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12: Battle of Forli

Assassin's Creed II Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Sequence 12: Battle of Forli

Battle of Forli is one of the two corrupt memory sequences in the standalone game (along with Sequence 13: Bonfire of the Vanities). At the time of writing, Sequence 12 can be purchased and downloaded from the Xbox Live Marketplace or PlayStation Network for $4.00 USD (or 320 Microsoft Points).

To play Sequence 12, if you’ve already finished Assassin’s Creed II, simply load your save file to begin. If you have yet to pass Sequence 11 and have the content downloaded, Sequence 12 will follow Sequence 11.

Sequence 12 takes place in Romagna. Approach the white memory start marker on the Mini-Map there to get started.

Memory 1: A Warm Welcome

Start following Machiavelli and Caterina Sforza. A crowd of peasants running in the opposite direction of the city will soon appear. Forli is under attack!

Sprint after Machiavelli and Caterina after the cutscene. As you near the group of enemy soldiers up ahead, have your Hidden Blades equipped and try to score a Double Assassination as you meet them. Then, equip your Long Sword and target enemies occupied with your allies. Simply stroll up behind these enemies and press the X/Square button to effortlessly kill them.

Fight your way to the city gate!

If you don’t have a weapon in the Long Sword slot, you can pick up a fallen enemy’s weapon by standing on it and tapping the B/Circle button. Ezio will carry this weapon with him, so you can make use of it in later memories.

Once the first batch of enemies has been dealt with, continue following Machiavelli and Caterina to the city gate. The gate is closed, so you must find another way in. Follow the marker on the Mini-Map west to some vacant gondolas. Hop on one of the gondolas, grab hold of the oar and start rowing toward the gate beyond the dock. At the gate, hop out of the gondola and into the water. Hold the A/X button to dive under. Swim past the gate while underwater to enter the city.

Swim under the gate to enter the city.

You must get to the turnwheel atop the gatehouse and use it to open the gates. You can make your way there while avoiding combat if you move swiftly. Once you’re in the streets of Forli, start sprinting east to the blue marker on the Mini-Map. Head up the steps and run past the group of battling guards. Continue moving forward and you will soon reach the top of some steps. To avoid being detected by the group of enemies heading up these steps, stray to the right and leap from the platform next to the steps to the street below and continue on your way.

There are some crates covered by a white cloth against the building across from the stairs. Free-Run up these crates and onto the building, and then climb up to the top of the adjacent building to reach a rope bridge attached to the city wall. Cross the bridge and assassinate the patrolling guard with your Hidden Blade. When the way is clear, climb onto the tower at the north end of the wall. Move to the middle of the rope bridge between the two towers and hit the pair of guards below with a Double Air Assassination.

Interact with the turnwheel to complete the mission.

Opening the gates of Forli

Memory 2: Bodyguard

You must protect Caterina and Machiavelli as the group heads for the Rocca di Ravaldino at the south end of the city. There’s a large number of enemies en route to the citadel, making it quite easy for your two AI allies to become overwhelmed. Keep an eye on your allies’ health meters while in combat and help them out if you notice they’re taking damage. Both characters’ health meters appear below Ezio’s health and notoriety meters in the top-left corner of the screen

If you spot an ally engaged in combat with an enemy, attack the enemy from behind with your Long Sword to effortlessly kill him. If for some reason you don’t have a weapon in the Long Sword slot, you can pick up a fallen enemy’s weapon by standing on it and tapping the B/Circle button. Ezio will carry this weapon with him, so you can make use of it in later memories.

Sequence 12 is chockfull of large-scale battles.

Once the first group of enemies has been dispatched, follow Caterina and Machiavelli and you’ll soon reach another. Continue following your allies once the way is clear. The last big battle takes place in the square outside the citadel. Just concentrate on backstabbing occupied enemies to quickly thin their ranks.

Another group of enemy soldiers will appear from the north once the square is clear. Equip your Hidden Blades and try to score a Double Assassination if you can. These enemies are unarmoured, so eliminating this group shouldn’t take long.

When the remaining enemies have been dealt with, head for the marker in front of the citadel to trigger a cutscene and complete the memory.

Memory 3: Holding the Fort

Enemies are invading the citadel; you must kill each and every one of the invaders to complete this memory, all while looking after Machiavelli and Caterina. Again, they’re nearly incapable of defeating a single enemy themselves, and are thus extremely vulnerable without your help. As such, you’ll want to stick by your allies to avoid losing one and desynchronizing the memory.


