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Tuscany/San Gimignano Optional Events

Assassin's Creed II Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Assassin's Creed II Guide - Optional Events

Tuscany/San Gimignano Optional Events


San Gimignano Dash
Unlocked After: Sequence 3 - Memory 3: Practice Makes Perfect

San Gimignano Dash


Wedding Bells are Ringing
Unlocked After: Sequence 3 - Memory 3: Practice Makes Perfect

You have two minutes to get the letter to the recipient at the church in the northeast corner of San Gimignano. Two minutes is plenty of time to accomplish this, but keep in mind that you must be Anonymous to hand the recipient the letter. As such, you'll want to leave yourself enough time to lose the guards once you reach the target if necessary.

At the start, climb the ladder on the buildings across from the event giver. Just travel along the rooftops toward the green marker on the Mini-Map, trying your best to avoid alerting any of the archers stationed en route to the recipient. You'll most likely be moving at a quick enough pace that any guards who do detect you won't be able to keep up.

Drop down to the streets once you reach the church. The recipient will be standing right out front. If guards are after you, quickly dash behind the church to break the line of sight and hide in the pile of hay. Hand the man his letter to complete the event.

Wedding Bells are Ringing

Speedy Delivery
Unlocked After: Sequence 5 - Memory 1: Four to the Floor

You have two minutes and 30 seconds to deliver three letters to three different locations. If you take a look at your map, you'll notice that the three targets are quite far apart. If you get a horse, though, this distance can be traversed within the allotted time with ease. There is a horse by each of the city's exits; the starting point of this event is closest to the south exit, so turn south once you regain control over Ezio and start running down the street to the exit.

Be ready to Shove people out of the way by holding the B/Circle button while Free-Running. Don't keep the B/Circle button held done the entire time, though, as Ezio moves at a slower pace while doing so. Turn left to spot a horse as soon as you're through the gate. Get on the horse and make a beeline for the first location -- the one furthest south. When you reach the spot, dismount, hand the recipient his letter and then get back on your horse and start toward the northeast marker. You should be able to get the letters to each recipient with time to spare.

Speedy Delivery

Beat Up

Spear of Infidelity
Unlocked After: Sequence 5 - Memory 1: Four to the Floor

Travel to the green circle on the Mini-Map, activate Eagle Vision and begin searching for the cheating husband marked in gold. Check along the city walls, though his location may be random. The cheating husband happens to be a city guard, and so he is wearing a suit of armour. Even so, you must use your fists to teach him a lesson.

Lock on to the husband, make sure you have no weapon equipped (tap down on the D-pad) and start thrashing him. Just don't let up and he shouldn't even be able to fight back. Deplete his health and he will cower before you, promising to be a good husband henceforth.

Beat the cheating husband with your fists to teach him a lesson.

Assassination Contracts

Reap What You Sow
Unlocked After: Sequence 5 - Memory 1: Four to the Floor

The target can be found at a farm east of the city walls. Be sure to stock up on Throwing Knives before setting out.

Leave San Gimignano and make a beeline for the area marked on the Mini-Map. When you reach the spot, hide behind the building there and activate Eagle Vision to locate the target marked in gold. The target will run if he spots you, so you'll want to take him out quickly to avoid having to give chase.

Once you've spotted him, hold RB/R1 and use the Left Stick to select Throwing Knives from the Weapon Wheel, then lock on to the target and throw two knives at him to quickly finish the job.

Reap What You Sow

Don't Get Your Hands Dirty
Unlocked After: Sequence 5 - Memory 1: Four to the Floor

You're tasked with killing four archers -- all without the use of weapons. Instead you must use the Grab ability to throw the archers off of towers or into a collapsible structure. Two of the guards are on top of Viewpoints, one is on top of a roof and the other is standing near a collapsible structure. Follow the red targets on the Mini-Map to locate each guard.

When you're close to one of the targets, sneak up behind him, hold RT/R2 and press B/Circle to Grab. Then, throw him from the tower or, if he's on street level, into a collapsible structure to kill him. Kill all four marked guards to complete the contract.

Don't Get Your Hands Dirty

Supply In Demand
Unlocked After: Sequence 5 - Memory 1: Four to the Floor

Your target is a guild leader. To find him, you must first locate a guild member and then tail him as he goes to meet the leader. Purchase some Throwing Knives before getting started if your stock is low.

