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Templar Lairs

Assassin's Creed II Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Assassin's Creed II Guide

Templar Lairs

Templar Lairs are much like Assassins Tombs in that they require the solving “climbing puzzles” to uncover treasure -- florins, in this case.

These three maps are not part of the main game (well, they are on the disc, but you need a code to unlock them). Those who either pre-ordered Assassin’s Creed II or purchased one of the special editions of the game may have one or more of these maps. For those who didn’t, the “Sequence 13: Bonfire of the Vanities & Secret Locations DLC,” priced at $7.00 USD (or 560 Microsoft Points), contains Sequence 13 and the three Templar Lair locations bundled with the collector’s editions of the game.

Home Invasion

Location: Palazzo Medici in Florence
Unlocked: Sequence 5
Reward: 5250 florins

Rescuing Lorenzo de' Medici from the Templar

A code for the Palazzo Medici bonus map was given out as a GameStop preorder bonus, and also comes packaged with the Master Assassin Edition (NA) and the Black Edition (EU).

Over Beams, Under Stone

Location: Santa Maria Gloriosa Dei Frari in Venice
Unlocked: Sequence 7
Reward: 4000 florins

Finding the treasure room

A code for the Santa Maria Dei Frari bonus map comes packaged with the Master Assassin Edition (NA), the White Edition, and the Black Edition (EU).


Location: Arsenale Drydocks in Venice
Unlocked: Sequence 10
Reward: 4000 florins

Finding the Templar strong box

A code for the Arsenal Shipyard bonus map comes packaged with the Black Edition (EU).

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Comments for Templar Lairs

12 comments, latest first.
Sep 27th 2013 Guest
TheWrathOfTHEE your missing the Family tomb you unlock with uplay.
ID #311471
Aug 28th 2012 Guest
i have bought assassin's creed 2 exclusive. do i have access to the 3 templar lairs :S
ID #181023
Jun 30th 2012 Guest
the way into the secret area behind the cage is in a pipe in the water, if you look around the edge of the water under the boat, roughly opposite where the ladder & first pipe on ledge is, you will see a half pipe submerged in the water. jump in & swim up to it, dive under & just follow it through, it leads you to the area of the secret treasure, cheers
ID #158842
Jun 29th 2012 Guest
why you don't upload unlocker?! Nobody will pay for just small
ID #158221
May 18th 2012 Guest
There is a secret room with a lever in the first room where the ship is being built. It looks like you access it from under water but I can't find a way in. Anyone had any luck?
ID #143197
Nov 22nd 2011 Guest
Ok Im confused on the Templier Lairs..are you saying i need to pay money for the codes to see these maps? And you are just gonna show us how to go thrugh the places once we pay them and get the map's?
ID #89233
Aug 17th 2011 Guest
ID #67875
Aug 16th 2011 Guest
ID #67691
Apr 14th 2011 TheWrathofTHEE
i still have a secret location unlocked and have gone to every assasins tomb and all three of the templar locations listed above what am i missing?
ID #37457
Apr 14th 2011 Guest
snow tiger try going to the right if it is the same set up as 360 that is the side necessary to reach the ledge just did it. good luck
ID #37455
Mar 6th 2011 SnowTiger61
I am stuck near beginning. I have gotten the secret treasure chests near boat hull and climbed up on boat hull 100 times. I get to the Curved Wall/Boat Hull section where a double jump maneuver is required. Using the PC, I cannot for the life of me, figure out how to Jump Up and then Backwards to land on the high platform (before meeting 2 guards on the top ledge.
Someone Please HELP.
BTW- I do go to the left side of the raised/suspended hull section as I have seen others do in videos. But I cannot get to the platform.

Can someone tell me what the Keystrokes are to complete the jump ? What kind of Timing is necessary ? 1/2 second between keystrokes ? 1 full second ? This is painful.
PS> You are welcome to email me directly at [email protected]


ID #31593
Jan 6th 2011 basil69
Have not found a way to do this one yet, also the home invasion,
also home invasion , plus over beams under stone.

Keep up the good work
ID #24332