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Dante's Inferno Walkthrough and Guide

by Swaggers  

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Your dad has seen better days that is sure. After the scene talk to the Poet. Just with care across the moving platforms until you get to the structure. Jump to the laterally moving platform here, and then to the far left one to ride it to the top of the structure. Hit the switch to turn the bridge but some Pests and Guardians have another plan for you. Then a few Charred Minions will come so Holy Cross them and then a quick hit to finish them off. After they are eliminated re-hit the switch and head across the small bridge. Use the fountain and then save your game. Jump across and up the gears.

SHADE (9) Tarpeia - When you jump across to the left section of gears you need to jump back to the high middle gear and then double jump to the even higher right side gear. It's a jump, pause, jump, grab the ledge kind of jump.

Jump your way back to the left set of gears and then down to the Heath and Mana fountains and a Demon Door. Enter the door. Weird spinny guy time. Just keep up the pressure on these guys and once they start spinning Block, or better yet blast them with some magic to break the spin. There will be a ton of Minions in with a couple of the Hoarder-Wasters. Once everyone is re-deaded a lever will rise from the floor.

PIECE OF SILVER (14) - Hit the lever and wait for the giant gates to rise back up. Then double jump up there and bash open that fountain to get the Silver.

RELIC (17) Demon's Wing - Jump back down and hit the lever again. This time double jumping into the alcove with the next lever BEFORE the gates crash down. Get on the edge of the gate and jump over to the right gate. Then jump off the far end of that gate for a Demon Dog.

Now jump back down. Double jump to the alcove hitting that lever to open the door. Then quickly jump to the ground level, hit that lever, and get back to the alcove to ride the gate back up and through the door. Timing is tight. Head inside and hit the next lever to lower the small round platform you are on to the ground. You're going to enter a room with a caged Demon Dog in the middle.

PIECE OF SILVER (15) - First jump down to the ground floor and bust open the fountain for a piece of silver.

Eliminate all the enemies, which are Pests and a Hoarder-Waster, grab the Exp fountain, and then wall climb back up. Some Pests will arrive when you get back to the top area. Jump over the rotating barbed divider as you make your way around the left side of the room jumping from ledge to ledge to get to the Demon Door and the lever to turn the sweeping arm off.

SHADE (10) Gessius Florus - Head back into the room and double jump to the right to get to this Shade on a ledge.

RELIC (18) Wasted Gold - Now that the sweeping arms are turned off double jump back into the center of the room and get the Demon Dog.

Now head back to the Demon Door with the lever and continue on with the level. Another Demon Door right away to go through. Mana, Health, and a Save Statue as you come through the Demon Door on the left. Now you head into a trap. Speed is key here. Watch the spiked wheels on the other tracks of the room. Get the Guardians down and then work the lever ASAP as this is time based. Once the door is open sprint through it. Asterian Beast time! Do your thing and get on the beast. There is Health and Mana on the outside areas of the room if you need it. Beat everyone down and get all the fountains and then head through the giant doors. [RB] - [B Smash]. Watch out for the spiked wheels and head through the next Demon Door. Head to the end of the wall by the Wall Climb and talk to the Poet.

PIECE OF SILVER (16) - Instead of climbing straight up the Wall Climb head to the right and drop down in the first area.

RELIC (19) Coin of Plutus - Continue to wall climb to the right and drop down in the last area for a Demon Dog.

Now Wall Climb back to the start and up to the ledge. Scythe Swing to a hand over hand. Drop down and take care of the Throne Demon. Then get the exp fountain.

PIECE OF SILVER (17) - There is a piece of silver in the second fountain on the way to the lever to get this round platform moving.

Take care of a couple of Hoarder-Wasters while the platform gets moving.

After the 2 Hoarder-Wasters go down Pests will appear. Holy Cross them then double jump to the next cauldron platform. Take care of two Lusters on this second platform and then ride it to its stopping point. Jump down to the left and use the fountains. In this section you need to jump up to the raised center section and use the lever. This will point raised platform towards the right side. Drop down eliminate the bad guys then use the lower rotating switch. Then back to the raised center section.

PIECE OF SILVER (18) - Jump down and the double jump up this new platform to the right. One Exp fountain and one Silver fountain.

Now back to the lower rotation and point the center platform to the far left. Then back up to the center to blow out this left side. Now double jump the left side to get to a Save Statue and a Demon Door. Save and move through the door. There are two Exp fountains on the way to a lever to take you down to the lower level. Talk to the Poet at the bottom.

Head into the main Plutus area and start slowly with some lowly Minions. A couple Hoarders-Wasters will add themselves to the mix. Then it ramps up with Charred Minions and Temptresses of Lust. A tower will raise in the middle and a lever. As you use it more towers will raise up. Raise 3 more towers so that a large one is on the side closest to the statue. Then jump up the small close one to the large back one to the main statue. At the top get the Exp fountain and then save the game. Open the Demon Door. Use the hand over hand rope and the drop down and talk to the Poet. Grab the Exp fountain right beside the Poet. Scythe Swing to the Wall Climb and work your way to the top. At the big wheel door fight some Lusters and a Glutton. Once everyone is dead grab the fountain and move on. Scythe Swing to the gears and take out a few Pests. Then work through the gears being careful not to get smashed from the falling pillars. It was easier for me to just double jump around them then go under them. The open the Demon Door.

SHADE (11) Fulva - Wall climb around and the Shade is after a save statue and a Mana and Health fountain.

The grab the fountains and save your game.

Head down the hall and flip the lever. Once the platform drops down flip the next switch at the base. Time to get another Beast Master off an Asterian Beast. Once you get on top, another Beast Master will arrive, and you'll learn that you now have to protect yourself from Masters trying to jack your ride. Bash a couple of guys on the ground and then push the very large block. Do the large Wall Climb and your going to be back in an the room with Plutus in the back end. Once everyone is dead a large block will rise up to the far left corner. Drag it all the way to the middle right and this will make the Plutus statue drop. Quickly Wall Climb up and jump over the statue to get to the left side. You'll end up all the way back at the large wheel door. Eliminate everyone and then open the door.

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Comments for Greed

6 comments, latest first.
Apr 24th 2013 Guest
how can i pass in the mirror maze?.,.,.where did i go before i pull the lever?...,.,.and what will i do in the floating just like a bridge ?.,.and the last statue where i can find it ?..,.
ID #277085
Jan 11th 2013 Guest
Thanks to you missing a relic I'll have to replay the game all over again to get it.
ID #241298
Apr 3rd 2012 Guest
how do you get through the room with all the tellaport doors in it i do everything but still cant get out
ID #129119
Nov 2nd 2011 Guest
How do you get to the black door behind the gold statue
ID #84629
Aug 11th 2011 Guest
20 (Eye of Alighiero) is obtained by beating your father. 21 is on a ledge to the left JUST after beating your father. It is to the left of the demon door and save statue.
ID #66242
Aug 22nd 2010 Guest
relique 20 and 21 are missing!!
ID #9967