Travel to the green circle on the Mini-Map and activate Eagle Vision by holding Y/Triangle. Search the area for the guild member marked in gold. Once you've spotted him, switch off Eagle Vision and begin following him. Don't follow too closely, however, as doing so is likely to make him suspicious. If he turns to you and the arrow above his head begins to fill with yellow, back off immediately and wait until he forgets about you and continues on his way.

Follow the guild member to the assassination target.

Continue following the guild member until he reaches the target. Equip Throwing Knives by holding RB/R1 and using the Left Stick to select them from the wheel. Then, lock on to the guild leader and throw two knives to kill him.

Flee Market
Unlocked After: Sequence 5 - Memory 1: Four to the Floor

You're after two conspirators. Both are at the Santa Maria Assunta, in a restricted area surrounded by a bunch of guards. The way into the restricted area is blocked by four guards, but there is a group of Courtesans just east of them. Hire the Courtesans and order them to distract the guards. Walk past the distracted guards and activate Eagle Vision. The targets are together in the courtyard, and as you can see there are quite a few guards with them.

The conspirators will bolt as soon as they detect you. To make matters worse, both targets can Free-Run. Catching both of them with a boatload of guards after you is no easy task, so your best bet is to run in there and take them out swiftly. They're standing close enough to each other that you can score a nice double kill with the Hidden Blades if you're quick enough. If you only manage to get one of the targets and the other takes off, just keep after him. The memory will be desynchronized if either of the targets gets far enough away from you.

Flee Market

Vertical Slice
Unlocked After: Sequence 5 - Memory 1: Four to the Floor

There are five targets -- all are guards. You must kill them without being detected, or else the memory will be desynchronized. Two of the targets are on street level and three are on rooftops. For the two guards on street level, just get behind them and assassinate them with your Hidden Blade. You have to be careful when dealing with the guards above street level, as they'll become suspicious just because you're up on the rooftop. Use the Assassinate From Ledge ability to kill them without being detected.

The five targets are fairly close together, so make sure you're out of view of the other targets before performing an assassination.

No Camping
Unlocked After: Sequence 5 - Memory 1: Four to the Floor

Your task is to travel to three different camps and kill the three camp leaders within five minutes. The three camps are quite far apart, so you'll need a horse. Right at the start, press Back/Select to view the map and look for the closest way out of the city. Fast Travel Stations are always found near city gates, so note the cardinal direction of the station closest to your current location and quickly make your way there.

Once through the gate, look around for a horse and hop on. Refer to your map, note which camp is closest to you and then make a beeline for it. Each of the three camps is a restricted area, meaning the guards there will attack on sight.

Use Eagle Vision to identify the camp leaders.

There are quite a few guards at each camp, so it's best to get in there, kill the target, and get out. As you near one of the camps, hold Y/Triangle to activate Eagle Vision and look around for the leader marked in gold. When you've identified him, dismount your horse just short of the boundary of the restricted area, equip your Hidden Blades and make a mad dash for the target. If you are unable to assassinate him, equip your Long Sword and whale on him to deplete his health. Just be ready to perform a Counter Kill when one of the guards surrounding you strikes.

As soon as the camp leader has been dealt with, hop back on your horse and make for the next target. Kill the remaining two leaders before time runs out to complete the contract.

No Camping

Unlocked After: Sequence 5 - Memory 1: Four to the Floor

The target is somewhere in the ruins of the Antico Teatro Romano. The theatre is a restricted area during this memory, and dotted with archers. The target is also being guarded by two Brutes. He'll make a run for it if he detects you, so it's in your best interest to take him out quickly.

Try running around to the east side of the ruins. You can kill a couple of the archers posted there, and then use Eagle Vision from a high point to locate the target marked in gold. Once you've spotted the target it's just about getting close enough to assassinate him with your Hidden Blade. He can't run very fast, so just jump, land somewhere and make a beeline for him.

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Comments for Tuscany/San Gimignano Optional Events

3 comments, latest first.
Feb 12th 2015 Guest
stand on the roof opposite when he comes to the ledge select him aim fire shimple
ID #514870
Jan 10th 2012 Guest
I have taken on the optional task of the Burial Chamber close to the Villa.
I can't get through the first scene as Ezio won't jump the wall in the room.

I also can't leave the task and go back to the street.
ID #104534
Sep 3rd 2010 Guest
Two of the targets are on street level and three are on rooftops

Okay , I know it ...but there is a problem !!!!
one of these guards standing above the high tower, how can i get it ??
the space between the ledges is wide, i can’t jump !!!!
is there wide jump technique ???

ID #11193