar Flare from Helios' Head. Destroy the enemies and then head through the clink in his bracelet. Attack Cronos' sore to move on.

The next section has Cronos slamming his hand down at you. Once he does, attack the nail on the middle finger. Yeah, his nail. He'll also breath on you but that is more of a annoyance. Once you've done that a few times it Context Attack time. Then he'll slam his whole hand down. Watch the shadows so you don't get crushed underneath. Then climb a finger for some more minor enemies. Then use a Solar Flare again to blind Cronos. Time to climb up his body. Standard climbing with some more weak enemies.

Grapple double jump glide to the small platform where you have to deal with a couple of Talos. Your weapons are much more powerful now so it should be an easier fight then before. They were never really that hard since all their attacks are blockable. After everyone is dead activate the center and then attack the flesh. Cronos will grab you in his hand and you'll have some more battles before a long grapple sequence. Then just run, don't fight to get back to the platform. Kill everyone on the shoulder platform including a giant brute cyclops. Use the Cyclops to destroy the rest of the enemies and attack Cronos' should directly.

Kratos is thrown down Cronos' throat so as soon as you gain control head DOWN fast. Then follow the Context. Head up Cronos' Hands and attack the Oynx with the Cestus. Bash the Onyx a second time. And simply walk up Cronos' face to end the battle. Bash yet some more Onyx to return the Hep and get your new weapon. After Hep trys to kill you, do the Context Attack and then use the new weapon to light the right side pillar to kill Heppy once and for all. Then take out the minions to see what the new weapons is capable of.

Grab Hephaestus' Ring to the left by the now empty pool

Then Hermes up the right side wall and back into Aphrodite's Chamber. You can have some more sex with her if you want. Then out the front door. Check out your new magic and then and across to the rotating platform. Rotate it once and jump over. Then use the Whip to power up the next platform and use it to get back solid ground.

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Apr 22nd 2013 Guest
Why does my screen go black after being swallowed by cronos during battle? Then never recover.
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