A group of enemies drop into the courtyard at the start, but don’t let them occupy you for too long. Try to score a kill or two with your Hidden Blades, but then immediately look around for Machiavelli and Caterina and take to attacking the enemies they are occupied with.

Make use of your throwing knives and the Pistol here, because you can step in any of the white markers in the courtyard to refill your ammo.

When the first batch of enemies has been dealt with, your allies will likely climb up to the rooftops or citadel walls. Follow them up and begin attacking the remaining enemies there. If your allies are apart and you notice one is taking damage, go to their aid immediately to avoid having them die.

Defending the citadel

Memory 4: Godfather

Speak to Caterina on top of the citadel to begin this memory. The Orsi brothers have kidnapped two of Caterina’s children, and you have to rescue the both of them. You have 10 minutes, which is plenty of time.

Leap from the top of the tower into the pile of hay below and start toward the green marker on the Mini-Map. The guards in Forli are on high-alert, so steer clear of them to avoid trouble. Take to the rooftops if you must. There are archers on the rooftops, but they can be killed with a single throwing knife. So have Throwing Knives equipped and make your way to the city walls.

From the walls, dive into the water outside the gate. The first captive child is within the green circle on the Mini-Map. She’s surrounded by guards by the house between the two bridges. You can get to her without alerting the guards if you’re stealthy enough. Approach the house from the south and climb up onto it. Have your Throwing Knives equipped and throw one at the archer on the adjacent rooftop. Then, look for two guards below and take them out with a Double Air Assassination. Drop down and interact with the girl to rescue her.

Rescuing the first captive child

When the girl is free, start heading south to the lighthouse where the second child is being held. You must also kill Ludovico Orsi.

Try your best to avoid stirring any guards along the way by moving around buildings rather than running straight down the road. The area surrounding the lighthouse is restricted, but the guards posted there are quite spread out, making it easy enough to simply Sprint through to the lighthouse. Just don’t run too close to any guards, as that’ll give them an easier time identifying you.

Free-Run up the barrels along the west side of the lighthouse and assassinate the two guards on the bridge. From here, climb up onto the wooden post above the door and continue ascending until you reach the top of the tower. There are two archers patrolling the area, so wait until the coast is clear before climbing up to the top of the lighthouse. If one of the archers spots you, assassinate him quickly before Ludovico is alerted.

Wait until Ludovico has his back turned before pulling yourself up onto the ledge and hitting him with an Air Assassination.

Assassinating Ludovico Orsi

Memory 5: Checcomate

Return to Forli and step in the marker outside the citadel to begin this memory.

Checco Orsi is your target.

Checco is just outside the city, somewhere within the restricted area on the Mini-Map. He’s standing in front of the Fast Travel Station; he’s the guy with the blue arrow above his head. Climb on top of the house across from the station and end Checco with an Air Assassination before he can run off.

Assassinating Checco Orsi

Memory 6: Far From the Tree

Step in the memory start marker outside of Forli to get started. You’re looking for the black-robed monk who snatched up the Piece of Eden. Your search starts at the abbey up the hill. The area is restricted, but there are only a few guards in the area. The guards you’re concerned with are on the east side of the abbey, in the small yard with the one monk. Kill the two guards to rescue the monk, and he’ll point you to the abbey in Forli.

Enter Forli and follow the green marker on the Mini-Map to the abbey. The monks inside will flee when you arrive. Immediately activate Eagle Vision and look for the monk marked in gold. Use LT/L2 to lock on to him. You must Tackle him to get the information you need. Hold RT/R2 to Sprint and hit the B/Circle button when you’re close enough to Tackle him.

Tackle the fleeing monk to complete the memory and the sequence.

Tackling the abbot in Forli

Special Memory

Downloading Sequence 12 adds a Special Memory in Romagna, which allows access to da Vinci’s flying machine. The start point is on top of the lighthouse at the north end of Romagna. Climb to the top of the lighthouse and hit the marker there to trigger the memory.

With this Special Memory you can unlock the Fly Swatter achievement or trophy if you missed it during Sequence 8 without having to beat the game again. Enjoy!

Da Vinci’s flying machine in Romagna

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