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Dante's Inferno Walkthrough and Guide

by Swaggers  

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Head around the path till you get the a Bone Rope. Slide down that bad boy and then drop off the end into an immediate Scythe Swing to the left to get to a second Bone Rope. That drops to a Rappel Rope, so rappel to the left, breaking through the structure to jump to a Scythe Swing to a Bone Rope. Now drop from that to get to Anger proper. Talk to the Poet to learn about Anger. Jump over to the Hand over Hand and then save your game. A couple of double jumps and you'll find yourself in a battle with Gorger Worms and some Minions. Pests at the end and then you can move on. A Scythe Jump gets you to a platform with a box.

PIECE OF SILVER (19) - Pull the box back and use it to jump up to the right alcove.

Then pull it back onto the platform to use it's weight to get under the area.

RELIC (22) Medusa's Call - Talk to the Poet after doing this box puzzle.

Get the Exp fountain and then Wall Climb up. If you follow it around before going down you'll get another Exp fountain. Battle! This is your first encounter with the Fire Guardians. These enemies appear as non hittable smoke creatures. They will pop out at fire, at this point you need to Holy Cross them, followed by a Scythe attack. A Temptress of Lust will also join the battle.

SHADE (12) Boudica - After the battle break the wall on the right to get the Shade.

Now continue on up through the middle entrance. Head up and use the Health fountain and the jump up to the Hand over Hand rope. Drop down for some hardcore demon action.

PIECE OF SILVER (20) - Once the platform raises up its the first fountain up top on the left.

Continue around to the Wall Climb. Take it up to save the game. Get both fountains and continue around to the left. CUTSCENE.

SHADE (13) Hecuba - After the cutscene go to the right corner to get the Shade.

Kind of a long term speed related puzzle now. Hit the rotating switch all the way and then quickly jump to the next level. You need to move the gear all the way to the top before the flames reach your level. Don't spend too much time on enemies but also just let them just wail on you.

LEVEL 1 - Just pull it Left.
LEVEL 2 - Pull it right while dealing with Minions.
LEVEL 3 - Break the seal and then pull it all the way left.
LEVEL 4 - Break the middle seal and pull it to the middle.
LEVEL 5 - Break the far left seal only. And pull it to the left.
LEVEL 6 - Break both seals and pull it to the right to finish the puzzle.

Run to the left and Wall Climb to the Switch. Then head right and talk to the Poet.

PIECE OF SILVER (21) - Jump up to the right after talking to the Poet.

RELIC (23) Guiding Flame - To the right of the Silver Fountain.

Then take the Bone Rope down.

SHADE (14) Filippo Argenti - To the immediate left after dropping down.

Save the game and ride the platform through the Marsh. You'll encounter three groups of Pests to Holy Cross. Very simple area. Then at the end you'll get a Button Sequence to take control of Phlegyas.

You never really battle Phlegyas. You just need to watch out for this hands smashing the ground around you. Stay away from the obvious impact zones. First set are some Minions and Hoarder-Wasters. After that is a little cutscene with Beatrice. Then grab the two fountains and then Scythe Swing to the next area. Pull the switch for the bridge which brings Phlegyas over and a Baby battle. There be some Lusters and a Glutton also and then some more Lusters and a Demon. Once the door is open grab the fountains and then hit the switch again for the bridge to raise. Get across ASAP and get the Heath Fountain. This last area has a lot of Demons and a lot of everything else also. Watch for Phlegyas to throw down some laser eyes you'll either want to jump over or be in a Punish to miss.

Watch a cutscene and then take back control of Phlegyas and then you have a simple walk through the City of Dis where you can destroy the towers for some minor experience. Then a long walk across a bridge to head over the Heresy.

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