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Weapon Manufacturer Bonuses

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Weapon Manufacturer Bonuses in Borderlands 3
Weapon Manufacturer Bonuses in Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 features an extensive arsenal of unique weapons which you will be able to get as part of the game's randomly-generated loot system. These weapons will all come from one of nine different types of weapon manufactures with each brand offering their own special traits for all of their guns. Check out our Weapon Manufacturer Bonuses guide to find out more about the unique mechanic each brand offers.


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This manufacturers weapons allow you to tag foes with a tracker so that when you shoot the gun the bullets will heat-seek towards the enemies you have tagged with deadly precision. Atlas weapons are partucularly useful against mobile targets that would be difficult to consistantly hit with manually-aimed rounds.

Children of the Vault (COV)

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The weapons that this manufacturer produces do not have magazines therefore do not ever need to be reloaded. Their downside however is they are prone to overheating which can lead to the user being unable to fire them at a critical moment. COV weapons will appeal to players who do not want to worry about finding ammunition and don't mind it needing to cool down at times.


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The weapons this manufacturer produces are tactical in nature and offer a variety of different firing modes that the user can toggle between according to the type of firefight they are in. Although Dahl weapons are versatlile they are not the best guns you can equip for specialised tasks


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When you aim down the sights with the weapons this manufacturer produces you will get some extra protection from the energy shield they deploy that's mounted on their chassis. Hyperion weapons will also slowly become more accurate as you hold down the trigger essentially giving you much better accuracy when you go full-auto.


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The wood-trimmed weapons this manufaturer produces look like they have been inspired by the Wild West. Jakobs weapons fire as fast as you can pull the trigger and do massive critical hit damage. Jakobs weapons are geared towards marksmen, players who can hit precise weak-spots consistently. Bullets fired from a Jakobs firearm will sometimes ricochet off of enemies and hit other foes.


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Weapons that are manufactured by Mailiwan are guaranteed to be elementally-charged making them your go-to weapons if you want to build your character around shock, fire, or corrosive damage. Maliwan's weapons come with two different elemental damage types that you can switch between depending on the situation. And you can also charge your shots for increased damage at the cost of a higher fire rate.


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The weapons that this manufacturer produces are explosive-focused and come in the form of gyro-jet projectiles that although travel slower than bullets will do increased damage per shot. Torgue weapons also have an alternate firing mode that allows them to shoot sticky projectiles that will adhere to foes and then can be detonated afterward. The more sticky pojectiles you attach to the enemy the more damage they will do.


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Tediore weapons feauture unusual whacky reloading mechanics. To reload these weapons you have to throw them like a grenade so a new one appears in your hands with a fresh magazine. The thrown weapon meanwhile will explode on impact blowing enemies to pieces. Another function Tediore weapons possess when you reload them is their ability to run around on their own two legs, shooting foes all by itself which essentially creates a temporary ally to fight with.


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The weapons that Vladof produces are geared up for one purpose, and that is to put as much lead downrange as possible in the shortest amount of time. Although not as accurate as some other weapons they are capable of dealing rapid consistant damage. The downside to these weapons is that they will burn through your ammo fast. Special attachments such as under-barrel grenade launchers or rocket launches can be equipped to Vladof weapons.

Check out our How to Dupe Weapons Guide to learn an exploit that will enable you to share weapons and items with your friends online or in split-screen co-op.

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