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Act XI

God of War III Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Act XI

Head back into the alcove you reveal a LONG time ago and smash the oynx to reveal some more Red Orbs. Between items and red orbs there are 6 chests here. Then head upstairs and rotate the Flame of Olympus. Long cutscene and let's get this over with.

Your first Zeus section is a 2-D fighter. The biggest thing you need to do to survive this fight is watch for Zeus trying to throw his first punch. Jump dodge behind Zeus and attack him from behind. Keep up the pressure and anything you can do to juggle Zeus into the air is great. I used the Exile Blades. There will be a Context Attack and you'll be right back into the action. Watch when Zeus is at distance for him to throw a line of lightning on the ground.

Once this part is over there is a cutscene with Pandora. Then save and head outside.

This section is actually pretty short. Double jump glide outside over the Zeus. There is a little scene and then its back into battle. You can dodge now which makes it a LOT easier. Don't really bother blocking. It's all dodge, hit, dodge. After a bit Gaia shows back up and you are thrust back into her chest just like in the first act. Make your way back to Gaia's heart and break the Oynx that is protecting it. Then attack her heart for Health. Zeus shows up.

Just a tough tough battle ahead. Air dodges are your friend. Magic is your friend. Rage of Sparta is your friend. There are two MAJOR problems here. One, when Gaia's heart starts to glow you can attack it for Health. Problem is Zeus is going to do it too so you need to pound him off it ASAP. Two, Zeus will now make copies of himself. They don't have a lot of strength, but if he gets enough of them out it will cause you a lot of problems.

Context Attack on Zeus for the win. You need to keep pushing him back towards Gaia's Heart to end the battle. When you get back up go over and grab the Blade of Olympus. There is no real secret to the Darkness. Just keep pressing North and interact with every scene. When you get back to Zeus just beat him until the screen is completely covered in blood. Then you have to let up. The game will let you beat him forever. Just let go and you've done it. Then a quick interaction with Athena and the game is won.

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Comments for Act XI

4 comments, latest first.
Dec 21st 2012 Guest
Thanks a great help when stuck
ID #225573
Nov 29th 2012 robertslickred
just wanted to say great job and you where a big help thks
ID #213741
Sep 5th 2011 Guest
This was an exciting trilogy for sure. By the time you get to GOW3 some of the fights did get to be a little long, but a small concern. I am not very well versed in Greek Mythology, so I don't know if this ending was predetermined. If it was, so be it, but if not, I would have gone another way with it. But Athena was a great help and she may still have more up her sleeve down the road. I wonder how many copies the whole trilogy has sold. BTW I just heard that Call Of Duty: Black Ops just passed 25 Million Copies. This is 09/2011. Thanks Sony!!
ID #72871
Feb 4th 2011 Guest
All i can say is that was an epic and fitting ending to an amazing trilogy killing each God and the Titans was the most satisfying thing ive ever done in a game. This game alone makes buying the PS3 a good decision.....What a Blast...makes any other slasher/ adventure game look like a kids game....this is perfection
ID #27892