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Dante's Inferno Walkthrough and Guide

by Swaggers  

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SHADE (4) Francesca da Polenta  - Right as you drop down from the final Bone Rope. Absolve along with a later Shade for an achievement / trophy.

Continue on the path and you'll get a Cleopatra cutscene.

RELIC (8) Filippo's Rage - Head down the path to the 3rd alcove on the left. This is the one just past the one with the lever. There is a small area you can wall climb on. Follow this to a Demon Dog with the Relic.

PIECE OF SILVER (7) - The fourth section also has a wall climb area. Piece of Silver at the end.

Before flipping any switches head to the end of the area to talk to the Poet. Now head back to the switch in the first area and flip it. Then run with the electricity all the way to past the Poet to jump through the break in the Purple magic. You'll get your first taste of the Temptress of Lust. They are highly mobile so get in some quick jabs and be prepared to Block as needed. Once they are all dead use the fountain and then rotate the lever that was behind the fire. Once the snake head is raised go over and destroy the 2 fangs. Then go back and rotate the lever again to lock the snake head in the fully open position.

RELIC (9) Tristan's Desire - Double jump up, watch the scene, and then go right and talk to the Poet.

Head out on the central round platform and drag the statue to the middle of the platform. Then jump down left.

Save the game and then flip the lever.

PIECE OF SILVER (8) - Double jump to the now raised platform and jump off the left side to a alcove with a fountain.

Now jump back to the floating round middle platform and double jump to the right side. Use the fountain and then pull the lever. Now jump back to the middle platform before it launches up. As the platform rises you'll start with a single Temptress of Lust, More Temptress of Lust and some Guardians will be added as you take out enemies. Once everyone has been eliminated Cleopatra will break in and you'll do a quick [RB] to escape getting crushed.  Having survived that a new platform will arrive and you'll fight some lowly Minions as you continue your ascent. Near the end a single Temptress of Lust will be added to the party.

BOSS: Cleopatra - First off this is a pretty easy fight and Cleo will continually spawn Babies so you can spend some time punishing or absolving them for exp along with the Minions that are added. Two side platforms will rise up, one at a time. Once both platforms are up, you need to attack Cleo's exposed hand on the platform. Once she reals away in pain, run to the left side and double jump up to the lever. You need to wait a split second for the ramp to rise a little before you can make the jump. Pull it and this turns to the two snakes heads towards Cleopatra. Now attack her hand again QUICKLY as the snake heads will not stay pointed at her for long. When she pulls back in pain a second time rush to the right side and pull that lever to eliminate Cleo.

After the battle Dante will be back on the rising platform and have some Pests to deal with. Once all the Pests and the single Temptress of Lust are eliminated you'll reach the top.

SHADE (5) Paolo Malatesta - Head out to the RIGHT where there is a fountain. Climb down the Bone Rope to find the Shade. Absolve for achievement / trophy.

Climb back up and head left off the platform. Use the two fountains and then Wall Climb down. Watch out for the electricity. As you get to the end of the Wall Climb you'll see a Demon Dog to the left. Finish climbing up the wall.

PIECE OF SILVER (9) - At the top of the wall climb you need to jump off the left of the ledge to the left of the Save Statue. The Silver is in a fountain in a small alcove.

SHADE (6) Semiramis - This Shade is just to the right of the Save Statue after you finish the wall climb.

RELIC (10) Arrow of Paris - Right in front of the Shade drop down off the ledge. This will get you to a Demon Dog.

To get off the Dog ledge you need to double jump to the wall of souls and grab on and get yourself back up top. Now save the game.

After saving do the small wall climb immediately to the right of the Save Statue. You'll get a cutscene and then it's battle time again.

BOSS: Marc Anthony - Just keep up the pressure on both Marc and Cleo. Attack Cleopatra's hands as often as you can because if she's just chilling in the side she will continually heal Marc Anthony. Your Holy Cross is a great way to take her hand out fast if she pops up while Dante is on the other side of the platform. When he slams down his shield it sends out a shockwave so dodge or jump over that. Also watch out for Marc jumping in the air, he'll come down with a flaming sword slam.

RELIC (11) Antony's Standard - You will get this Relic for beating Marc Anthony.

After Marc goes down Cleopatra is NOT very happy with you. She'll attack and you'll need to complete a button sequence to end the battle.  [LS Down] - [LS Up] - [LS Rotate Right to Up to Left] - [LS Up]. You'll get the Magic spell: Lust Storm to beating Cleopatra. Now the platform is going to start to drop. Didn't we just get up here? A large array of enemies will attack you and sections of the platform will be knocked out one by one. Watch the shadows to see what is going to get hit next. The first area to go to the middle right. Then you have to fight 3 Guardians before the left side is destroyed. Then immediately the entire bottom will go and then you'll be in a free fall. Watch for the [RB] to send you into a series of Scythe Swings before you finally reach the Poet. Grab a couple of fountains.

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Aug 1st 2013 Guest
have top be quick hit her hand until she gives into the pain, hall tall to the left jump up hit the snake thing, then hope down. You have to be quick attacking minions whenever you get a chance then, hit her hand again. if the snakes are not facing her then u were not quick enough. after, the platform rasies a second time go the right jump up and hit the lever.
ID #301797
Apr 23rd 2013 Guest
how can i pass in the snake head in the lust?.,.,.
ID #276831