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5: Loose Ends

Assassin's Creed II Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Assassin's Creed II Guide - Walkthrough

Sequence 5: Loose Ends

Memory 1: Four to the Floor

Speak to Francesco de' Medici to trigger a cutscene. This memory is just the cutscene.  Completing this memory unlocks Assassination Contracts and Beat Up and Courier events.

Memory 2: A Blade with Bite

Visit Leonardo at his workshop in Florence to begin this memory. The Codex page contains a design for a poison blade, which you can use to deliver poison to your targets. Poison can now be purchased from Doctors.

Memory 3: Evasive Maneuvers

You must now return to Monteriggioni. Make your way to Florence's east gate and use the Fast Travel Station nearby to travel to Monteriggioni -- it's only 100 florins. Once back at the Villa, speak to Mario in the Codex Wall room to get started.

Learn the Dodge and Disarm abilities in the practice field.

You're going to learn a couple of new tricks out in the practice field. First, the Dodge ability; hold RT/R2 and press the A/X button just as your opponent is attacking to dodge his attack. Successfully Dodge three of Mario's attacks to move on to the next ability. Next is the Disarm ability, which is particularly useful for dispatching Brutes. While unarmed, hold RT/R2 and press A/X just before your opponent's strike connects -- the same way you would to perform a Counter Kill. Disarm Mario three times to complete the memory.

Memory 4: Town Crier

Leave Monteriggioni, get on a horse and ride to the marker on the Mini-Map to travel to Tuscany. Speak to the mercenary near the Santa Maria Assunta in San Gimignano to begin this memory.

Your assassination target is one Antonio Maffei. He is up on the tower just northeast of the Santa Maria Assunta. Follow the green target on the Mini-Map to make your way there. There may be some archers on the rooftops surrounding the tower, so consider stopping by a Blacksmith and stocking up on Throwing Knives on your way there.

When you reach the base of the tower, find a climbing point and begin your ascent. Three archers are stationed on the wooden platform near the top of the tower. Remain hanging from the platform until the archers are stationary. Then, with your Hidden Blades ready, pull yourself up, Free-Run at the wall and climb onto the tower to meet Antonio Maffei. Eliminate the target with your Hidden Blade and then kill the three archers to complete the memory.

Assassinating Antonio Maffei

Memory 5: Come Out and Play

Bernardo Barconcelli is your target. He's somewhere within the green circle on the map. Follow the green target on the Mini-Map to make your way there. The area is surrounded by guards, so you'll have to climb up to the rooftops and drop down. Use Eagle Vision to locate the target marked in gold.

Bernardo will bolt as soon as he detects you; he's slow, but the number of guards who immediately start after you may make your pursuit difficult. Try your best to avoid the guards and go for Bernardo with your Hidden Blade out. Kill Bernardo and then escape from the guards to complete the memory.

Assassinating Bernardo Barconcelli

Memory 6: Behind Closed Doors

Speak to the mercenary at the northeast end of the map to start this memory. Francesco Salviati is your target. You've been given command over a band of Mercenaries, who will aid you in infiltrating Villa Salviati. The villa is surrounded by guards, so you'll need the help.

Start up the hill toward the keep. You will likely encounter a group of three guards along the way; equip your Hidden Blade and use it to quickly dispatch them. Make your way to the front gate, lock on to one of the guards stationed there and order the Mercenaries to attack. While the guards have their hands full, use the bricks protruding around the gate to climb up to the top of the wall. Assassinate the two archers stationed on both sides of the gate and then drop down into the courtyard.

There's no need to be stealthy here, since Francesco will immediately come out to fight, axe in hand. There are quite a few guards on his side, so interact with the highlighted lever next to the gate to raise it, allowing your mercenary allies to enter. Equip your Long Sword and concentrate on Francesco. He isn't wearing any armour, but he can deflect your attacks. With any luck, one of your allies will attack Francesco as well, allowing you to get behind him and quickly finish him off.

After the cutscene, kill the remaining guards or flee from the villa to complete the memory.

Assassinating Francesco Salviati

Memory 7: The Cowl Does Not Make the Monk

Speak to the mercenary at the southeast end of the map to get started. You must assassinate Stefano de Bagnone. He is hiding among monks in the nearby abbey. A number of guards are also posing as monks in order to protect Stefano. Use Eagle Vision to identify guards (marked in red) among the monks. The target is in the courtyard; he'll flee when he spots you, so get the job done quickly. Start by walking toward him, and once you're close enough, Sprint the rest of the way and strike with your Hidden Blade.

After the cutscene, hold RB/R1 and use the Left Stick to select the Smoke Bombs given to you by the mercenary. Throw one down while surrounded by guards and then rush out of the courtyard. Flee from the abbey and become Anonymous to complete the memory.

Assassinating Stefano de Bagnone

You can now purchase Smoke Bombs from Blacksmiths (check under the Ammunition section).

Memory 8: With Friends Like These

Hit the marker on the roof of the building across from the Santa Maria Assunta to begin. Jacopo de' Pazzi is headed to a Templar meeting; you must locate him, follow him to the meeting, and then assassinate him.

At the start, activate Eagle Vision by holding the Y/Triangle button. Jacopo is among the crowd of people gathered below, marked in gold. Once you've identified him, turn off Eagle Vision and climb down to street level. A blue arrow now appears above Jacopo's head, allowing you to easily track him. Keep your distance, though, as getting too close may make him suspicious.

The meeting is set to take place in the ruins of the Antico Teatro Romano outside San Gimignano. Jacopo moves at a slow pace, so you're in for quite a long trip. The ruins are a restricted area during this memory, meaning guards will quickly identify you when you're within the red circle on the Mini-Map. When Jacopo reaches the ruins, Free-Run and hop across the stone walls to make it past the guards.

Follow Jacopo de' Pazzi to the ruins of Antico Teatro Romano.

Enter the ruins without being detected to trigger a cutscene. Be ready to press the X/Square button when prompted during the cutscene. After the cutscene, Sprint past the group of guards coming toward you and use your Hidden Blade to put Jacopo out of his misery. Then, kill the guards surrounding you to complete the memory and the sequence.

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