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Citadel of Acre

Dante's Inferno Walkthrough and Guide

by Swaggers  

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Citadel of Acre

You start the game fighting wave after wave after wave of Acre soldiers. This is just an opportunity to get used to using your Quick attacks and your Strong attacks. After what seems like at least a 100 enemies a ship from the harbor will crash into the city providing you a chance to leave the area. Jump to the ship and then Double Jump out of teh ship on the other side into the hallway. Take the hallway to activate a cutscene.


Make use of your Block while Death is swinging at you. His first attack consists of 3 swings of the scythe which are blockable. Once his attack subsides hit him with a mixture of Quick and Strong attacks and then go back on the defensive. If you see Death add some fire to his scythe then be ready to Double Jump as he comes down to jump over his Shockwave. Once you've given Death a good beatdown he'll eventually start to grab you. A quick [B] button smash will release you with no damage done. Eventually you'll come to a button sequence to end the fight. [RT] - [X]. Then do some more damage to him and you'll get to another button sequence. [RT] - [B smash] - [X]

Cutscene, cutscene, cutscene and you're back in action.

VID: DI_Acre_01

You'll regain control at a graveyard. Now kill all the enemies in the graveyard to move on. These are all low level Minions.

Run up the path until you reach the entrance to the church. Use the Health fountain and then save at the Beatrice Statue. Another cutscene and you'll get your Cross that is your ranged attack. After the scene use the Holy Cross to eliminate the winged Pests. After the church you get the ability to grab enemies and choose to Punish or Absolve him. I always choose Punish because I am Absolving all Shades. Do this as much as you can because this is how you level up Holy and Unholy levels. After killing everyone the large wooden cross will drop. You'll pull yourself up to a Health Fountain and then slide down the pole.

Fight your way down the hall Punishing everyone until you drop down to a lower area. You'll see your first enemies that are on fire. Use the Holy Cross to extinguish the flames and then you can attack them with your Scythe as normal. Once the fire goes out you can move on. Watch out for the flame spouts coming out of the wall. Once everyone is done work your way forward and save the game.

Slide down the pillar to reach the large arena area. Walk forward to the door and talk to the Poet. Always talk to the Poet until he disappears. This can be several conversations. After talking to the Poet you'll be attacked by several Pests and basic Minions. Make sure to punish as many as you can. Once this first wave is done you'll have your first battle with a giant Asterian Beast. Just keep working him from the back and try to stay away getting stomped on. Once you go enough damage you'll get a button sequence to take control of the beast. [RT] - [X] - [Y] - [B]. Once in control I tend to do the hand stomp exclusively. A series of basic Minions will attack you, just stomp, crush and destroy them all. Then make sure to stomp all the fountains for health, mana, and experience. Then [RB] the giant doors to finish Acre.

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