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Dante's Inferno Walkthrough and Guide

by Swaggers  

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Save the game and talk to the Poet. After talking to the Poet 3 times head down via wall climb on the right. Drop down to the left, then you need to grab the Charred Minion and throw him into the destructible door to move on.

PIECE OF SILVER (5) - Head down the hall and go left at Charon's head. Eliminate the single Guardian and get the Silver.

RELIC (3) Eyes of St. Lucia - Head down past Charon's head and absolve the Demon Dog.

BEATRICE STONE (1) - Past Charon's head right beside the Demon Dog is the first Stone.

Now head through the Demon Door. Punish or absolve all the Babies.

RELIC (4) Lord's Blessing - Head up the hallway and talk to the Poet.

SHADE (3) Electra - Head into the Demon Door and jump over the rotating blade. Then get your Mana and Health and enter then next Demon Door.

Head back through the Demon Doors and continue up the hall. There will be some basic and Charred Minions. Use the fountain and then head through the Demon Door. Go all the way around the outside ramparts till you get to some Minions. Punishing them all for their sins. A couple Babies and a Guardian will show up at the end. Once everyone is eliminated make your way through the Demon Door on the right. Talk to the Poet to the immediate left of entering the room.

Head up the ramp past the giant middle statue.

RELIC (5) Saldin's Mercy - Ignore the lever for now and head left and double jump off the edge to a side ledge. Use that lever to lower the giant statue and expose a Demon Dog. Drop down and absolve the Dog for the Relic.

Now save your game and use the main center lever. Then Scythe Swing across the King Minos.

BOSS: KING MINOS - King Minos will start by sending tenticles up from the ground so just keep moving and jumping out of the way. After that you'll get a Button Sequence to [RB] out of the way of a major attack. That will leave Minos exposed to a couple chops to the face. In response to the face attack he'll rise up to protect his face, but in the process expose is soft soft underbelly. Go to town on his lower section. After a couple of Minions it will be back to the tentacle attack. Now he'll pound the ground with his fist and also sweep the area. Double jump over any sweeps that come your way. Then Button Sequence [RT] - [Y] - [X]. This will re-expose his soft underbelly for some more attacking. Some Guardians and Babies for this next round of battle. More fist pounding, then [RB] escape, slash the face and back to the Sequence. [RT] - [LS Down] - [LS Down] - [B] - [B Smash]. DONE.

RELIC (6) Tail of Minos - For beating King Minos.

Scythe Swing out of the area and continue on. Use the Fountain and save and then down the rope. Rappel right one rope and head up.

PIECE OF SILVER (6) - At the top of rope number 2 is an alcove with the Silver.

RELIC (7) Francesca's Book - Rappel over to the double Bone Ropes and climb up to an alcove with a Demon Dog.

Drop down to the rope below the right Bone Rope. Rappel right to another Bone Rope and drop down to the Rope below again. Now Rappel right and attack the cross. Scythe Swing, Rappel and then final Bone Rope and head down.

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Sep 28th 2012 Guest
There is actually a fountain on the left side of the entryway after talking to the poet who is "immediately left of entering the room."
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