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2: Escape Plans

Assassin's Creed II Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Assassin's Creed II Guide - Walkthrough

Sequence 2: Escape Plans

Memory 1: Fitting In

Make your way to La Rosa Colta and interact with the highlighted door there to get started. During this memory, you'll learn how to blend in with crowds. To Blend, simply get close to a group of civilians. Ezio and the group of civilians will turn grey, and a pattern will appear on the ground below them to signify that you're invisible to guards. Try blending with one of the group of Courtesans in the courtyard.

Blend to become invisible to guards.

Begin following Paola when you're ready. Ezio's Notoriety level is currently maxed, meaning guards will swiftly detect you. You will be desynchronized if you are detected by any guards during this memory, so you must use the Blend skill well. Follow close behind Paola and try to nudge your way into a group of moving civilians whenever you can.

Blending is especially important when passing by a group of guards. Guards won't detect you immediately, but once the arrow above their head becomes entirely yellow, they'll begin to inspect the situation. If the arrow is not completely yellow, you can sit on a bench between two people to empty the arrow so the guard won't come looking for you. Guards that have a full yellow arrow above their head will easily detect you if you try this, though.

Learning to Blend.

Once you've followed Paola back to La Rosa Colta without being detected by any guards, she will then teach you how to steal. To Steal, simply bump into a civilian while holding the A/X button. Don't stick around for too long after though, as the civilian may realize what has happened and call for the guards. Steal from five different civilians to complete the memory.

Memory 2: Ace up my Sleeve

Speak to Paola in the La Rosa Colta courtyard to begin this memory. You must visit Leonardo da Vinci to see if he can repair Giovanni's Hidden Blade. The guards are still on high-alert, so it's best to travel along the rooftops. Follow the green marker on the Mini-Map to Leonardo's place in the San Giovanni district.

At last, you now have a weapon in the Hidden Blade. Now to try it out; after the cutscene, walk up behind the corrupt guard and press the X/Square button to assassinate him. With that, pick up the body by tapping the B/Circle button while standing over it. Carry the corpse into Leonardo's workshop and drop it in the marker to complete the memory.

Use the Hidden Blade to rescue Leonardo.

Bring philosophical Codex pages to Leonardo's workshop to increase Ezio's health; four Codex pages yield one block of health. Synchronizing Viewpoints will reveal Codex pages on the in-game map.

Memory 3: Judge, Jury, Executioner

Return to La Rosa Colta and interact with the highlighted door there to get started. You must find and kill Uberti Alberti. Follow the green marker on the Mini-Map to Santa Crose. Climb up to the marker on the roof to trigger a cutscene.

After the cutscene, perform a Leap of Faith, hop out of the pile of hay, then quickly find a group of civilians and Blend. You must follow Uberti without alerting him to your presence. There should be several groups of moving civilians around Santa Crose, so walk along with them to get closer to Uberti.

Your target will soon move through a doorway that is blocked by two Brutes. To get past the Brutes, you must hire a group of Courtesans and use them as a distraction. There just happens to be a group of Courtesans around the south side of the building; lock on to one of the Courtesans and press the Y/Triangle button to hire them for 150 florins. Blend with the Courtesans as you approach the two Brutes. Lock on to one of the Brutes and press the Y/Triangle button to order the Courtesans to distract them. When the Brutes move from the doorway, stroll through and Blend with one of the crowds of civilians gathered in the courtyard.

Wait until Uberti has his back turned before confronting him. He will spot you, but just continue walking toward him. Press the X/Square button while standing in front of Uberti to kill him. You then must flee the area to complete the memory. Free-Run up the crates along the north side of the courtyard and climb up onto the roof. Make your way back down to street level and run out of the yellow circle on the Mini-Map to complete the memory.

Assassinating Uberti Alberti.

Memory 4: Laying Low

Visit Paola at La Rosa Costa to begin this memory. In this memory you must reduce Ezio's Notoriety by removing posters, bribing a herald or killing a corrupt official. Ripping down a poster reduces Notoriety by 25 percent, bribing a herald with 500 florins reduces Notoriety by 50 percent and killing a corrupt official Notoriety by 75 percent.

Posters, heralds, and corrupt officials appear on the Mini-Map while Ezio has notoriety. Posters are plentiful, so reducing Notoriety is not much of an issue. If you happen upon a corrupt official or a herald, it's best to pursue them instead, as they yield a greater reduction. Corrupt officials will bolt as soon as they detect you; just enter High Profile, Sprint after them with your Hidden Blade equipped and press the X/Square button to perform a High Profile assassination when close enough.

Tear down wanted posters, bribe heralds, or kill marked officials to reduce Ezio's Notoriety.

Return Ezio's Notoriety level to Incognito (0%) to complete the memory. Note that from now on, killing guards, civilians, or being seen committing other crimes will increase Ezio's Notoriety level. Posters, heralds, and corrupt officials will be marked on the Mini-Map while Ezio is notorious, so seek them out to become Incognito again.

Memory 5: Arrivederci

Reunite with Claudia and Maria at La Rosa Costa and start following the green marker on the Mini-Map. Guards will not bother you as long as Ezio's Notoriety level is Incognito and you remain in Low Profile. Resist the urge to punch the minstrels who pester you along the way and instead hold RB/R1, select money from the weapon wheel and throw some coins down to clear the way.

Hire a group of Courtesans and use them to distract the guards blocking the way out of Florence.

Continue following the markers on the Mini-Map until you reach the west gate. The gate is blocked by a group of guards. Lock on to one of the groups of Courtesans nearby and press the Y/Triangle button to hire them. Then, lock on to one of the guards standing in front of the gate and press the Y/Triangle button to order the Courtesans to distract them. While the guards are distracted, walk through the gate and over to the marker outside. You can enter High Profile and Sprint once out of Florence.

Continue following the markers on the Mini-Map to complete the memory and the sequence.

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Great walkthrough.
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