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10: Force Majeure

Assassin's Creed II Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Assassin's Creed II Guide - Walkthrough

Sequence 10: Force Majeure

Memory 1: An Unpleasant Turn of Events

Hit the marker in the Palazzo Dela Seta to begin this memory. It's just the cutscene.

Memory 2: Caged Fighter

Speak to the wounded man at the memory start point to begin. You must free Bartolomeo D'Alviano from his cage. The area surrounding Bartolomeo's cage is restricted, and the surrounding rooftops are dotted with archers, so be ready with some Throwing Knives or your Hidden Blades to clear the way.

Start north across the rooftops to reach the area where Bartolomeo is being held. The cage is at the north end of the yellow area on the map. There is a group of Thieves in the yard just south of the cage. Hire the thieves and order them to lure away the four guards in front of the cage. Alternatively, you can simply run at the guards and take them all on at once, since you are more than capable of handling them at this point.

Use Thieves to lure the guards away from Bartolomeo's cage.

Once the cage is clear, interact with the door to free Bartolomeo. After the cutscene, switch to your Hidden Blade and take out as many of the guards as you can. Help Bartolomeo kill whoever's left, and then start toward the green marker on the Mini-Map. You must make it to the green marker with Bartolomeo, so don't get too far ahead or you risk desynchronizing the memory. Also, despite Bartolomeo's apparent battle-hardiness, he is barely able to take on a single enemy, so if you notice his health dropping, backtrack and help him out.

When you reach the marker with Bartolomeo, two guards will approach. Kill both targets and open the gate to the headquarters to complete the memory.

Rescuing Bartolomeo

Memory 3: Leave No Man Behind

Bartolomeo wants you to free some mercenaries who are being held prisoner in cages around the Castello District. There are three groups of Mercenaries total. Each group is being held in a cage similar to the one Bartolomeo was locked in. As with the previous memory, the areas surrounding the cages are restricted, so the guards in the area are on high-alert.

There are two, three, or four guards posted in front of each cage. The easiest way to eliminate them is to climb atop the cage and perform a Double Air Assassination with the Hidden Blades, and then quickly take out the remaining guards before they realize what's happening.

When the first group of guards has been dealt with, open the cage to free the Mercenaries. The Mercenaries will join you. If you plan to go stealthy again, it's best to order the Mercenaries to wait by pressing the Y/Triangle button, otherwise they'll just get in the way. You can clear away the guards in front of the second cage in very much the same fashion as the first -- with a Double Air Assassination from atop the cage, followed by one or two quick kills with the Hidden Blade. Free the Mercenaries in the second cage and they will join you as well.

The Mercenaries will come in handy for the third rescue, as it is quite difficult to pull of the same moves as with the previous two due to the positioning of the guards. You should have a sizeable group of Mercenaries with you, so order them to fight the guards. Help the Mercenaries out and then free the third group to complete the memory.

Freeing the captive Mercenaries

Memory 4: Assume the Position

Visit Bartolomeo at his home to get started. You must lead Bartolomeo's men to each point marked on the map and clear the guards there so they can take position. The Mercenaries can't Free-Run, so it's best to remain on street level and Sprint to each location.

You'll face four guards at the first strategic point, three at the second, and two at the third. You can easily take them all out yourself with a Double Assassination from atop the wall or a nearby rooftop followed by some quick Hidden Blade work before the remaining guards can react

Clear the three areas so the Mercenaries can gather there to complete the memory.

Memory 5: Two Birds, One Blade

Return to Bartolomeo's house to begin. Your targets are Dante Moro and Silvio Barbarigo. First, you must scale the Viewpoint marked on the map to signal to Bartolomeo's men to attack. Follow the green target on the Mini-Map to reach the tower. Climb to the top and hit the marker on the cross to signal to the mercenaries.

After the cutscene, perform a Leap of Faith into the pile of hay northwest of the tower and then cross the canal to help Bartolomeo fight Dante. Dante flees, and two Brutes show up. The Brutes shouldn't be after you just yet since you've just entered the scene, giving you a chance to quickly eliminate them with your Hidden Blades.

Help Bartolomeo defeat Dante.

Start after Dante once the Brutes have been taken care of. Once you've caught up, help the Mercenaries kill the guards before turning your attention to Dante. Equip your Long Sword, lock on to Dante and continuously mash the X/Square button to slowly deplete his health. He'll run off again once his health has been completely depleted.

You have about five minutes to assassinate both Dante and Silvio, but you can finish the job in about thirty seconds. Start after Dante and Silvio immediately following the cutscene and keep an eye on your right. When you pass the docked boat, Free-Run up the barrels alongside the cage and follow the posts and wooden platform to get on top of the higher wooden platform at the other end of the building. Dante and Silvio should pause below, allowing you to assassinate the both of them with a devastating Double Air Assassination from above to complete the memory and Sequence 10.

Assassinating Dante Moro and Silvio Barbarigo

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