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Assassin's Creed II Xbox 360 Cheats and Tips

We have 20 cheats and tips on Xbox 360. If you have any cheats or tips for Assassin's Creed II please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PC : PlayStation 3

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Sweeper Achievement / Trophy

Sweep five guards at once using a Long Weapon to unlock this achievement or trophy, worth 10 gamerpoints or a Bronze trophy.

The first step to unlocking this achievement/trophy is to learn the Sweep skill in the practice field in front of Villa Auditore in Monteriggioni. Speak to the highlighted trainer near the practice field and select �Long Weapons� under the �Special Moves� category. You�ll need 10,000 florins. Practice the Sweep skill three times to add it to your arsenal.

To Sweep, you first need a Long Weapon (i.e., a Halberd or a Spear). Seekers carry Long Weapons.

It�s best to hold off on this achievement/Trophy until you reach Venice in the main story, as Seekers are plentiful in the city. The best place to look for Seekers is near the Torre del..

Street Cleaner Achievement / Trophy

Hide five bodies in a single pile of hay to unlock this achievement or trophy, worth 10 gamerpoints or a Bronze trophy.

First, of course, you�ll need five corpses. Start by getting in a fight with a group of guards near a pile of hay. The quickest way to kill a group of guards is to throw down a Smoke Bomb to stun them; then you are free to go to town with the Hidden Blade.

To hide a corpse in a pile of hay, press the B/Circle button while standing over the corpse to pick it up, then approach the pile of hay and press the B/Circle button again to throw the body in.

Stealth Gameplay Walkthrough

Watch this great walkthrough and get some hints and tips on stealth.

Watch the video

Locating Missing Feathers

When you only have a few feathers left to find pause gameplay and go to the DNA strand. At the DNA strand there is a section at the end of the strand that shows you where the feathers are located. If you now go to the feather section it will show you in what districts the missing feathers can be found.

Messer Sandman Achievement / Trophy

Use the Throw Sand skill to stun four guards at once to unlock this achievement or trophy, worth 10 gamerpoints or a Bronze trophy.

The first step to unlocking this achievement/trophy is to learn the Throw Sand skill in the practice field in front of Villa Auditore in Monteriggioni. Speak to the highlighted trainer near the practice field and select �Unarmed Combat� under the �Special Moves� category. Practice the Throw Sand skill three times to add it to your arsenal.

To perform the Throw Sand skill, hold the X/Square button while unarmed and engaged in combat. Hit a guard with the sand and he will stagger on the spot for a few seconds.

To unlock this achievement/trophy you have to stun four guards at once. So, start by getting a sizeable group of guards..

High Dive Achievement / Trophy

Perform a Leap of Faith from the top of the Giotto�s Campanile in Florence to unlock this achievement or trophy, worth 10 gamerpoints or a Bronze trophy.

Giotto�s Campanile is the bell tower in the northeast corner of the San Giovanni district, which is accessible from Sequence 1. Climb to the very top of the tower and perform a Leap of Faith after synchronizing the Viewpoint (if you haven�t already done so).

See the video to learn how to get to the top.

Ezio's Dead Family Members

There is an Easter egg in the 'Bonfire of the Vanities' DLC that allows you at certain times to view Ezio's dead family members. After you have me up with Niccolo go to the Palazzo Auditore, enter the building and engage Eagle Vision to see them.

Collecting Feathers

When you have collected the indicated amount of feathers place them in the box in your villa and talk to your mother.

Unlock Condottiero War Hammer:

Collect 50 Feathers, talk to your mother and the Condottiero War Hammer will become available in the blacksmith's shop at Villa Monteriggioni.

Unlock Auditore Cape:

Collect 100 Feathers, talk to your mother and then talk to Mario at Villa Monteriggioni to get the cape.

Running through the Air

To do this equip the throwing knives and hold down RT + X while running off any roof. When you do this Ezio will continue running in a straight line off the roof in the air. To make him come down release the buttons or switch to another weapon. If you drop down you won't throw the knife but will waste ammo if you reach another roof, switching to another weapon will instead conserve your knives.

