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13: Bonfire of the Vanities

Assassin's Creed II Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Sequence 13: Bonfire of the Vanities

Bonfire of the Vanities is one of the two corrupt memory sequences in the standalone game (along with Sequence 12: Battle of Forli). At the time of writing, Sequence 13 can be purchased and downloaded from the Xbox Live Marketplace or PlayStation Network for $4.00 USD (or 320 Microsoft Points).

Alternatively, the Sequence 13: Bonfire of the Vanities & Secret Locations DLC, priced at $7.00 USD (or 560 Microsoft Points), contains Sequence 13 and the three Templar Lair locations that were bundled with the collector’s editions of the game: Palazzo Medici, Santa Maria Dei Frari, and the Arsenal Shipyard.

To play Sequence 13, if you’ve already finished Assassin’s Creed II, simply load your save file. If you have yet to pass Sequence 11 and have the content downloaded, Sequence 13 will follow Sequence 11. If you have purchased both downloadable memory sequences, Sequence 13 will follow Sequence 12.

Sequence 13 takes place in Florence. Hit the white memory start marker outside the city to get started.

Memory 1: Florentine Fiasco

Meet Machiavelli on the bridge to the Oltrarno District.

The Bonfire of the Vanities DLC opens up the Oltrarno District at the south-end of Florence. You must meet Machiavelli there. The guards are on high-alert, so take to the rooftops and steer clear of archers to avoid alerting them. Make your way to the blue marker on the Mini-Map to meet Machiavelli. Talk to him to trigger a cutscene and then follow him into the Oltrarno District. When the green marker appears on the Mini-Map, escort Machiavelli to the Palazzo Pitti deeper into the district to complete the memory.

Sequence 13 consists of killing Savonarola’s nine lieutenants. All nine of the corresponding memories are marked on your map. You can complete the following nine memories in any order you wish. It’s worth taking the time to synchronize the Viewpoints in the Oltrarno District before getting started.

Memory 2: Still Life

Sprint north to the edge of the rooftop and hit the two guards below with a Double Air Assassination. You must perform a Sprint Jump to reach the platform on the building to the east. To do so, simply Sprint to the end of the springboard at the east end of the roof.

After using the springboard, Free-Run across the platforms along the wall. Quickly assassinate the archer when you reach him to avoid being spotted. Then, look below for your target and end him with an Air Assassination when he’s close enough.

Assassinating The Artist

Flee from the area after the cutscene and become Anonymous to complete the memory.

Memory 3: Climbing the Ranks

This far into the game you are more than capable of surviving the waves of enemies the target sends your way. There’s no need to even fight these guys. You can simply climb up to the target and take him out. Your assent may be made difficult by the archers’ arrows, but your health bar should be sizeable enough for you to reach the target alive if you persist.

When you’ve reached the target, equip your Long Sword and start swinging. He’s unarmoured, so he will fall quickly.

Assassinating The Guard Captain

Flee the area after the cutscene to complete the memory.

Memory 4: Upward Mobility

This guy is a runner, but he can be killed very quickly. Turn right immediately after the cutscene and Sprint up the crates there to reach the rooftops. Climb onto the upper roof and Sprint to the target as he pulls himself up. Assassinate him as soon as he’s on your level.

Assassinating The Nobleman

Return to anonymity after the cutscene to complete the memory.

Memory 5: Last Rites

Your target is high up on the cathedral at the north end of the district. You must assassinate him without being detected. Reaching his perch won’t be easy and is made even more difficult by the guards patrolling the area below.

Start your ascent at the southwest corner of the cathedral. Assassinate the patrolling guard from the ledge before pulling yourself up. Climb onto the platform along the west side of the cathedral and hit the patrolling guard below with an Air Assassination while his back is turned. You then need to kill the archer on the lower walkway. Hop back down onto the lower roof while his back is turned and hang over the outer ledge. Assassinate the archer from the ledge when he walks by then climb to the upper roof ledge. Wait until the patrolling guard is close enough to assassinate from the ledge before pulling yourself up.

With those guards out of the way, begin climbing toward the priest’s perch. There are guards circling around the target, so remain hanging on the ledge and move yourself around to the target. Once you’re hanging near him, pull yourself up and finish the job with an Air Assassination.

