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Dante's Inferno Walkthrough and Guide

by Swaggers  

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Time for another descent. Rappel left twice. Then a smash left, but climb up before jumping. You can save the game and then rotate the large spikes out of the way. This will trigger a minor Minion battle but it will waste enough time that you need to re-do the rotation. Then quickly climb down to the bottom of the rope and rappel left quickly to avoid the spikes. Slide down the Bone Rope to a Hand over Hand. Watch for the fire spouts. Then drop down the the rappel rope. Swing at the Pests and the rappel left, the left again. Slide down three times and your at the bottom. Welcome to Heresy.

RELIC (24) Rage of Farintha - Talk to the Poet at the entrance to Heresy.

Then get the 2 fountains and open the Demon Door. Take out the Demons and then flip the switch to stop the flames. Then more Demons and Fire Guardians to deal with. Head left at the end of the hall and Wall Climb to the next area. Next area is the same. Kill all the enemies, then flip the switch.

PIECES OF SILVER (22) - After you extinguish the flames head back down the hall and the Silver is on the left side.

Continue down, eliminate the Demon that warps in trying to start the flames again and then open the Demon Door. Talk to the poet.

RELIC (25) Calvacanti's Blade - Climb the Bone Rope by the Poet. There are several fountains and a Demon Dog is in the back section.

Head back down the Bone Rope to get to the area the Poet was in and then continue down the next 2 Bone Ropes to move on. Hand over Hand and then drop down at the end.

SHADE (15) Emporer Frederick II - As soon as you drop down this Shade is between two fountains.

Grab the Heath and Mana Fountains and continue on. Heretic time. Just keep on the pressure and eliminate the Heretics first. Once they are all dead head out of the room and Wall Climb. Be careful of the fire spouts as you make your way around. Save the game when you get down. Then grab the two Exp Fountains. Continue around and fight some Demons and Fire Guardians. A Heretic will also show up for the party. The flip the switch. Head inside the newly opened portal and open the Demon Door. Wall Climb around (you can't get to the Demon Dog quite yet) and then up to the Poet. Head all the way left for 2 more fountains and then through yet another Demon Door. Grab the box and while standing on the center pressure plate you need to Slide it over. Then while it raising, use it to double jump up. Fight some Heretics and then flip the switch to turn off the fire.

SHADE (16) Cavalcante de Cavalcanti - Just to the left of the switch after eliminating all the Heretics.

The Wall Climb out of the area. Go through the Demon Door. There is magic and health fountains.

PIECE OF SILVER (23) - In the room with the movable box the Piece of Silver is in the back right corner by the box.

Now drag the box all the way back to the front switch and get it close to the left wall. Then flip the switch and push the box into the open area on the left before the cauldron falls back down. Then you need to just work your way all the back to the beginning where the path first opened for you.

Continue to work your way back to the beginning of the section. Once there you'll have to fight some more Heretics and Fire Guardians before the right wall will drop allowing you to continue. Health and Magic await you on the other side and then Wall Climb on. A Demon Door awaits you on the other side.

RELIC (26) Seal of Epicurus - Jump to the left rising and lowering platform. Then back to the higher alcove on the right.

PIECE OF SILVER (24) - Just to the right of the Relic.

SHADE (17) Farinata - Jump back to the middle rising and lowering platform. Jump from it to the left side alcove with the Shade.

Now back to the rising lowering platform and then to the high right rising and lowering platform. At the highest point jump to the left and right moving platform to the left to finally move out of this area. Flip the switch to stop the fire. Use the Hand over Hand rope to move one. Exp Fountain and a switch to flip.  Double jump over to the right to get up to the next area. Save your game and through the Demon Door you go. Wall Climb over to the next area and use all the fountains.

RELIC (27) Frederick's Ring - Slide down the Bone Rope to find a Demon Dog on the bottom.

PIECE OF SILVER (25) - Right next to the Demon Dog.

Climb back up. Time for some hardcore running. Stalactites will start falling from the ceiling. Double jump across the first gap. Keep up the pace because the sections behind you and under you are going to start falling fast. At the stone sections it's left, right, Scythe Swing to a Wall Climb, then keep double jumping to the next section until you get to the final Wall Climb. After running through the small corridor talk to the Poet and then save your game.

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