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Shores of Acheron

Dante's Inferno Walkthrough and Guide

by Swaggers  

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Shores of Acheron

Save the game and then do a Damned Climb. Pull yourself up at the first little lip to get an exp fountain. Then leap left and talk to the Poet.

RELIC (1) Death Blade - You get this relic for talking to the Poet.

PIECE OF SILVER (1) - Just to the left of the Poet is a high alcove with the first piece of silver. Just a standard jump up there to get the silver.

Continue down the path to a mana and health fountain. There is a lever that extends the bridge but it is on a timer so be prepared to move. The Pest at the far side spawn until you pass so you can't clear the enemies before making your way across. Pull the lever, blast some Holy Cross and then make the jump to the far side. Now you can clear the Pests and then bone slide down.

At the bottom is a Guardian. Keep up the pressure and use your magic rush to get him down. Watch for the [RT] to make the Punish choice. After the first one is down another Guardian will appear along with a pair of standard Minions. Once these enemies are done a center lever will appear. Now rotate the center section ABOVE the door.

PIECE OF SILVER (2) - There is an alcove to the left. Just rotate the entire platform up past the door to get get to this silver.

Rotate the entire center platform to the door and jump up to open the door. Walk forward and talk to the Poet. Work your way down this open hall hitting all the boxes for exp. Near the end two flame walls will rise and you'll have a battle with some standard Minions. After they go down you'll have a Guardian and some Pests.

SHADE (1) Pontius Pilate - This Shade is just to the left of the Demon Door.

Head through the Demon Door for a cutscene.

After the cutscene clear out the Minions and the Guardians then head left to the slide rope with a Save.

PIECE OF SILVER (3) - Before using the rope head around to the far side of the man statue.

Then Wire Hang your way to the boat. After a cutscene you'll be on a Damned Climb.

RELIC (2) Charon's Oar - Before entering boat climb all the way to the right to Absolve a Demon Dog to get the Relic.

Climb back to the left and enter the boat. Drag the box all the way to the right, up the ramp, and into the small alcove with the metal bars. Use the lever to rotate the ledge all the way back.

PIECE OF SILVER (4) - Drag the box to the opposite side and then jump off the box to the high ledge and the Silver.

Now drag to the box to the bottom of the movable ledge and then rotate it back to the far side so you can jump off it to the high ledge.

SHADE (2) Orpheus - This Shade is right to the right on the ledge. There is a mana fountain on the left.

After freeing the shade climb up the wall. More Minions and Guardians at the top of the boat. Some Pests will come up and once everyone is cleared a Asterian Beast. Take control of the Beast and then clear out the Minions and Guardians. Then [RB] on the back of Charon's head. After that you'll have a small cutscene and then you'll be doing a wall climb on the Beast. At the top is a button sequence [X] - [Y] - [B] and your on top. Get moving ASAP as the ledges will fall out from under you.

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