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Endgame Content Guide

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Endgame Content Guide for Borderlands 3
Endgame Content Guide for Borderlands 3

The Endgame extra content will become unlocked in Borderlands 3 once you have completed the main campaign. Check out our Endgame Content Guide to find out what that content is.

Circle Of Slaughter

This mode is basically Borderlands 3's horde mode.

In Circle of Slaughter you must deal with waves of enemies that have been divided into phases. Each phase you face will offer optional tasks which will earn you greater rewards if you complete them. If however you die during a wave in Circle of Slaughter you will have to start over from the first phase on the first wave. It is advised that you use your explosive Torgue weapons for this mode.

True Vault Hunter Mode

This mode is technically a new game plus mode, it allows you to replay Borderlands 3's campaign from the very beginning without losing all your progress. In True Vault Hunter mode you will retain all of your Skill points, weapons, grenades, and cosmetic unlocks. All the enemies you face will have additional health and you will encounter stronger variants in greater frequency. They will however drop significantly better loot and grant you larger chunks of experience that will enable you to level up quicker.

Mayhem Mode

This is a tough mode where the enemies are exceptionally hard to defeat, their health increases by 15% and shields and armour both increase by 25%. You are though rewarded for your efforts as turning on Mayhem mode increases loot quality by 200% incresing the likelihood of finding very rare and legendary loot. The amount of experience, eridum, and cash that drops from enemies and that's found in chests will also increase by 200%. You will also find playing Mayhem mode that you will be able to deal far more damage with elemental attacks than you can with normal bullets. There are two additional levels in Mayhem mode.

Guardian Ranks

In Borderlands 3 Guardian Ranks replaces the Badass Ranks from the previous games. Once you have completed the main campaign a second level of progression will become unlocked where you increase your Guardian Rank with tokens that you earn through experience that's tied to a progression bar that is separate from the one for your level. Your Guardian Rank can be evolved by investing tokens into three different classes; Hunter, Enforcer, and Survivor. Investing tokens in each class will also unlock certain weapon skins and other cosmetics. You cannot get Tokens you have invested back. Below is a list of the stat boosts that come with each class.

Hunter Class

This class focuses on your active skills and luck. Luck is the stat that determines how often you get rare, very rare, and legendary loot drops.

• Accuracy

• Action Skill Cooldown

• Luck (Rarity Rate)

• Recoil Reduction

• Reload Speed

Enforcer Class

This class increases your overall damage and fire rate.

• Critical Damage

• Grenade Damage

• Gun Damage

• Gun Fire Rate

• Melee Damage

• Vehicle Damage


This class is geared towards health and shields.

• Fight for Your Life Duration

• Fight for Your Life Movement Speed

• Max Health

• Shield Capacity

• Shield Recharge Delay

• Shield Recharge Rate

Proving Grounds

The Proving Grounds are time based cooperative-focused missions that can also be tackled solo where you are tasked with beating three waves of enemies. Once you complete all the waves you will go up against a boss which if you manage to defeating will reward you with excellent loot, the rarity and power dependent on both how quickly you beat the entire mission and how many times you died while doing it. Proving Grounds will appear on the map as if they are quests, they will appear as beacons with yellow exclamation marks over them. Their locations are listed below.

The Trial of Survival:

Found on the planet Pandora in Devil’s Razor zone.

The Trial of Instinct:

Found on planet Eden-6 in Floodmoor Basin zone.

The Trial of Cunning:

A quest on planet Pandora but in The Splinterlands zone.

The Trial of Fervor:

Found on the same planet Eden-6 in Jakobs Estate.

The Trial of Discipline:

Found on planet Promethea in Meridian Outskirts zone.

The Trial of Supremacy:

Found on the planet Nekrotafeyo in Desolation’s Edge.

Check out our How to get Anointed Weapons guide to find out how you obtain these special weapons.

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