Assassinating The Entranced Priest

Memory 6: Port Authority

This one is a bit tricky. Your target is on a boat, surrounded by guards. You must eliminate the target without alerting these guards, as alerting them will desynchronize the memory. You are given a bit of leeway, though: the guards can spot you, but they need to be full-on alerted to end the memory.

Start east across the rooftop and dive into the water below when you reach the first smokestack.
Swim over to the dock, pull yourself up onto it and get behind the boat. Jump from the dock to the back of the boat and inch your way over so you’re hanging before the set of steps on the south side. Wait until the patrolling guard has walked down the stairs before pulling yourself up. Leap across to the target between the two sets of steps and quickly end him.

Assassinating The Merchant

When the target is dead, dive into the water and swim away to lose the guards and complete the memory.

Memory 7: Surgical Strike

You must assassinate this target without being seen. Though he is surrounded by guards, the doctor can be easily killed with the Pistol. Walk over to the red area on the Mini-Map and stand on the steps just outside of the restricted area. Make sure you’re far enough away from the target to avoid alerting the guards. Once you’re in place, take aim and release to kill the doctor.

Assassinating The Doctor

You could also Blend with the group of walking monks and then ice the target with your Hidden Blade when close enough, but the Pistol method works just as well

After the cutscene, flee the scene and return to anonymity to complete the memory.

Memory 8: Hitting the Hay

You must kill your target without being detected. Start north across the rooftop and climb down to street level. Steer clear of guards to avoid alerting them. Equip the Pistol, stand by the fence just outside the red area marked on the Mini-Map, and wait until the target is close enough to lock on to. Once locked on, hold the X/Square button to take aim and then release to finish the job.

Assassinating The Farmer

Shake the guards after the cutscene to complete the memory.

Memory 9: Arch Nemesis

The guards in the city are on high-alert, and unfortunately you can’t equip the Medici Cape during this memory. To make matters worse, your target is posted on a rooftop, surrounded by guards. There’s no penalty if you want to just fight your way to him, however you can finish the job without alerting him to your presence if you’re swift enough.

At the start, turn left and drop down to street level. Head west and turn right into the alley just  before the archway. Through the alley, turn right and sprint to the window straight ahead. Climb up the windows above to reach the roof. Ignore the archer posted on the nearby balcony; he won’t be able to identify you if you move quickly.

Before pulling yourself onto the roof, wait for the patrolling archer to face away. Then, hop across the two smokestacks and assassinate the archer posted on the platform on the other side. After killing the archer, perch on the railing at the other end of the platform, locate the target below and hit him with an Air Assassination. You must do this quickly, as the guards you skipped past will likely be pursuing you.

Assassinating The Condottiero

After the cutscene, dive into the water and lose the guards to complete the memory.

Memory 10: Doomsday

Start north across the rooftop. Equip your Throwing Knives and use them to kill the archers posted on the church across the street. Once the archers have been dealt with, jump across to the church roof and walk onto the wooden platform. Assassinate the archer on this platform and then locate the target below. Finish the job with an Air Assassination once you’ve spotted him.

Assassinating The Preacher

You must now escape the guards. After the cutscene, Sprint up the crate covered by a white cloth south of the church to start a Free-Run sequence. Return to anonymity to complete the memory.

Memory 11: Power to the People

Once all nine of Savonarola’s lieutenants are dead, make your way to the white memory start marker in the Oltrarno District. Be ready to hit the X/Square button during the cutscene.

Savonarola drops the Apple while being carried away and an Agile Guard makes off with it. As soon as you regain control over Ezio, Sprint over to the railing, climb up onto the walkway, and jump over to the window through the archways. Climb up onto the roof and Sprint after the runner. He’s fast, but just keep at it. You’ll catch him eventually.

Retrieving the Apple

Memory 12: Mob Justice

Hit the white marker on the Mini-Map to get started. When you gain control over Ezio, move through the crowd to Savonarola’s stake to kill him before he burns.

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Aug 21st 2012 Guest
I downloaded the bonfire of the vanities with secret locations for xbox but on memory 1, I am still incognito and when I arrive at the yellow marker on the bridge, Machiavelli is missing. I have tried closing the game and reopening it and desynchronising. Whenever I step into the white ring, the destination marker simply disappears and nothing more happens. But, whenever I renter the city from another place, the goal reappears, but the same thing just happens again. I was wondering if there is any way to fix this.
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