Undamageable armor

Get all of the assassins seals to obtain altairs armor and his armor never has to be repaired

Making the Jump

Many people have had a hard time with the part when playing as Altair for a brief section of the game. There is one jump where you, on a balcony, must jump up to a wooden post and use that to get to the end of the section, but due to the new free running techniques and system, the jump that was fairly easy in AC1 is now fairly difficult to make, sometimes taking people five minutes or more to make. Here's a simple way to do it:

When you get to the top, move Altair to the center of the balcony while balancing on the low wall. Now, face the wooden platform while still on said wall, hold Right Trigger, and tap A. This will make Altair jump and grab the post. If he doesn't grab it, try holding B right after jumping. This should get you up to the top no problem.

Hope thi..

The Truth - Solving Code Puzzles

-Titans of industry - (Ford archive) - One line equals three dots so the missing parts of the code wheel are one line and two dots and three lines. The newspaper has two lines and two dots on it and the car in the picture to the left has a 2 on it so align the code wheel so that 2 equals two lines and two dots and you've got the code.

- "I am become death, the destroyer of worlds" - Here the missing parts of the coe wheel are a circle and a circle and a square while 9 equals a triangle. Align the wheel accordingly and once again you've got the code.

- The Bunker - Here each successive part of the code wheel gains another line and so the missing parts have 5 and 8 lines respectively (there will be another part with 8 lines the missing one is a rhombus within a rhomb..

Collectiong feathers

Look up all the locations of the feather and as you collect them, mark them down as collected.

I advise you get the 27 from florece, the 11 from tuscany and the 12 from flori. This will eqaul to 50 feathers, take them back to the chest in moteriggoni and you will be able to buy a weapon from the blacksmith for 30-oddk.

Then get the 46 in venice and the 4 in monteriggoni and return them to the chest and get the auditore cape

New assasination technique

When you are being chased by guards free-run up a wall and press x at the highest point of your run and you will jump backwards and kill the guards.

BUT! This may not always work,if they are too far away,you will miss them.

if thay have weapons,they can block your attack (try to disarm them and discard their weapon in the sea)

this is a great technique if you can pull it off, if you can't.....RUN!!!!

Those pesky thieves....

If you have thieves following you and you don't want them around anymore (or you just feel like messin' with them) you can make them jump in the water.

Go to swimable water with a post in it. Only you can swim. Once you jump to the post, the thieves will try to follow. They can't grab the post because you're on it. They die. Woo. Cheap thrills.

Did you know...

You may already know this, but did you know you can literally TACKLE someone you are chasing? While running, or sprinting, if you get close enough to the target you are chasing and press B, Ezio will tackle them. You then have plenty of time to assassinate them while they lie helplessy on the ground. This is very handy when chasing thiefs, or agile guards which are a pain in the neck to catch.

Hope this helped.

Killing Pazzi.

After being brought into Moteriggioni by Uncle Marco, And Invading Tuscany. By now Da Vinci should have showed you the New ways to Assassinate. Do the Climb Assassination. Climb up the Side and scale along the Side, Once behind Pazzi, Lock on to him using the LT Button, Then X. Which means Assassinate PAZZI!

Steal gold without gards chasing you

once you have the florence cape you can steal gold in the city with out gards chasing you if you hire cortasans first and have them follow you while you steal gold form people

Kill test dummy

Try attacking people who give you jobs. It will look like you have just killed a civilian but he /she will get back up off the ground and you can keep on doing it

Assassin Techniques

Here are techniques that make the game easier with killing guards and making a quick getaway or a quick massacre.

1.Blood Mist-You need a smoke bomb for this 1st if your facing a large group of guards you equip your hidden blade then when they get close to you throw your smoke bomb down(the guards will aways be next to each other) so when their all around you use your double hidden blade and start taking down multiple guards in secends. Even if it's 10guards if you do this right with 2kills per blade then you should kill the group of guards b4 the mist/smoke dissipears and best of all your in it so people wont see you clearly and you wont gain much notority(or no notority at all sometimes)

2.Poison Mist-This is the exact same technique but you use the poison blade a..

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