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6: Rocky Road

Assassin's Creed II Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Assassin's Creed II Guide - Walkthrough

Sequence 6: Rocky Road

Memory 1: Road Trip

Speak to Lorenzo de' Medici at the Palazzo Medici in Florence. You'll receive the Medici Cape after the cutscene. With this cape equipped, you will remain Incognito while in Florence and Tuscany, but guards will still react to crimes.

Wear the Medici Cape and your notoriety will not increase while in Florence or Tuscany.

Next, head to Leonardo's workshop and interact with the door to trigger a cutscene.

Memory 2: Romagna Holiday

Leave Florence, get on a horse and make your way to the marker on the Mini-Map to travel to the Mountains. Once there, dismount and hit the marker to begin this memory. Borgia's men attack Ezio and Leonardo on their way to Romagna. It's your job to get the carriage to Romagna in one piece.

Use the Left Stick to steer the carriage to avoid obstacles along the way. Hitting obstacles damages the carriage, though it does has a fair bit of health (indicated below Ezio's health and social status. Enemies will jump from horseback, grab hold of the back of the carriage and attempt to climb up. You must shake them off before they manage to get to the front of the carriage where Ezio is seated. You can also smash hanging enemies into roadside obstacles to dislodge them.

Veer to the side to shake off enemies that manage to climb on top of the carriage.

If an enemy manages climbs on top of the carriage, you must sharply veer from side to side to throw them off. This is best done while the enemy is actually standing on the roof of the carriage. Be careful when veering, though: go too far you'll flip the carriage. If an enemy manages to reach Ezio, mash the B/Circle button to throw him off.

When you pass the burning bridge, enemies will begin to pelt the path with flaming arrows. You'll have to steer the carriage around the flames along the road to avoid damage to the carriage. Keep this up until a cutscene is triggered.

The trip to Romagna

After the cutscene, take out the group of soldiers that approaches to complete the memory. Completing this memory unlocks Assassination Contracts, Beat Up, Race, and Courier events.

Memory 3: Tutti A Bordo

Speak to Leonardo at the docks at the north end of Romagna. After the cutscene, dive into the water and swim out to the boat marked on the Mini-Map. Climb onto the boat, approach the oar, and press the B/Circle button to grab hold of it. Press the B/Circle button to stroke and use the Left Stick to steer the boat. Make your way to the green target on the Mini-Map and hit the marker there to rescue the stranded woman. Row back to the marker at the dock to complete the memory.

When you're ready to depart, step into the marker on the boat to set out to Venice.

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