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Dante's Inferno Walkthrough and Guide

by Swaggers  

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Once the platform is at the bottom you'll get the typical Heath and Magic and a save statue. Then Beatrice will come to give you a few encouraging words. Then she'll send a Fire Demon your way as a parting gift.

SHADE (22) Thais the Harlot - On the right in a high alcove beside the Demon Door.

Head through the Demon Door. Flip the switch to lower yourself to the next level and trial #1. Health, Magic, and a Save before every stage. Another Demon Door and then ride the platform over to the Trial.

TRIAL 1 - Panderers and Seducers - Challenge: Infinite Magic & Bonus: Under 75 Seconds
I just spammed Righteous Path. You can add Magic Relics to make it even easier. Very easy first Trail.

Once passed Wall Climb to the next section. This time you Scythe Swing to the platform.

TRIAL 2 - Flatterers - Challenge: 100 Combo & Bonus: Under 30 Seconds
Just use quick scythe attacks and if enemies are too far away use the Holy Cross to keep the combo going.

Flip the switch and be prepared to jump to the left side as the elevator gives out from under you.

Jump to the left side and then to the right. Don't be on there when they drop out from under you.

TRIAL 3 - Simonists - Challenge: Air Kills & Bonus: Under 1 Minute
If you are having any problems with this one just keep punishing the Demons since there is a 50% chance that it wsill end in an Air kill.

Exit is Hand over Hand to a Bone Rope drop to a second Hand over Hand.

SHADE (23) Tiresias - Right to the right after the final Hand over Hand.

TRIAL 4 - Sorcerers - Challenge: Stay in the Air & Bonus: Kill 2 enemies while in air
So so horrible. Best bet is to double jump and then spawn the Quick Attack button. You might get a few 7 1/2s before finally getting the 8.

Another falling elevator with a jump to the left to live.

TRIAL 5 - Politicians - Challenge: Protect Innocent & Bonus: Keep All Innocents Alive
The Innocents are in the back left and right corner. Just spam the Holy Cross at the approaching Minions to keep them alive.

Triple Hand over Hand to get out of the area and down to the next Trial.

Wait for the flower to open so that you can Scythe Swing across to the platform.

TRIAL 6 - Hyprocrites - Challenge: No Magic & Bonus: Under 1 Minute
Very simple. Just don't use Magic. Quick and Strong Scythe attacks and Holy Cross attacks are all good. Just do your thing. Most of the way through an Asterian Beast will be added to the attack and the "challenge" will be canceled. Take him out like all the rest before.

After the battle you'll do a [B Smash] to a Scythe Swing. Hand over Hand to the save area.

TRIAL 7 - Thieves - Challenge: Losing Health & Bonus: Under 1 Minute
Just keep up the pressure to get this challenge over ASAP. Magic, Scythe, whatever you want.

Wait for the platform to drop and then Wall Climb to the left and to the new area.

TRIAL 8 - Evil Counselors - Challenge: No Block & Bonus: Under 1 Minute
Pretty much the same as the last. Just keep up the pressure with Scythe and Magic attacks.

Bone Rope down to a Hand over Hand. Go all the way across the rope and then drop to the Wall Climb.

TRIAL 9 - Sowers of Discord - Challenge: Single Combo & Bonus: Under 1 Minute
Use the Holy Cross to keep the Combo alive. I finished mine with a Combo of 56.

SHADE (24) Myrrha - Right as you get off the elevator.

TRIAL 10 - Falsifiers - Challenge: Endurance Test & Bonus: Under 5 Minutes
Everything and the kitchen sink on this challenge. You're going to fight multiples of everything you've faces so far. Just keep using your Magic and strong attacks and it won't be a real problem.

Another cutscene and you're on your way to the final area.

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