Top Ten Kalos Pokemon That Should Have A Mega Evolution

#2 - Carbink

Now if anyone on this list deserves a Mega Evolution based upon how another Pokemon already received one, then it would definitely be Carbink. You must remember that Diancie is basically the queen of the Carbinks, and even it received a Mega Evolution. So why shouldn't the same be true Carbink? It has the same typing and statistical makeup that Diancie in its original form does. Really, Carbink is just as effective in every way to Diancie before it Mega Evolves. They are both bulky defensive tanks that are used to set traps, so why doesn't it deserve to get one and ascend up the competitive tiers of Pokemon?

We don't think it will ever happen, but if Carbink does somehow one day get a Mega Evolution, we don't see it taking on as great as a transformation as Diancie does when it Mega Evolves. instead, we see it look a heck of lot like Mega Aggron, statistical speaking of course. It would most likely receive an equal split of the 100 Point Boost to its Defense and Special Defense, bringing them both in at a whopping 200 Base. That's incredible for just one Pokemon, almost Shuckle-like.

As for the other aspects of it, we see a Mega Carbink taking on a new ability, perhaps Filter or even Immunity. Filter would help it survive more super effective hits, while Immunity would prevent it from being status conditioned to death. Or maybe the most obvious ability for it would be Magic Bounce, just like Mega Diancie. This would prevent any traps of status being used against it at all, which would certainly help if a player chose to try to boost its stats to become a bulky sweeper.

Posted: 18th Jun 2016 by Warrior13
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