10 Pokemon Sun and Moon Evolutions that Make Sense

Tied #5 - Solrock

If Lunatone receives a Mega Evolution and is truly perfect for the role, than the same could be said for Solrock, its counterpart. Solrock, Like Lunastone, has been in the lower tiers of Pokemon for over three generations now. The only difference between it and its brother is that it is much, much worse. Solrock doesn't have anything going for it, and it really makes no sense whatsoever what to do with it in battle. It has a good Attack Stat, yet literally all of its moves are for a Special Attacker.

Solrock would need a HUGE makeover, and that would start with it Typing. It MUST become a Part Fire Type Pokemon, no matter what. It doesn't really matter what its second typing will be, just so it has a Fire Typing as well. That being said, and oddly as it may sound, we think Mega Solrock would need to drop both its Rock and Psychic Typings so it could gain a Grass Typing to go along with its new Fire Typing. There has never been a Fire/Grass Type Pokemon, but it makes sense when you think about how plants need the Sun in order to survive.

From there, the most plausible thought would be to give Mega Solrock identical stats to Mega Lunatone, just with it in its Attack Power. HOWEVER... We think it would be interesting if they have identical stats to the T. This would allow Mega Solrock to make use of moves like Fire Blast, Earth Power and Solar Beam. An ability like Drought would also help with these moves, or they could give it the same as Mega Lunatone where it would regain HP.

The counterparts would finally be equals, and will neutral typings to one another, we can finally see who is the best.

Posted: 31st Mar 2016 by Warrior13
Pokemon Sun, mega evolutions