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Dante's Inferno Walkthrough and Guide

by Swaggers  

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Slide down the Bone Rope watching out for the fire spewing puss holes. Then Rappel left twice to another Rope. Slide down here, again careful of all the fire til you hit another Rappel rope. Dante needs to go left again through the destructible item and then make a leap to a Scythe Swing before finally landing on another Bone Rope.

RELIC (12) Rain of Gluttony - From the Bone Rope you will drop down to a hand over hand hanging rope. Take this to the RIGHT. You'll see a Demon Dog. Drop down and wait for the flames to pass and then run in, absolve, and get the Relic.

Back on the Hand over Hand head left and get the Heath and Mana Fountain and take to the Poet. Save the game before sliding down further.

BOSS: Cerebus - The two side heads will spring out at you. The goal is to [RB] and then [B Smash] the 4 blobs on the ground. This will shoot up flames hurting the 2 side heads. Then the one you got will drop to the floor wounded so you can go to town on it. All the while the center head will be spitting green slime your way. Once you've done it enough you get your Button Sequence to destroy one of the heads. Both heads - [RT] - [Y]. Then it's just Dante and Center Head.  The Center Head will spit and attack far too quickly for you to bust any more blobs of fire. So just dodge out of the way and attack his head after it hits the floor.  After enough damage: [RT] - [LS Up] - [LS Down] - [LS Left] - [LS Right].

RELIC (13) Azrael's Apprentice - You get this Relic for beating Cerebus.

Head over the flattened face and into the level. You'll encounter a new enemy. Gorger Worm is a underground worm that will spring up and grab you. If you get attacked you need to [B Smash] to break free.

PIECE OF SILVER (10) - Grab the fountain right at the start of this area just to the left of the first worm.

Grab the Health and Mana fountain before dropping down to the next area.

At the bottom you'll find quite a few Gorger Worm and some Minions attacking each other. Can't we all just get along? You'll drop right into the mouth of a Gorger Worm so get to [B Smash] going to escape.

SHADE (7) Ciacco - Right after you clear all the worms and Minions he's clearly in the next hallway next to a fountain.

Grab the fountain and save at the statue on the right. Then head out of the mouth. You'll get attacked by a series of Pests but your Holy Cross should be able to take them out no problem. Once all the pests are gone, the next two mouths will open.

SHADE (8) Clodia - Jump to the first mouth on the left. The Shade is inside there.

Jump back out of the mouth and continue to the last mouth via a hand over hand rope to continue your advance.

RELIC (14) Ciacco's Bile - Talk to the Poet as you advance inside the mouth. Can't miss him.

Continue past the Poet to a small battle with Minions, Guardians, and a worm. There is a Mana fountain to the left during this battle. Once they are dispatched head through the simmering portal making sure to use both fountains before entering.

As the cutscene ends you'll fight a single Glutton. Just keep up the pressure and he'll go down hard.  Defeating him will send you to the Mirror Maze. First head into the simmering gate directly in front of you. Then run across and and pull the lever. Then into the gate just a little farther. Now exit to either side. This will get you on the bottom. Don't pull the lever. Instead Wall Climb up and get the Exp fountain.

PIECE OF SILVER (11) - Wall Climb the final section to get the next Judas Coin.

Wall Climb all the way back down and now use the lever and exit back through the gate. This will bring back to the top section on the right side. Run onto the platform that is coming and then continue and double jump off the end to get to the far side with the lever and then fountain. Again, don't use the lever yet.

BEATRICE STONE (2) - Wait for the floating platform on the upper right to be right under the gate. Then head into the gate and drop down on the platform. As it comes on it's path double jump off the platform to the far right fountain.

Wait for the top left platform to be under the gate again and then go through this gate to drop on the platform a second time. This time ride it all the way through the gate and continue on with the level. Head around the ledge to the fountain and save point before sliding down the rope.

PIECE OF SILVER (12) - Rappel left to the Bone Rope and climb that up to a fountain.

RELIC (15) Octavian's Gold - There is a Demon Dog just to the right of the Silver piece fountain.

Now slide down to the hand over hand rope. Then left to drop down to a Rappel rope. Drop all the way down this rope and off to the ground. Then grab the object, whatever it is, and drag it across all 3 of the fire spouts and then back to its original place. Now quickly get back on the rope and Rappel left over the flames before they grow back to full strength. Break the object and jump down to the Bone Rope. Slide down that to another hand over hand and head left again watching out for the flames. Drop down at the far left and be ready to Scythe Jump to the left to a rope. Rappel left to the Bone Rope. Slide down this one to the bottom. Sweet ground at last. You'll go up some step and then down some steps and come to a high ledge.

RELIC (16) Crown of Carthage - Grab a hold of the ledge and and shimmy left behind a rock wall and pull yourself up. There is a Demon Dog here.

PIECE OF SILVER (13) - Double jump up to the right from the Health and Mana fountains to get to a high alcove with an Exp fountain. Then jump across to the other side and then back and to the left for the Silver.

BEATRICE STONE (3) - From the far forward left edge jump towards the arch, then do your double jump to get back to the left on the far side. Tough jump. The final Beatrice Stone, along with it's ability to auto-absolve is there.

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