Top Ten Kalos Pokemon That Should Have A Mega Evolution

#3 - Diggersby

For every single reason we just gave for Malamar receiving a Mega Evolution, the same goes for Diggersby. At first glance, you may think that Diggersby is pretty darn similar to its Huge Power buddy Azumarill. But after much play, we can honestly say that that isn't necessarily the case. You would imagine that a STAB, Huge Power, and Choice Band increase to Quick Attack for Diggersby would be equal to a STAB, Huge Power, Choice Band Aqua Jet for Azumarill, but it doesn't feel that way. Perhaps it's because Aqua Jet causes a weakness for many Pokemon, since a Normal Type Quick Attack isn't super effective against anything. Or maybe it's just because Diggersby just isn't that great of a Pokemon, which is why it reaches our top three.

In regards for becoming a Mega Evolution, we see Diggersby becoming a carbon copy of Mega Mawile, just as it remains a Normal / Ground Type. It would keep Huge Power, but it would receive a substantial increase to its Attack Stat that actually make Huge Power worth it. It could also receive a number of boosts to its defensive stats, as we all know it would never receive any more Speed. Like we said, all Megas must have one weakness, either in speed, defense or horrible typing. But Mega Diggersby wouldn't mind, as it would still have access to both Swords Dance and Quick Attack. Just imagine if Mega Diggersby had a base Attack Stat of 100 that would instantly double to because of Huge Power, and then it uses Swords Dance before sweeping with priority Quick Attack. Only Ghost Types would avoid its wrath, but even Mega Gengar would be terrified and shaking in its boots with the threat of an Earthquake to mix it up.

Mega Diggersby would be a pretty cool Pokemon, but since the odds of it ever happening our pretty slim, it couldn't find a way to claim the top spot in our eyes, not even the runner-up spot.

Posted: 18th Jun 2016 by Warrior13
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