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11: Alter Egos

Assassin's Creed II Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Assassin's Creed II Guide - Walkthrough

Sequence 11: Alter Egos

Memory 1: All Things Come to He Who Waits

The Apple of Eden is in Venice and it's on its way to the Spaniard. You must tail the courier and take his place without being detected. The route is quite a long one, but the courier you're followings moves quite a bit faster than the targets you've had to track in other memories. As with any other, don't get too close to him, as doing so will likely cause him to detect you, which would desynchronize the memory. If the arrow above the courier's head begins to fill with yellow, duck out of sight until the arrow reverts back to blue and the courier continues on his way.

You also don't want to fall behind, because the memory will desynchronize if the target gets too far ahead of you. He spends some of the time walking, but tends to Sprint in spurts, so keep up. You can follow him from above on the rooftops, or just remain on street level. On the rooftops you'd have to deal with archers, and the target's destination is quite a distance, so it might be best to stick to the streets.

Follow the courier through the streets of Venice.

Once the courier reaches his destination, you then must assassinate him and take his place without being detected. There are four guards blocking the way to the courier. While there's a group of Courtesans and a group of Thieves nearby, using them isn't the best option here, because the courier is in a restricted area and entering at street level is a sure-fire way to get spotted. Instead, climb the wall to the left of the guards (make sure you're out of sight) to reach the rooftops.

On the rooftops, walk behind the nearby archer, assassinate him with the Hidden Blade, and then move south along the rooftop to the chimney there. There's another archer beyond the chimney, but he won't spot you if you take cover behind the chimney and wait for him to turn his back. Climb down to the ledge above the courier and drop down. Grab one of the windows below while you drop to avoid sustaining fall damage and alerting the courier. Once you've made it to the courier's location, ice him with your Hidden Blade to don his armour and complete the memory.

Taking the courier's place

Memory 2: Play Along

Approach the box that holds the Apple and press the B/Circle button to pick it up. You must follow the marked guard without drawing attention to yourself. This essentially means not bumping into any other guards, or causing a civilian to drop the crate he is carrying. Right at the start, three or four civilians carrying boxes will be headed your way. Carefully move around them or wait for them to pass to avoid bumping into them. Even if these civilians bump into you and the collision is clearly their fault, the guards will turn on you, so you must be careful.

Continue following the marked guard until he reaches the green target. Be ready to press the X/Square button when prompted during the cutscene. After the cutscene, you must take on Rodrigo Borgia and deplete his health. He's easy enough to beat one-on-one; just equip your Long Sword, mash the X/Square button and be ready to hit him with a counter attack if he manages to take a swing.

Defeat Rodrigo Borgia.

After the fight, four guards will show up to aid Borgia. Ignore Borgia at this point and concentrate on attacking the guards. Be ready to pull off a Counter Kill when one of the enemies strikes. Kill the four guards to trigger a cutscene. Four of your allies appear, and so too does a large group of guards. Leave Borgia to one of your allies and start eliminating the guards with your Long Sword.

When all of the guards have been taken care of, you and your allies are free to gang up on Borgia and beat the tar out of him. Deplete Borgia's health to trigger a cutscene to close Sequence 11.

The Venetian Cape is added to your inventory. Wear it to remain Incognito while in Venice.

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