Top Ten Kalos Pokemon That Should Have A Mega Evolution

#4 - Malamar

Show of hands if when the Sixth Generation was first released, before all the little details statistically were known about a Pokemon, if you thought Malamar looked like Pokemon Machine ready capable of leaving paths of destruction. Because no one who blame you if you did. Malamar looked like a beast when it was first leaked, ready to battle among the best. But then X and Y came our, and you found it was weaker than many of the other Pokemon in the Generation. Let's be real, even Eviolite Doublade, just a second stage Pokemon, was better than this fully evolved thing. And that's why it is ranked so high on our list, and rightfully so.

But a Mega Evolution would change all of that, or at least it could if it was done properly. First things first, Mega Malamar must receive more speed. If it doesn't, than its in the same boat it's in now with being defeated by just one U-turn. It doesn't need to be the fastest Pokemon in the world, but having a Base Speed Stat from anywhere between 100 to 115 or even 120 twenty would be nice. It would also be favorable to it if it were to receive a substantial boost to its Special Defense, as its other stats technically wouldn't need touched.

Why you may ask? Well, that's because it could actually keep its Contrary Ability with these types of boosts. If it has the Speed and Special Defense, than Mega Malamar can attempt what it does now and try to boost its Attack and Defense with Super Power. Sure, it leads it vulnerable for one turn if there is a Physical Bug Move in play on the other side of the battle, but all Mega Evolutions have a weakness. Well... All of them outside Mega Rayquaza, who is beast.

Posted: 18th Jun 2016 by Warrior13
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