Top Ten Kalos Pokemon That Should Have A Mega Evolution

#5 - Hawlucha

It's really at this point in our little countdown where things take a bit of a different turn, one towards Pokemon that critically need a Mega Evolution just to have something or rather going for them. We begin this mini-series with Hawlucha, the least of this group in desperacy. Hawlucha has all the skills needed to be a sweeper Pokemon, but it usually is taken out in battle before it can even think about becoming this way. Hawlucha relies on not just Swords Dance, but also somehow not fainting after just one hit in the meantime or being burned in the process. If either occur, fainting more obvious than a burn, than Hawlucha is finished. It's almost as bad as a Pokemon like Slurpuff or something similar that rely solely upon something as desperate as a Belly Drum. Hawlucha isn't to the same extent in those terms, but is relevant in those talks due to how frail its defense are.

As a Mega Evolution, Hawlucha would unfortunately have to drop two things: its Unburden Ability and its core move of Acrobatics (as both as useless with a Mega Stone). We feel Tough Claws would be a good ability for it, as it gives it more power and fits its whole Lucha Persona. However, with such a move would require players to just about always invest in maximized speed for it. Luckily, we see it gaining large increases to both its Speed and Attack Stat, and that's always good. But we we also think it would be nice for it to get a little defensive too, because no successful wrestler can win without a decent balance between offense and defense. And with this sort of balance and power, especially after a Swords Dance, Hawlucha won't be laughed at when it enters the ring for battle.

Posted: 18th Jun 2016 by Warrior13
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