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Dante's Inferno Walkthrough and Guide

by Swaggers  

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Typical level start. Slide down a Bone Rope and then drop onto a Hand over Hand. Drop down to the second Hand over Hand.

SHADE (18) Attila - DON'T drop to the next one. Head all the way to the left side for the triple threat.

PIECE OF SILVER (26) - On the same platform as Attila.

RELIC (28) Shoe of Nessus - On the same platform.

Back onto the Hand over Hand and then now you can drop down to the next Hand over Hand rope. Scythe Swing to the next Hand over Hand then drop down the rope. Break the rocks and then you need to rotate the lever 3 times until the blade flys off. Make sure you pull it all the way back. Back up on the Rope and Rappel right to a Scythe Swing and then over to the Bone Rope. Drop all the way down. Head down and have a little chat with the Poet. Grab the two fountains, take out the Demon and then over to the boat and Bone Rope it up to the top level. Watch out for the furnace blast and then Scythe Swing over to the other side. Two Arch Demons won't like you messing with their Hell Furnaces so take them down.

PIECE OF SILVER (27) - Wall Climb down the back side of the furnace. NOT THE BONE ROPE.

RELIC (29) Attila's Armor - Wall Climb back up a bit and then go around the corner. Demon Dog.

Dante will then need to jump over a series of gyrating platforms.

PIECE OF SILVER (28) - After getting to the end where you'll see the Poet and a save statue. Jump up the left for a small alcove with the fountain.

Talk to the Poet and save your game. You're going to see the weird life sucking flowers. Holy Cross the glowing part on the tree to make it stop. Grab the exp fountain and then beat the tree to make the magic stop. Continue forward and then battle a Pagan and some Fiends. Work your way down the tight path grabbing fountains as you go.

SHADE (19) Pietro della Vigna - On the right as you head down the path out in the open.

Then continue around and you'll get to a box and quite a few fountains. Now drag the box to the slide ramp. You need to push the box up the ramp and then quickly jump to the box and then immediately jump off the box to the safety of the top zone. Now save the game. Blast the red pulsating part of the tree to shut off another magic tree. You'll be back in the starting area. You want to head into the center section that previously blocked off by the magic. If you go right you're going to be doing the entire loop again. You want to focus first on the pulsating red tree bulb that lowers itself into the area. If this goes unchecked too long the magic tree will open and you'll be dead. So red tree first. Then when it is up, take care of all the enemies. Have a little cutscene with dear old mom.

After talking to mommy you need to clear a few more waves before moving on. A double jump up to the high ledge and the Poet will be up ahead. Then save your game and get the exp fountain, then Magic fountain and some Charred Minions.

PIECE OF SILVER (29) - There will be a series of platforms on the right getting up to a Fountain and a Shade.

SHADE (20) Brunetto Latini - Up with the Fountain. ABSOLVE for achievement / trophy.

Head back down and you'll get attacked by some Pagans and Fire Guardians.

PIECE OF SILVER (30) - Final coin! This is just on the left after your last battle.

SHADE (21) Guido Guerra - This Damned is on the left of the coin on a small little island.

Keep moving forward and use the Health and Magic fountains. Quick cutscene and its back in action. Now its battle time with a new enemy, Damned Crusader. These guys have swords and shields and just require you to keep up the pressure. Not very hard. Once the fire is down head around the corner to fight off some airborne Fiends and you'll see a Demon Dog high above you.

RELIC (30) Memory of Acre - Jump up to the high right platform and then back to the higher left side. Demon Dog.

You'll get to a large area with a high platform on a track. You need to push this platform to the top of the area. There are a lot of enemies so keep up the pressure and then move the platform as you have time. Once it's at the top, leap to the small ledge of the left and then on top of the platform to continue on. Wall Climb and then save the game.

Get the Magic fountain and the talk to the Poet. Slide down.

BOSS: Francesco - Francesco will be helped by a lot of Damned Captains. Just keep up the pace. Taking him down is a simple matter of [RT] - [B Smash].

RELIC (31) Francesco's Forgiveness - The final Relic is given for beating Francesco.

More Damned and Fiends on your ride down the platform. Couple of Arch Demons. Some Pagans. A nice little mix of hell badboys to take care of.

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